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Okay so as BR is out this Tuesday in the UK/US and on Wednesday in France (where I live); I think we, lucky people who will be able to read it right away as well as people who preordered it, should tag our spoilery graphics/edits/posts in general with #BRspoilers for at least a month.

I just know that if I couldn’t read it right now I wouldn’t have to leave Tumblr until I get it to avoid all kind of disrespectful people who spoil everyone.

So, everyone is okay with this?

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by THE SCENE of the finale

You’re feeling so super protective of this one character called Felicity that you just want to hide her behind your back and tackle whoever bad-mouthes or hurts her? The FSDS is made for you!

So basically Julia and I were discussing how deep deep our love for Felicity runs and we decided to set up a defense squad to protect this ray of sunshine. (Seriously, how can you not like her?!)

All you have to do to join the FSDS is reblog this post and/or follow FSDS and you can also add one of those shiny pretty badges to your blog if you desire, and bam! you’re in. Only requirement is unconditional love of Felicity Smoak.

For the list of all the members, go visit the page! (automatically updates itself). To post something about the Squad, you can tag it with #felicitysmoakdefensesquad.

Note: We’re not putting Felicity on a pedestal and pretending that she is perfect and has no faults, because a) that would be stupid and b) nobody is. We just really appreciate her as a character, and as a person, because she truly is remarkable. That’s all.

It’s Oliver’s birthday and he’s the happiest he’s been in eight years and him and Felicity are probably going to wake up and cuddle in bed for a while and then have lunch at some seaside restaurant and they’ll take a stroll down a beach holding hands and Oliver will look at Felicity and he’ll probably realize he’s never felt this content in his life and then she’ll look at him weirdly while he has this epiphany and ask him if she has something on her face? and he will just tell her it’s “nothing” and he’s just happy and her eyes will soften and she will smile and it’s not nothing it’s everything

“For Felicity it really becomes a difficult choice between these two men who are both in love with her, who in a way she has strong feelings for,” teased executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. “A lot of the back half of the year is her trying to figure out who [she should be with].”