Manon Lescaut

Operamusings Holiday Giveaway!

I’m going to keep it simple this year and just offer CDs and DVDs. 


1. One reblog per day. Secondary blogs created just for giveaways will not be counted. Likes will not be counted. 

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3. I will ship internationally, so everybody can participate.

4. You must be okay with sending me a name and a mailing address for the items. If you’re under 18, please make sure your parents are okay with this. If the postal service is unable to deliver the item due to incorrect address, you will forfeit the prize and I will pick another winner.

5. You can only win one item.

6. if you are selected, I will message you. You will have 24 hours to respond. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, I will pick another winner. First person will get 24 hours to pick their item, and then the second person can pick from the leftover items, etc etc. 

7. Giveaway closes on December 22nd. Depending on where you live, you may be getting your item after the holidays. 

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Manon Lescaut. Adolphe-William Bouguereau (French, 1825-1905). Oil on canvas. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art.

Manon Lescaut (L'Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut) is a short novel by French author Abbé Prévost. Published in 1731, it is the seventh and final volume of Mémoires et aventures d'un homme de qualité (Memoirs and Adventures of a Man of Quality). It was controversial in its time and was banned in France upon publication. Despite this, it became very popular and pirated editions were widely distributed.

Kristine Opolais as Manon in Manon Lescaut, Royal Opera House, June 2014. Photograph by Bill Cooper.

Opolais has few opportunities for the vocal colour and inflection she does so well, but she absolutely nails the love-hungry thrust of the big Act Two duet, lost and abandoned midway up the stage on the desert highway. How good it is, too, to believe instantly when the chorus sing about a “beautiful young girl” or Lescaut of a “handsome young man.” And both are stage naturals on whom all eyes are fixed.