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I took a break from studying (I did so much work guys, I swear)

Prompt: ‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

Manon cursed quietly to herself as the key her cousin had given her failed to open the door. Again. She checked her phone to make sure she had the right apartment. Asterin’s last text clearly said B207. Manon thumped her forehead against the door, groaning. She felt her duffle bag slide off her shoulder on to the floor. How did Asterin manage to give her the wrong keys to her own apartment?

This is why she didn’t travel.

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Remember when Feyre and Amren talked about her favourite kind of blood? Amren said that although it wasn’t her most favourite, goat blood reminded her of “some other times, some other place”…

Now, do you remember how Manon climbed mountains just to catch goats for Abraxos?

Manon: Alright, listen up you little shits.

Manon: Not you, Elide. You’re an angel and we’re thrilled that you’re here.


Lilo and Stitch AU? Featuring Nino on the verge of feeding Manon to the social worker. 

Young Nino is a close family friend/ maybe half sibling? when Manon’s parents die of disease. So not wanting her to be taken away Nino takes responsibility for her. Meanwhile, in space, Adrien Agreste manages to create a new lifeform. He had good intentions, wanting to make a creature capable of absorbing disease and given incredible strength and destructive abilities in order to assist in galactic search and rescue. However destruction and plague sorta dont mix and the experiment escapes to earth, where it is adopted by a lonely Manon. 

Started by an ask @tides-miraculous got, backgrounds by disney

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Aelin: You’re smiling, did something good happen?

Manon: Can’t I just smile because I feel like it?

Elide: Lorcan tripped and fell in a river.


made over the curse of some days and over 9000% inspired by this post. Such a cute idea!

*In my country’s dub, during the copycat episode marinette doesn’t say they didn’t make a promise. Instead, she says they never kept any secret, and I decided to use this version =p

Also, my writting sucks so much, I’m sorry everyone /cry

Swear Meter
  • Elide: thinks it's really bad to say hell 1/10
  • Lysandra: wants to be a role model for Evangeline but also likes calling Arobynn Arobitch 2/10
  • Dorian: his favorite word is fuck but he doesn't ever swear around the wrong people 8/10
  • Chaol: said shit a couple of times 2/10
  • Rowan: mostly only swears during combat 4/10
  • Manon: doesn't swear a lot, but when she does, she goes hard 7/10
  • Evangeline: has mistakenly repeated swear words when she didn't know what they meant 1/10
  • Lorcan: Can normally keep his cool and not swear but Elide 6/10
  • Aelin: every other goddamn motherfucking word bitch 64/10

I saw @propshophannah‘s post about Manon in a crown and attempted to sketch it because I was already looking for a reason to procrastinate

Amren is Manon

Okay, so I just finished reading both series and I was already speculating what Amren was when I read that SJM had told one of her readers already and they had freaked out. This means that we must already know what sort of creature Amren is without needing much more explanation. I also read that SJM confirmed that ACOTAR and TOG are in the same megaverse, so their separate dimensions can hypothetically be reached through, say, a wyrdgate. 

Therefore, after careful deliberation and mulling over each character, all still fresh in my mind I have come to the conclusion that the best bet for what Amren’s true form is…. Manon.

Keep in mind, this would be Manon thousands of years after the war with Erawan in which she fell through a wyrdgate into the ACOTAR world as the cauldron was creating it. She was then trapped there and ensnared into a Fae body and went berserk, doing enough wrong to get her sent to The Prison. When she escaped, she knew that by now, Dorian and all her friends were probably long dead but never lost hope of returning to her realm. 

There are a couple different points to back up my theory: 

1. The blood drinking (emphasized by her particular love for goat blood which is what she and the Thirteen hunted and ate while in the Ferian Gap) 

2. Her disinterest in other people, especially advances from men as (hopefully) she is still harboring her love for Dorian perhaps and not wanting to bother with the fae of this realm when her heart belongs in another dimension 

3. She can read the Book of Breathings, written in a long forgotten language that everyone had forgotten. However, perhaps with everything in the war, Manon learned to read Wyrdmarks, as it was necessary for winning, and never quite forgot how to decipher it. Though after thousands of years she needed to brush up a bit before being able to read and translate the book. Or it could just be the dialect of Erilea that she has forgotten over the millenniums and must now remember how she had talked, and how she had read, feeling more and more sorry for Elide as she struggled to remember the way words were spelled and how the letters looked because she hadn’t realized how difficult it was to not be able to read.

4. Her automatic softness towards Feyre after she opened up about what happened with her family and what Tamlin had done to her, reminding Amren of a girl, thousands of years ago in another dimension who had also been abused and treated wrongly. So she gave Feyre the amulet to help her without even knowing her more than twenty-four hours. She just couldn’t help herself, there was so much Elide in that thin, Tamlin-wrecked girl that arrived at the House of Wind.

5. The fae body she is trapped in is the exact opposite from Manon’s, “several inches shorter than me [Feyre], her chin-length black hair glossy and straight, her skin tan and smooth and her face - pretty, bordering on plain - was bored’. This is in direct contrast to Manon, who has long, white hair, and a pale complexion, also quoted by Dorian that ‘he’d never seen anyone so beautiful’. Not to mention the eyes, Amren’s silver eyes battling with Manon’s deep gold. Whatever spell trapped her in that body, made her the opposite of what she once was, forcing her to hate this cage not only for the Fae exterior but the lie is portrayed over her once revered beauty. 

6. She joins a court that can fly so that she might once again feel the wind in her hair after so many years under a mountain in the dark. Also reminding her of her Thirteen, cleaved apart before darkness could claim them and away from her Abraxos who is left without a rider for the remainder of his life. But if I go too much into this one I’m gonna cry.

7. The jewelry ties into it somehow, probably. I’m thinking that she went through the wyrdgate using either The Amulet of Orynth or the Eye of Elena and it somehow got lost in transit. She had idly mentioned she was looking for a rare piece of jewelry once to Dorian and he has been buying the rarest pieces he can find for her ever since, knowing it is to somehow help her return. 

I’m not 100% sure where the powers came from, perhaps simply appearing in this realm or coming with the body, maybe gifted to her from Dorian, or honed from millennia in The Prison. Or any other twist SJM wants to play. 

TL/DR Amren is Manon trapped in another dimension, in another body, apart from everyone she loves and has been trying to get back to for the past five thousand years + 

  • *Aelin, Lorcan, and company sitting at a table*
  • Aelin: *kicks Lorcan's leg*
  • Lorcan: *glares at her*
  • Aelin: *continues kicking*
  • Lorcan: *Looks around to see if anyone noticed. Everyone noticed but they're pretending not to*
  • Aelin: *Kicks more*
  • Lorcan: *Under his breath* Cut it out
  • Elide: Did you say something Lorcan?
  • Lorcan: No, no...
  • Aelin: *continues kicking*
  • Lorcan: *Death glare*
  • Elide: Lorcan, what's wrong with you? Why are you brooding more than usual?
  • Aelin: Yeah you seem a little irritated, do you need some coffee?
  • Lorcan:, I'm good
  • Aelin: *waits a bit and kicks him again*
  • Lorcan: *kicks her back and they start to engage in kicking war*
  • Lorcan: *Gets pissed so he kicks her so hard the table shakes*
  • Aelin: *Leaping backwards* OWWW
  • Elide: Aelin, are you okay?
  • Aelin: *pointing* LORCAN KICKED ME!!!
  • Elide: WTF Lorcan why would you do that?
  • Lorcan: But she kicked me first!!! *he realizes that he sounds like a two year old*
  • Aelin: :) :) :)