MANNEQUINS - Two eccentric mannequins are delivered to opposing boutiques and become competitive and jealous as they notice the other drawing more attention than themselves.

  • Griffin: You'll notice under languages, you can speak Common and Mannequin. So we'll see if-
  • Magnus: [Then I turn to all the mannequins around the table and I say] Hello
  • Griffin: Uh yeah, I guess there's a bunch of mannequins in the audience and when you talk to them they all start clapping and applauding and cheering for you.
  • Magnus: Any help?
  • Griffin: They all shake their heads no and shrug
  • Magnus: Super cool

Mod: One of Mark’s biggest fears is mannequins. (I mean, hell it’s the second auto popup with “fear of mannequins”)

Now I know that that is Automatonophobia; as my near infatuation with psychology has caused me to read about it before.

But I want to present a theory:

What if Dark, since we know with certainty that he isn’t a human, is a mannequin-like sentient being?

Surly the idea of possession could be played with here. But just think with me here. 

The story could all start with a fan who gained an unhealthy obsession with Mark. They go and make a life sized, (a bit taller, mind you) mannequin of Mark. But soon that’s not enough and they turn to fucking dark (pun intended) magic for this monstrosity to have sentience.

Then Dark is born. (Google could have the same origins, I mean; just tech instead of magic.) 

He betrays this creator in fear and makes it his life’s mission to hunt down the reason he is now trapped. Mark.

Mannequins in Lord & Taylor, White Flint Mall. North Bethesda, MD. 

This Lord & Taylor is still open even though the rest of the mall has been demolished. They sued against the owners of White Flint (and won) because the 1975 contract stated that it would be maintained as a “1st-class shopping destination” until at least 2042, and Lord & Taylor said they experienced a loss in profit due to, you know, the entire rest of the mall being demolished.


A Teaser for “Mannequins” by Studio Cacti (dir. Jesse Zhang), a short about two inanimate friends. Coming Soon. follow for updates //