Manly Monday

I Always Thought Luke Burgess Was The Best Looking Of The Burgess Boys. It Appears That Luke Has Several Admirers!

The 2016 Season Will Be Interesting!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Manly Budgy Smugglers!

The Sea Eagles (Many Manly Men At Least) Don Their Budgy Smugglers For A Recovery Session! Among The Smugglers Are Tom Symonds, Brenton Lawrence, Cheyse Blair, Matt Balin, And Daly Cherry Evans!

Sexy as Hell, Baby! 


A Sea Eagle Forever!

Daly Cherry-Evans Will Remain With The Sea Eagles For Lion’s Share Of His Playing days!

Woof, Baby!

Pull Up To My Bumper, Baby!

In Your Long Black Limousine
Pull Up To My Bumper Baby
And Drive It In Between

For Some Reason, I Could only Think Of Grace Jones, When I Saw Tom Trbojevic getDacked.

Woof, Baby!


Seeing Stars!

Daly Cherry-Evans May Have Gotten The Wedgie Of All Wedgies From The Raiders, And Some Loyal Sea Eagles’ Fans May Believe It Serves As A Welcome Comeuppance To The Brash Upstart THey Blame For The Exit Of Glenn Stewart. But Daly Cherry-Evans Led The Sea Eagles In A Rout Of The Raiders!

Way To Go, Bro!

And By The Way…

Cute Glutes, Stud!