So I went to the twenty one pilots on Manila last July 17. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. I had so much fun even though I went alone. 

So… this is how I met them. I’m gonna keep this short. I went to get my tickets around  10am  and I was number 260. (there was only 300 tickets)  After everyone got their tickets, they already lined up. Because I was alone, I figured I didn’t want to wait for 7 hours alone so I decided to stroll around the mall (the concert was in a mall) and eat first. And I was waiting for my sister since she has my phone (i asked her to charge it before she went to the mall) so she did. As I was waiting for her to arrive, i was seating on a bench outside the venue. the bench was across the backstage of the venue.  then I heard the barricades being moved. and i heard a few girls shouting ‘tyler’ so i checked it out and moved towards the barricade. then all of a sudden, there’s tyler freaking joseph in front of me. literally life 3 ft away from me and the only thing between us was a fucking barricade.since i was so strarstruck, idk my mind went blank and i was so stupid i just said “hi tyler” and he just smirked at me then passed me by.   then after a few seconds (i haven’t even recovered from seeing tyler) joshua dun is there and i immediately said “hi josh” and he stopped for a few seconds to say “hi. how are you today?” then inside i was screaming “HOLY SHIT JOSHUA DUN IS TALKING TO ME AND I FUCKING LOVE HIM” i was so mesmerized by his hair, his eyes and basically everything. HE TALKED TO ME AND ASKED ME HOW I WAS AND HE WAS LOOKING ME IN THE EYE AND HE SMILED AT ME. I COULDN’T SAY ANYTHING BACK. I was so lame but it was the best three seconds of my life. and i was so dumb i didn’t even ask for a hug because im so shy and im short and the barricade was until my chest i couldn’t do anything. AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE. because everyone already lined up and all the people who were there were just shoppers from the mall. AND SINCE I DIDN’T HAVE MY PHONE WITH ME BC MY SISTER DIDN’T ARRIVE YET I HAVE NO PROOF OF ACTUALLY MEETING THEM BUT IT’S IN MY MEMORY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I wish josh atleast remembered saying hi to someone before the show so my life can be complete.

P.S the show was fucking awesome even if i was alone. i felt like i belonged with the crowd and i was just so happy dancing around and jumping up and down singing my favorite songs with my favorite band 

For my fellow Commuter/Warrior...

Today is just like other days in my stay here in the city. I wake up early for mebto prepare things for my class. I am required to do that because unlike my life in the province, i have to walk going to school. it’s a 15-minute foot journey going to my learning abode but here, it would take half an hour just to get there and if you’re in a bad day, you’d be suffering of slow paced stress building traffic even just when the sun is peeking through the clouds. You’ll suffer the wrath of early morning traffic plus the honking of the vehicles like there is no tomorrow. It builds to the stress that us (passengers) have to carry all through the day. Other than that, you also have to become a warrior and must possess a fast paced and alert senses. Yes, you have to race with other passengers just to have a slot in a PUV. Mind you, being in that situation as early as 6 or 7 in the morning is not a sign of a good day.

The day is long enough that you have forgotten your quest at the start of the day but it wilk be revived when the sun is at it’s highest peak. As a commuter, which is, i have to eat at fast food chains or food establishments that offer budget meals, yoy again have to deal with piranhas and sharks that would be willing to snap right at you to have their meal be served first or occupied the tables. It would be a battle of who again is fast and has better strategies like letting your friend-companion sit at the table, the others are at the line. And if you are alone, you just need to apply stealth mode.

And at the end of the day, here comes your first enemy. Traffic jams plus hot headed drivers. It would take you an hour home or much worse, an hour or two.
And when you arrived home, you just have to take off your armor become vulnerable and take a good long rest for another battle the following day.

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