hey i had some left over designs from a week ago while i was trying to finalize my sona (until i realized i had my sona all along) so i’ll be selling these just as heads, using the body template more as a manikin but you can use the outfit too. if you want a full body reference with new outfit its +$15.

  1. OPEN $15USD  [flower head]
  2. sold [elk head]
  3. sold [doe head]

(last one is double price since a close friend wants to do an art trade for them)
rules: you can do whatever you want with them after you buy i dont care

Things my 7 year old cousin said while watching dnp for the first time

The internet is here

•what are they doing

•is this a broadway show

•why do they have the same haircut

•rubbish…that’s a funny word

•where was the internet before it was here

Pinof 3

•their hair is so long!

•dance isn’t a sense

•even i could draw a better unicorn than phil

Pinof 8

•there are 8 of these? that’s a lot

•can dan quiet down

•are they husbands?

•they didn’t even use the right song [for the manikin challenge]

Little Nightmares Theory


Ø  Where children/babies are kept and maybe raised?

Ø  Playground cut off with electric bars to keep children inside?

Ø  Hanging person was babysitter maybe/ hung themselves cause can’t stand what’s happening

Ø  Hand prints from children?

Ø  Drawings of six from other small people bc six escaped?

Ø  Black slugs are parasites maybe

Ø  Black slugs kill the children and that’s why the black hand prints

Ø  Watching eyes for if the small people escape their prisons like six

Ø  Open room in prison next to the watching eye might have been six’s

Ø  Janitor watches over kids before they can be killed

Ø  Food that is thrown to six is flesh that’s why she gets addicted and eats other flesh?

Ø  Prison cafeteria for the small people not children

Ø  Small people are parasites to the monsters?

Ø  All other open space is storage maybe


Ø  Children locked in cages ready to be ‘prepared’

Ø  The Janitor wraps the children up and then puts them onto hooks which lead into the kitchen

Ø  Janitor is blind – Don’t know why

Ø  Janitor gets to keep toys and dolls that the kids leave behind before being killed

Ø  Carpets on the floor might be for the Janitor to feel (sensory thing) not just for six

Ø  Janitor stores all the children’s shoes in one room which a monster lives under

Ø  Janitor is a bit slow/ he gets distracted easily

Ø  He collects clocks (might be a sensory thing again since he can’t see)

Ø  Loads of books that might belong to the Woman

Ø  He loves the tv, specifically singing

Ø  They might not speak any language since I can’t make out what the singing is saying

Ø  Might not have killed the Janitor near the end, just chopped his arms off?


Ø  Six eats rat because of flesh she consumed earlier? Now addicted

Ø  Twin chefs are kind of brain dead. All they know is cook and clean

Ø  They scream when they see you almost like you’re vermin trying to get their food

Ø  They scratch under their face which implies they are wearing a mask (wonder what’s underneath…)

Ø  Maybe they are trying to look human for their guests?

Ø  They seem to only cook meat and fish

Ø  They might be diseased (heavy coughing and breathing)

Ø  There are a lot of mouse sized holes? Coincidence?

Ø  The twin chefs have very good hearing

Ø  Why do they look like the guests? Are they prisoners as well? Forced to cook?

Guest area:

Ø  Guests arrive on a ship. Why is The Moir on a boat?

Ø  Some guests are also wearing masks

Ø  The Woman seems to be wearing a white mask. Why so many masks?

Ø  Brain dead guests? Savagely hungry?

Ø  They are so fat they have to crawl to try and get you yet they crawl quite quickly

Ø  They make pig like noises

Ø  Maybe made that fat so the Woman can feed off them?

Ø  Are these people maybe business men/woman that come for food?

Ø  Does the food make them hungrier than they were so they have to keep eating

Ø  Six eats quite big portions for such a small body but still gets hungry

Ø  Chef is sent to get rid of six as if she’s vermin again (when you hide in the bathroom)

Ø  The food might make it so that you have to constantly eat to not starve to death

Ø  The food being flesh might be why six ate the gnome instead of the sausage

Lady’s quarters:

Ø  The lady is very self-conscious that’s why she makes everyone wear masks including her?

Ø  All her mirrors are broken apart from the one you fight her with. She scares herself possibly

Ø  Lots of manikins with dresses on like hers but they have no face. Coincidence again think not

Ø  In the lady’s bedroom on the far left there are 2 photos, one hung up and one on the floor half covered. I believe this is her as a child and the one on the floor might be six because the girl is wearing a yellow raincoat like six. Maybe they are sisters but the lady got sick of her for some reason therefore turned her into a small person?  There is also a song called Six’s theme which includes something that sounds like a child humming, humming the same tune as the lady. This might be why the children or small people draw pictures of six which you can see hidden around The Moir.

Ø   Six might be trying to stop the lady because six knows what evil and torture is going on in The Moir and how sick it is, especially from what it’s done to six.

Ø  Six taking the lives of the fat people could be her revenge or maybe she is setting them free from what the lady has turned them into whilst also escaping from The Moir so she is free

Ø  At the end you see she has made it out but is still stranded on the ship

Ø  Maybe six will fix what the lady ruined

The gnomes:

Ø  I can’t find much about the gnomes but I did notice there are a few framed photos of them around The Moir so maybe they are just ‘pets’ on the ship or found their way onto it and so made that their new homes.

Ø  They get startled by the monsters (who wouldn’t) so maybe that’s why you hug them…as a kind of hey everything will be okay and that’s why they appear at the end when you leave, they are following you?

Ø  Something huge I almost missed. When you eat the last gnome there is a black figure of six on the table above her for a split second. Foreshadowing something for sure. Maybe six is the enemy here not them.

But this is just a theory not the truth.


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I found a hidden door in my cellar, and I think I’ve made a big mistake

by reddit user v0ids

My wife and I have lived in our house for around 5 years, and in that time we’ve probably been down into the cellar a handful of times. Our house is an old Victorian terrace house, and so the cellar is cold and damp. When we first moved in we kept wine and stuff down there (because my wife liked the idea of telling people we had a ‘wine cellar’) but it got annoying going down there every time so we stopped using it. There’s only the two of us living here so we never really needed to use it for storage space.

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Herc's Four Sets of Corsets and More

Prompt: requested by @foxqmulder

Pairing: Starts out Hercules Mulligan X Reader, develops into Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: PG swearing, klutziness, insecurities, fluff??? Second hand embarrassment??? Cute fluff???

A/N: Sorry this one took a bit longer than usual! I’m sorry! I had work! I hope this is to your satisfaction! I tried my best! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love y'all! Also, if you have anything you’d like me to trigger, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work!

Word Count: 5094

Prompt: “That’s awesome! Could I request a poly!Hamilsqaud where the reader is a brit and is new to New York and meets Herc in his shop maybe? and he asks her out and he really likes her so he takes her to meet the guys and tells her abt the relationship and she’s obvs cool with it and some fluff at the end. Thank you so much !! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!!”

You weren’t sure how you’d ended up in the small shop on the corner of downtown, but there you were. It was a rustic, Victorian looking shop, and it just sort of called to you. You’d always been into that kind of stuff, the flowy tops and elegant skirts. 

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Yours. (Tom Holland x Reader)

Requested: Yup; maybe they are in the mall buying clothes for the reader, the men look at you and Tom gets jealous and he’s like “come here, baby girl” but in a fluffy way.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: Non, just fluff, kind of?

A/N: I know this is pretty short compared to my last story, I’m sorry if you don’t like it or if it isn’t fluffy enough, and obviously for taking so goddamn long, I had some serious writing block and I tend to procrastinate a lot so yeah, sorry in advance.

I loved going to stores and buying new things, but Tom, well, he disliked going with me. He would always be complaining about how I take so long, how there isn’t a seat to wait, how the ladies in charge would always be looking at him weirdly because of how he was the only man there, between other things.

The plan today wasn’t really going shopping, it was around 6 p.m. and Tom had just arrived from shooting, so we decided to get something to eat. And we both decided to eat at the restaurant inside the mall, where we have been a few times before, but the food was just so good that we wanted to go back. So we did, we ate at the restaurant until we were full to the point where no other bite would fit.

We paid the bill and walked through the mall to get to the car, and for that, we had to walk through most of the mall.

I couldn’t help but glance at the display windows every now and then, and just decided that I would come another day, by myself, to make it easier for Tom.

But when we were just a few stores away from the doors, I saw the most beautiful dress on a manikin, it was a short, a black and white checkered dress with squared opening and small straps.

I stopped on my tracks in awe, I felt Tom do a little pull on my hand when he didn’t noticed I had stopped, making him stumble back a little, he then saw where I was looking and I could feel him roll his eyes, “are you going to be fast?” He looked at me sternly and I nodded my head instantly, grinning widely, “okay, fine, but please, don’t take long,” he said with a pout.

I took him inside of the store still holding his hand, basically dragging him, and looked between the racks of clothing for the dress that caught my eye until I found it, on the top rack. I tried getting it down, stepping on my tip toes, but still couldn’t reach it, neither could Tom, so we had to ask someone to get it down for us.

“Excuse me,” said Tom, waving his hand lightly to a man standing behind the counter, the man heard and came closer to us, he was way taller than us, and could easily get the dress down for me, “could you get that dress down for her, please?” Tom asked the man, he replied with a ‘yes, no problem’ and felt his hand on the bottom of my back while he extended his hand to grab the dress. I’m sure Tom noticed, because he then furrowed his eyebrows and locked his arms on his chest.

“Here you go, is this size okay?” The mam said, glaring down at me with a smile, I just nodded out of courtesy with a smile, the guy chuckled, the smirk not leaving his face and went back to his place.

“I’m going to try this, wait here,” I murmured to Tom, he just sighed loudly, obviously annoyed and just sat on the small stools that were there in the middle.

I tried the dress on and it fit beautifully, I checked myself out in mirror of the fitting room and smiled. I opened the door so Tom could give me his approval on how the dress fits. I got out and Tom glanced at me from his phone and I did a quick turn just so he could get the full view.

I shrugged and asked him, “how does it look?” I had always felt embarrassed from all the attention coming from him and could feel myself moving back and forth on my soles awkwardly, a manner that had always stayed with me, coming just before a blushing face.

“You look great, darling,” he marveled with a smile on his face, he turned to the register and his smile suddenly turned and formed a thin line on his lips, “I think you should change, we gotta go.” His voice was deeper and his eyes didn’t turn away from there. I got curious and looked at the same direction and saw everyone watching me, including the guy that helped me. Feeling more embarrassed I quickly got inside and changed to the clothes I was first using, going outside with dress in hand and motioned Tom to get up and follow me.

We got there and I gave the dress to the girl behind the counter so we could pay, she pressed the barcode to the scanner and released the clip from the fabric so she could give it to us. She said the total and I was looking for my wallet but Tom was faster and said, “I’ll do it, love.” He paid the total and grabbed the dress that was now on a red bag and swung it over his wrist by the hole and belted before leaving, “Come here, baby girl, let’s go home.” He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers, I caught the look of superiority that Tom gave the guy that was behind the counter while walking out of the store and a smile crept on my face, finally getting what was going on.

“What was all that about in there?” I said putting a strand of hair behind my ear with my free hand.

“Didn’t you saw them Y/N? They were raking their eyes all over you, plus I saw that dudes’ hand on your back, thinking he could make a move on you,” he whispered-yelled at me, frustration clear on his voice, “they didn’t even seemed to care that I was there with you, how dare them?” He looked back, reassuring that they weren’t looking anymore.

I tightened the grip on his hand and giggled, then speaking, “I knew so much affection wasn’t because of anything,” I joked.

“Only I am supposed to do that, because you’re my girlfriend, basically mine,” he emphasized the ‘I’ in the sentence, not caring about what I said before, finally exiting the mall through the automatic glass doors.

I chuckled and then pulled closer to give him a quick kiss on his cheek, lingering a bit then admitting, “Of course, love, basically yours.”

To the lovely girl who requested this: I hope this story was of your liking! Feedback is much appreciated and if you’re planning on requesting something please describe your scenario just so I have a better idea of what you want so I can fulfill your request, thank you for reading, and again, sorry for the wait, love y’all x.
The Mysterious Tower of Trickery
What you need to know:

A mysteries tower with no origins appears randomly allowing people to venture inside before it disappears again to re-appear somewhere else.

How it begins:

Given the nature of the tower, it can appear at any time anywhere; during the players’ travels while in a town or city, in a large caravan, etc. The choice is yours, the stranger the location the better, adding to the mysterious nature of the tower.


The tower is made out of smooth black stone and is about 20 meters tall and 5 meters wide. There are no windows and on each wall at the base is a wooden door.

  • -A- The wooden doors are illusion and in fact gelatinous cubes. When a player touches the surface of the door, in reality they are plunging their hands into the cube.
    Note: The gelatinous cubes stats are per the monster manual.
  • -B- Halfway up the tower is a secret door that, when opened, leads inside to part 1.


The door opens into a smooth black stone chamber. A set of oak stairs leads up to a trap door in the ceiling. Two lit torches are on either side of the room held within mounted iron brackets.

  • -A- The wooden stairs are X number of mimics.
  • The mimics will wait till a number of players climb onto of them before they attack.
    Note: The mimic’s stats are as per the monster manual.
  • -B- The trap doors opens to a flat wall of smooth black stone.
  • -C- The torches are levers, and when both are pulled, open a secret door in the wall leading to part 2.


The door opens into a stone hall extending into darkness after 20 meters.
Note: Beyond 20 meters, the hall is shrouded in a continual darkness spell.

  • -A- The floors is an illusion of stone and is actually X number of acid slimes.
    Note: The acid slime stats are as per the monster manual.
  • -B- The end of the hall shrouded in darkness extends only anther 10 meters before it reaches a dead end.
  • In the ceiling, however, is a secret door that when opened leads to part 3.


The door opens into the floor of a stone chamber.

  • -A- If the players close the hatch on the floor and reopen it, it will lead to part 4.
  • To revert the opening back to leading to part 2, the players only need to close the hatch again - a simple, but hopefully clever puzzle your players have to figure out.


The door opens into the ceiling of a smooth black stone chamber. On the back wall is an iron plate on the wall with a lock. On the opposite wall is a wooden bench containing a bunch of keys.

  • -A- The bench has several keys, each having an effect when used on the lock. Also on the bench, there is an outline of a key drawn in the wood.
  • 1 - an iron knobbed key: forms into a fist, getting one attack against the players using it for X D10 damage.
  • 2 - a skeletal finger key: any player who uses this key is drained a level or D6 CON.
  • 3 - a glass key with yellow liquid flowing inside: the key explodes when used, splattering the user with acid for X D6 acid damage and burning a whole into their armor.
  • 4 - a thorny wooden key: when used, a pit trap dropping X meters to spikes opens up under a random player.
  • 5 - a meter long key: when used, all the players double in size for X rounds, bursting out their clothes and armor. Roll saves for the armor to see if its destroyed.
  • 6 - a glowing red key: when used, the entire room bursts in flame for X rounds dealing X D6 fire damage to everyone inside, each round.
  • 7- a black smoking key: when used the chamber fill with thick un-breathable smoke for X rounds, causing the players to suffer the rules for drowning or suffocation till the smoke clears or they leave the room.
  • -B- The outline of the key, when cut out from the wood, can be used as a key to open the lock and slide open the wall leading to part 5.


The door opens into a stone chamber with a single one meter long chain (A) dangling from the ceiling.

  • -A- Chain A when pulled collapses the ceiling dealing X D6 crushing damage to any player inside.
  • The ceiling then opens up to another ceiling 10 meters higher with another one meter long chain (B) dangling from the ceiling.
  • -B- Chain B when pulled for the first time causes the floor to slide open revealing a pit of lava underneath 10 meters below.
    Note: The lava can do normal lava damage or X D6 fire damage if your players are lower level.
  • -C- When chain B is pulled for the second time, panels on the wall slide open and release jets of flames that fill the room dealing X D6 fire damage every round – 1 D6 is what I recommend.
  • -D- When chain B is pulled for a third time, 4 panels on the ceiling open and release one meter long electrified chains that are bolted to the ceiling.
    Note: Any player touching one of the electrified chains is dealt 1 D6 lighting damage.
  • -E- Pulling on any one of the chains has no effect other than dealing damage, but if a player pulls on the 4 electrified chains and Chain B at the same time, then the floor slides closed, the panels on the walls close, the electrified chains retract into sliding closed panels and a panel on the wall opens leading to part 6.


The walls open into a small circular smooth black stone room. Chests of gold and silver lay next to weapons, racks and armored manikin. Coffers of jewelry sit onto sacks of potions.

  • -A- This is the tower’s treasure. All the treasure will be real, but cursed in some way.
  • Every coin will be coated in contact poison, dealing stat damage or regular damage.
  • Every weapon and piece of armor will be hot to the touch as if heated metal has been cast on it, dealing 2 D4 damage or X D6 fire damage.
  • The jewelry will bind to the players and give negative penalties to stats, skills, saves, attack rolls, etc. The jewelry will need a remove curse to be removed.
  • All the potions will have the opposite effect of their intention. Healing will be harm, flight will plunge the players into the earth X meters, invisibility will make the players bright, etc.
    Note: To even this effect out, consider giving 2 to 3 times the normal amount of treasure since some of it ma  end up being worthless, tossed or spent to counter-attack the effects.


The tower, as mysteriously as it appears, leaves after its treasure has been plundered, or does it?

Maybe the tower was a test by some planar creature studying mortals for an important assignment and appears to congratulate the players on a job well done before sending them off on its mission.
Maybe the tower itself carries a curse and by entering its walls, the players contract an illness slowly transforming them into an ooze or blob, then needing to satisfy the tower in some way to be cured of it.
Maybe the treasure is the reincarnated spirits of the adventures who died in its walls and come to life in some way once the players leave. The coins jump about trying to escape, weapons and armor can speak and potion feel violated when drank.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.