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Kuroo headcannon memes

Camp NaNoWriMo Day Thirteen Request Complete!

i’m so tired that when i got to the mini-playlist question, i typed “kuroo” into my saved songs on spotify as if that would yield any results… it’s almost friday, thank goodness

and i guess very minor spoilers for the manga? it’s really just a small fact about kuroo we learn that really doesn’t have a bearing on anything plot-wise

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Headcanon meme time

⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

  • Scratches the back of his neck or head sheepishly.

⏀ describe their usual smile

  • I think it’s obvious that he has a few different, fun grins. We have his Cheshire cat smirk; that feigned, pleasant one we saw him give to Daichi during the first Nekoma/Karasuno match. Although, closed mouth and half-lidded glare is his most standard one.

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

  • I feel like he does neither. He looks forward and totally zones out so it doesn’t come across as staring.

❧ describe their usual sleeping position

  • I’m laughing because canonically Kuroo sleeps on his stomach, with two pillows pressed to either side of his head. I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable. He’s so weird.

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Yes! Manicanparty released a song today titled Bow Through My Heart. And it’s lovely. Any new songs are greatly welcomed, as the relatively new duo from Brooklyn barely have any tracks out yet. They’re the ones I was incredibly amazed at the other day for racking up so many views on their videos on youtube so quickly. I mean, I already knew when I first heard them some time ago that they had HUGE potential and sounded wonderful, but it’s rare for indie or relatively new acts to blow up their view counts that rapidly regardless. Bow Through My Heart is a beautiful, Skylar Grey-like ballad. I’ll throw the Animal (Miike Snow) cover and their Rebels In The Light below again for your listening pleasure, or in case you missed em the previous times.

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