Yes! Manicanparty released a song today titled Bow Through My Heart. And it’s lovely. Any new songs are greatly welcomed, as the relatively new duo from Brooklyn barely have any tracks out yet. They’re the ones I was incredibly amazed at the other day for racking up so many views on their videos on youtube so quickly. I mean, I already knew when I first heard them some time ago that they had HUGE potential and sounded wonderful, but it’s rare for indie or relatively new acts to blow up their view counts that rapidly regardless. Bow Through My Heart is a beautiful, Skylar Grey-like ballad. I’ll throw the Animal (Miike Snow) cover and their Rebels In The Light below again for your listening pleasure, or in case you missed em the previous times.

OFFICIAL VID: Manicanparty - Monarch

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Over a year ago, I featured a little indie pop duo based in Brooklyn named Manicanparty. They impressed me greatly with their single Rebels in the Light and their wonderful cover of Miike Snow’s Animal. Fast forward to now and the duo are finally gearing up to release a debut EP come October 20. Previously previewed tune Monarch received a music video treatment and is the first tasty morsel off the debut. It still sounds as vibrant and popping as before with its exotic beats that Manicanparty seems to utilize in all their music. Watch the new clip below, and let’s revisit the songs that first caught my ears, shall we? 

Manicanparty- Bow Through my Heart

An band/duo that’s been consistently putting out tracks that just lighten up my day like “ Rebels in the Light” and “ Monarch” despite the fact that they only have 2 tracks other than this one( not including covers).They never cease to create beats that  just feel like breathes of fresh air for your ears:P  Alot of talent, one day they’ll make it big.