Manhattan Melodrama

365 Day Movie Challenge - #203: Manhattan Melodrama (1934) - dir. W.S. Van Dyke

I didn’t love this drama as much as I’d hope to, despite the fact that I’m a big fan of Clark Gable, William Powell and Myrna Loy. (I also love the fact that teenage Mickey Rooney plays the kid who grows up to be Clark Gable. Ah, Hollywood.) I can see why the film is considered well-made, but it’s neither as well-written as Powell and Loy’s Thin Man series nor as exciting as Gable’s other MGM films (a personal favorite being Red Dust).

How many women do we know who were continually kissed by Clark Gable, William Powell, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and Fredric March? Only one: Myrna Loy… And to meet whom did Franklin D. Roosevelt find himself tempted to call off the Yalta Conference? Myrna Loy. And to see what lady in what picture did John Dillinger risk coming out of hiding to meet his bullet-ridden death in an alley in Chicago? Myrna Loy, in Manhattan Melodrama.
-Lauren Bacall