Who would have thought the day would come when all I wanted in the morning was a big plate of fruit. Pretty self explanatory and so so good. 

How to Open a Mangosteen

Mangosteen has officially become our new favorite fruit. We’re obsessed with it! And while we were in Penang our Uncle Ng showed us the easiest way to open one…

Did you know that the number of “leaves” on the bottom of a mangosteen tells you how many pieces of fruit are on the inside?

So there should be six pieces inside this one.

Supposedly, it’s good luck to find an eight-leafed mangosteen!

To easily open one, you interlock your fingers and place the mangosteen inside them, the bottom facing you…

You then simply slowly apply pressure on the fruit using the palms of your hands…

And it should slowly start to tear open…

Revealing the white, fleshy fruit inside…

From there you just use your fingers to peel off the rest of the skin…

Six pieces, as “promised”…

Ready to eat and enjoy!


Nature’s Candy!

Southeast Asia is a fruit lover’s paradise. There are many tropical fruits available here that we know and love in the U.S., such as pinapples, bananas, papaya, mangos, starfruit, limes, coconuts and oranges. But, some new fruit we’ve been introduced to over here have totally rocked our socks off! Literally. We haven’t worn socks in five months.

Ever tried Juicy Fruit gum? Well, this is the fruity flavor of the gum. These are massive and can weigh up to 60 pounds. Crunchy with large seed in middle. Adrian’s favorite!

The King of Fruits. Dangerously spiky shell. Creamy on inside. You can smell these from afar and they’re banned from many hotels and public transportation. Smells like sweet garbage. Tastes like sweet onion custard.

Hard, thick shell. Looks like a garlic clove on inside. So sweet and juicy. Sometimes seeds. My favorite!

Looks and feels like grapefruit, but sweeter. Another high up on the list for Adrian.

Shell looks like snakeskin. Hard and crunchy and tastes like grape candy. Large seed on inside.

These come in both white and bright pink on inside. Many edible tiny black seeds. Tastes like a water-downed kiwi and similar in texture.

Also called sugar apples, although nothing like an apple. Super sweet. Squishy texture. Many seeds need to be removed. Hard to eat, but worth the treat!

Shell looks hard and prickly, but the hairs are actually soft. Looks like a big round pearl on inside. Soft, sweet with big seed in middle.

Hard, prickly, thick shell. Very similar to rambutan in terms of texture and flavor.

Hard, thin shell. Similar to rambutan and lychee on inside.