phantastic-times  asked:

Azalea and Magnolia.

Azalea: What’s a movie you cried while watching?

Um La La Land, Up, Toy Story 3, and basically every movie in existence. 

Mangolia: Favorite kind of candy?

Oh I don’t know I really like dum-dums and I also like gummy bears and choclate so I’m just gonna say every kind.

flower asks

Grays snow

It had been two days since natsu and gray had defeted Zeref. Gray sat in front of the lake behind the guild and watched the cool water ripple. Everything had changed so quickly it felt like only yesterday he had told Juvia he would give her an answer when it was all over. Now he would never get a chance.
Clouds formed around Grays head. A heavy mist filled his eyes. Soft snow fell over him covering is feet and half of what was left of Mangolia in its soft white blanket.
Gray looked up at the falling snow and smiled.
“Do you remember when we met juvia?” He spoke loudly toward the sky.“It was raining you made it rain, Juvia.”
Tears filled Grays eyes the soft falling snow picked up speed slightly.
The more gray cried the colder it became and the stronger the storm became. And still even as his very own tears froze while falling from his cheek, the lake in all it’s clear beauty did not. A very large ball of white fluff came at Gray quickly.
It was the white exceed Carla she hoovered over the lake just ouside the reach of the storm. Gray wiped his tears away quickly and stood to see her better. The storm didn’t slow. Gray tired to stop it calling out every spell to stop it he could remember.
The snow raged on. Grays snow like Juvias rain had raged on the day they met.
The snow calmed slightly as Gray tried to push the thoughts of Juvia far back into his mind. But still it did not stop.
Carla flew into the snow and up to Gray.
“Where did all this snow come from?” She asked
“I was remembering the fight ,sorry.” Gray apologized. He smiled a weak empty smile.
“You miss her don’t you?” Carla said turning twoard the lake. Covering her smile from Gray.
“Ofcourse not, she was always there bugging me, telling me she loved me, picking up my clothes for me, making a huge scean, it would have been better if I had never met her.” The tears returned.“if I hadn’t met her she would still be here.” He whispered. Carla turned around and looked past Gray to where the guild had once stood. But Gray didn’t notice he was to busy talking.
“We met out there on the lake in the fight against phantom Lord she was crazy strong but there was something else too.” The sound of footsteps were muffled by the now thick sheet of snow covering the ground. Carla flew away calmly a smile on her face. Gray watched her curiously.
“You wouldn’t have beaten Juvia if she hadn’t of let you gray-sama.” A sweet angels voice called behind him. Grays eyes wide the snow kept falling he turned slowly. And then there she was.
“Juvia!” He cried. She reached her arms for him he pulled her into him. He held her like she would break not saying a word his body covered her from the snow there where no tears. Because tears would keep him from seeing her blue hair clearly. Crying might make his nose run and keep him from being able to take in her scent. No Gray didn’t cry and Juvia didn’t ether she only baered her face in his chest and held him just as tightly for some unknown time but it must have been longer then ten minutes because they only pulled apart when there legs gave in and the fell to the snow. Gray pulled back grabbed her soft face she smiled at him. He was suddenly very angry at her.
“Don’t you ever do that again!” He yelled she turned her face to the floor" Juvia do have any idea what you dying did to me? To Lucy and Ezra and Natsu to Lisanna and Mira to the Master how are you alive?“ he had a million questions. A million things to say but she looked up at him and he forgot them all.
“Wendy was barley able to save Juvia but then we were separated from the rest of fairy tail until just an hour ago when Carla spotted the fairy tail camp Juvia went there first looking for Gray-sama.” She stated. He stared into her eyes never wanting to look away.
“Then Juvia saw the snow and she became worried something was wrong so she came to help Gray-sama. Carla went ahead to locate Gray-sama. Juvia heard what you said about the first time we met."she smiled.
"I owe you an answer Juvia .” He said. She nodded.“ I love you Juvia.” She smiled pleasantly.
“Juvia already knew that Gray-sama.” She kissed his cheek softly. Gray closed his eyes pulled her face into his and kissed her lips. The snow stopped and the sun begain to shine. Gray pulled away looked at Juvia only to find a steaming puddle of a women.
“Juvia! Are you ok talk to me Juvia?!” The puddle laughed and reformed into the blue haired mage giggling.
“Gray-sama you said that the first time we met haha except this time it was me who stopped your snow.” She was right she had stopped the snow the sun was even starting to melt it already and already the water evaporated around them. Gray held Juvias hand in his as he walked back to the guild camp. The two smiled and where happy I hope reader you smile too.

If the only thing that makes you smile today is this then today was a good day reader because there will come a day when you do not smile at all.


A nice, relaxing tune for the day :)

“Old Melodie” by Sainkho Namtchylak