The climax of the live action Ace Attorney movie takes place on December 28th
a Fandub cannot get more Real-Time than this!

Featuring @pleading-eyes (the voice of Maya from the Turnabout Musical soundtrack) as Manfred von Karma!
Also featuring @tomatomagica as Lotta, @popelickva and @ghostanjo reprising their roles from @aaaaseries as Phoenix and Maya, and @simandthedimbulbv2-0​ (mun of @pinksweatergettingbetter) as various background characters!

Join us December 28th at 2 PM EST on!

Poster by @tomatomagica​ and @popelickva

Real-Time Fandub is a group of voice actors who dub popular things from memory.
They are only missing one key component: A memory.
Gazemaze in gazemazement as the plot starts out normal and improv changes it into something weird, unrecognizable, and shitpost-esque every time we slip on a line!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: christmas is nearly coming and that means turnabout goodbyes is nearly coming which is the day when miles is the defendant for murdering robert hammond who is the man who defended yanni yogi back fifteen years ago in the dl-6 case where miles' father died because of manfred von karma who was miles' mentor and adoptive father and the dl-6 case is connected to the case in turnabout goodbyes and phoenix decided to defend miles in court despite miles' protests and phoenix discovers the truths that yanni yogi was the man who murdered robert hammond and that manfred von karma was the man who murdered gregory edgeworth in the dl-6 case and that both of the men tried to pin the blame on miles but phoenix proved them wrong and miles is finally a free man after such a hellish childhood