“Rolf, the mandolin-playing terrier, was regularly featured on Art Nudnick’s Musical Menagerie. The Sunday afternoon variety program was a hit for the better part of 1925.”

Photo ‘discovered’ by the NYPR Archives Dept. on April 1, 2004 and used in the WNYC History Notes e-newsletter. Thanks to former Senior Archivist Cara McCormick.


Aerial View of Roads looking like Musical Instruments for BMW

To celebrate their collaboration with renowned Teatro alla Scala of Milano, BMW has imagined a series of 3 creative ad prints depicting aerial views of roads and landscapes looking like guitar, violin and mandolin with a tagline saying “BMW takes you on the road to great music”. A work by Alessandro Bavari.

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Girl with a Mandolin (1870). Jules Joseph Lefebvre (French, Academic, 1836-1911). Oil on canvas.

The girl here is a somber and forlorn gypsy, a moody brunette with expressive, soulful eyes, dressed in dark colors, seemingly lost in the snow and clutching her mandolin as though it’s all she has in her vagabond life. As the mandolin is a symbol of physical love, perhaps she is a victim of unrequited love.