Bruno vs. Phil (via Twitter)
  • Phil: Time is money...and I got clocks in my wallet
  • Bruno: I love poetry, But ill never love a poets tree
  • Phil: I'm lookin through the hour glass...but the glass can never tell me the hour
  • Bruno: Some people come here to sit and think... I come here to shit and stink.. #ToiletTweet
  • Phil: some people wear shoes on their feet...some feet wear shoes on their people
  • Phil: some people like beats by dre...I just want dre to hear my beats
  • Bruno: If love is the strongest word in the dictionary.... How come I can rip one in half???
  • Phil: Rumor has it kids shouldn't play in the streets...but what happens when the streets play the kids?
  • Mando Fresko: I like big butts and I cannot lie... but do lies have big butts?
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