Japan Trip 2017 - Akihabara

Soo I went to Japan last week!

I’m not the best at personal writing, but I thought it may be nice to share my thoughts and experiences for anyone who is interested in visiting Tokyo themselves in the near future. 

These are my personal thoughts and experiences, so take whatever information is useful to you! I hit up Akiba my first full day (still jetlagged, but there’s no time to lose when weebing needs to be done). Slight photo heavy under the cut!

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quick doodle! 

just got back last week from a trip to tokyo! while i was there i scoped out a ton of osokara doujin hehe. hero blue alas sold out super fast at tora but i did manage to get my hands on another one of yuta-san’s books :D


…and the reason I know about the bath oil? I have the box set. xD I had wanted it as long as I had known about it, and while ogling over the coffee cup set, which was being sold separately at Nakano Mandarake back in May 2011, one of the employees let me know that they had more Eroica stuff, and they emerged from the back with THIS.

::happy sigh:: All still sealed, including the Nescafe. :P


This is fascinating.  Mandarake is so much more huge and automated than I could have imagined.  I thought someone was actually photographing all those items by hand!  And oh man that employee bath looks so luxurious.  It…it kind of looks magical…as magical as a used animu goods empire can get anyway.

Mandarake haul OTL

Random commentary:
Yoshi is quickly becoming my fave doujin artist for Victuuri. The way she draws Victor is so… Soft.

I hope Gusari continues Erohon as a series. I love Matssun in this series. Bbbbbbb

Kazu did a really thick doujin for Victuuri! 80+pages I think. Eggcited to read that.

I bought just the 2nd and 3rd book of Zooya’s nyan series because OTABAE appears in them. NYAN OTAYURI PLS. The inner furry in me is happy. Hehe the first one looks really cute too though.


Japanese UNDERTALE fandom has appeared…

If you live in Japan or some country with doujinshi stores (like Mandarake), it’s OK if you sell doujinshi to them.

Small online doujin sales are OK too.

Similarly, if you live in the West, and want to sell a run of a fanzine online, go for it. Since I’ve seen fanzines online recently.

Still can’t do Kickstarters, etc.

Also, I don’t care about the sale of handmade items by individuals, even online. Like those perler bead thingies. Or if someone makes a hand-knit scarf or something. No shirts/apparel (beyond literally handmade objects).

I really don’t want to stop fans from having fun or expressing themselves. So, apologies for not saying something about the rules sooner. My worry is really if somebody (such as a company) tries to mass-produce or publish UT items for profit.