2.24.16 - Manchester, UK - Night and Day Cafe

We woke up super early and drove out of Dublin. We had to catch a ferry back to England, and it left early in the day, so as we drove, we could see the gorgeous sunrise.

The ferry was long, and I made the mistake of attempting to watch Minions on board. That movie is probably the most annoying movie ever - you can’t even sleep through it because their vocalizations are just too annoying to ignore… I don’t think it was this ferry, but one of the ferries during our tour was filled with hundreds of racist teenagers. Luckily, I had taken refuge (again in the movie theatre - Inside Out is a far better movie) and I missed the terror that the teenagers represented on board.

On our way towards Manchester, Lukas suggested stopping at a castle as we had some time to kill around lunchtime after the ferry. We were all up for it, so that was a nice detour. JM, Jay and Lukas wandered around one part of the town, and the rest of us got lunch at a cafe. Then we explored the castle ruins by our van.

There was a great tableau in the parking lot as two seagulls skulked on the hood of a couple’s car as they ate sandwiches inside. It really seemed as though the guild were trying to figure out a way into the car for the food. Very velociraptor-y.

The show at Night and Day was fun. We were led to a Mexican place for dinner that everyone couldn’t stop raving about, but they were booked, so we got burgers at a burger place.

We got back in time for Cross Record’s set. And my favorite thing about that night’s set was some stage banter. I remember Emily saying that some people had just told her that “Chester” meant “camp”. Then she said that “Manchester” means “man camp”? I kind of cracked up, and I think there was a very vocal guy in the front having a good time with that one too.

Oh, and the show was really really hot, and the dressing room in the basement had more penises drawn per square foot that we’d ever seen before.

I had one of the best days of my life yesterday at the #greatcitygames2016! The event has one of the best competition atmospheres I’ve ever experienced…I want to do it all again!! ❤️💙 #Manchester #streetgames #200m

(Massive thank you to @petehuntley for the photo!)

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