It took weeks. W E E K S.

[Also, I don’t like to be harsh but don’t even like it if you’re not going to reblog - I usually don’t care (well, I care, but it’s not like I can do anything about it), but this one took really A LOT of effort, time and bloody tears (especially time and bloody tears. AND frustration. Did I mention curses? I’ll spend a century in Hell for all the curses I said working on this.)]

A wonderful sunset view to commemorate my last evening in Florida for 3 weeks. I’ll be flying off to the Philippines tomorrow and I’m absolutely excited to share the experiences from the trip with you guys. This was taken earlier this evening when I went out with friends to the middle of nowhere to catch whatever scene would be before us. Lucky for us it turned out to be the sun setting with a storm cloud in front of it - throwing off flashes of lightning from time to time and you could see the rain pouring down in the distance. Absolutely beautiful.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram

are you ever just floored by how hard steve’s team works to promote their client? like they actually work with him. this is an actual healthy business relationship between artist/management and it’s so nice to see and it’s weird to see because this is what the boys have missed out on like the entire time like dang

My best friend, the queen of procrastination, asked me to make her a drawing for her college assignment. This is her character created for the creative literature class :). A punk grunge-ish fashion designer.

I had only an hour to work on this before she turned in her thing, I cried like 3 times and I sorta fucked up her face but this is the best I could do 

anonymous asked:

What is this iheart radio event they're at??

It’s the iHeart Radio Music Summit, which a google search informs me is “where record label pros, managers and artists themselves presented new music to a room full of radio programmers, execs and press over a jam-packed three days. The biannual summit could be described as radio’s version of the television upfronts, giving industry professionals a taste of what’s to come from established artists and aspiring stars alike in the coming months.”