before people start attempting to drag tony for his line in the spider-man: homecoming trailer: “if you’re nothing without the suit than you shouldn’t have it” by saying something along the lines of “says the guy who’s nothing without his suit”

remember iron man 3. tony is still iron man without the suit. tony is the genius who built the suit in a goddamn cave. he’s doing good and worried about peter. he’s afraid peter will get hurt and trying to prevent that from happening. tony is honestly, one of marvel’s best superheroes and really doesn’t deserve the hate he receives.

Cute things I noticed from Spider-Man Homecoming

*spoilers below*

- I love how proud Tony is of Peter, in general. Though he initially seems like a hands off parent, he doesn’t give Peter the full reign of his suit, makes Happy look after him, and obviously checks in with his progress. However, he’s willing to put his foot down- though it was a hard lesson for Peter, it was one he needed. He gives Peter space and supervision and great advice and GOD I just love their dynamic so much.

- Captain America the War Criminal.

- Peter gets beaten up by a guy in/from Brooklyn. Again. (gold black humor at its best)

- Somewhat related to the above; Peter’s heartbreaking, uplifting scene in the rubble. All of it. It didn’t have to be in Brooklyn, but it was. Tony is in the forefront of this film and I love him for it, but Steve’s shadow is still there. Captain America is a kid from Brooklyn the same way Peter Parker is a kid from Queens. All I could think about during that scene was “holy shit, Peter is a super soldier” (because in a way, he is, and it’s never as apparent in the film as it is in this moment) and “Erskine would be proud”.

- He’s still a kid, but the movie did a great job at showing us that kids are never just kids. Peter is a hero because of who he is, and the way he cares for his fellow man. He’s Iron Man’s successor in a way; Spiderman: Homecoming is to modern day of Marvel viewers what Iron Man was to the MCU almost 10 years ago; the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. It reminded me of a line from one of my favorite Smallville episodes. 

[Dr. Fate to Clark Kent: You will lead your generation, the way Hawkman once led ours. It will be a different age than ours, Clark. A silver age of heroism.]

 Hopefully this eventually leads to a Young Avengers adaptation, but I’m excited about all the thematic stuff going on.

- the way the movie just builds up to the Homecoming scene. I see this as the true birth of Spider-Man; when it becomes clear to us and to himself that Peter is Spider-Man without the suit, the same way Tony is Iron Man without the suit, the same way Steve is Captain America without the shield and without the serum. They’re heroes because they see injustice in the world and try to correct it, because they choose to take responsibility, because they stand up, because always try to do the right thing even though it’s never easy and it’s usually a load on their personal lives. 

- Though Harley Keener makes no appearance in this film (a shame), the plane at the end was specifically said to have retro reflector panels. The same retro reflector panels Harley told tony he should install in a suit. They didn’t have to say retro reflective panels AT ALL, but they did. I don’t know if he installed it in a suit, but seeing as Tony installed them in a frigging PLANE and probably uses them to cloak the Quinjets too…I like to think that Harley got an ACTUAL Stark Internship and is either on a Stark scholarship in MIT or working for him already. He and Peter should actually be around the same age, so I hope they make use of Harley eventually. The dynamic would be so interesting.

Action - Tom Holland (English)

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Word Count:  1.450 words

Synopsis: When you went to visit your best friend in the set fo Captain America:Civil War, you didn’t expect he would listen you confessing yours feelings to two of his co-workers.

I saw our best friend running to us as soon as I step into the Civil War’s set with Harrison. Tom Holland was always our friend ever since we were kids and when he reached fame, he made sure we accompanied him in whenever we can. According to him that was the way he wouldn’t let the fame blind him since we were the connection to his old and simple life.

“Hey, guys!” Tom ran to meet us in the entrance of the set.

“Darling, you’re drooling.” Harrison whispered in me ear before go ahead and hug Tom before me.

I made a face to him since he did not let me kick him in a very painful spot and I was soon brought to a tight embrace.

“What took you so long?” Thomas asked and I almost laugh of Harrisson’ desperate face.

“Traffic!” He almost throw the words out of his mouth.

“Liar. He lost his wallet in my hotel and we had to go back and get it when we were almost here.” I said immediately and I admit that it was for revenge for him saying that I was drooling.

Tom shook his head to us but I could still see a smile playing in the corner of his lips.

“It’s okay, guys, come on inside. I have scene to shoot in ten minutes and wanted you to see it.”

My eyes widened almost instantly and I had to hold me back not to jump out of joy. “Which scene? Steve almost crushing you with a container or Tony recruiting you?”

Tom raised an eyebrow to me.

“Nothing about me finding out the spider signal in the web shooters Tony gave me or me beating up Winter Soldier?”

I shrugged while listening Harrison’ laugh.

“You cannot judge a girl for trying.”

Tom laugh of my answer hugging my waist while walking. I felt my cheeks blushing and my heartbeat speeding up to unimaginable levels. I looked over my shoulder and Harrison shot me a wink before follow us. I was sure he knew about my crush on Tom and I didn’t care, he was one of my best friends after all and we didn’t hide secrets. However, I would really thank him if he was discreet about it once I don’t intend to tell Tom about my feelings.

“Hey, boy, there you are!” I heard a voice shouting in our direction and I almost choked with my own saliva. “Look, looks like his little girlfriend finally showed up.”

I blushed even more, but I did not know if it was because the proximity with the boy I liked for almost all my life or it was because I was about to meet one of the actor I admired. When I turned my head to see him I almost fainted when I realised Robert Downey Jr. was with Paul Rudd.

“Hi, you must be Y/N.” Robert hold my hand but he didn’t shake it like I thought he would, he turned it and kissed back of my hand instead.

“Tom talked a lot about you.” Paul commented while doing the same. God, I think I am not feeling well. If this is heaven I don’t want to get back down.

I looked to Tom just to see him grinning down at me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I was sure my smile wouldn’t me bigger.

“Hi again, Harrison.” They said.

“And then? What did we lose?” he asked.

“Not much.” Paul answered while we walked back. “We’re about to film the beginning of the battle in the airport.”

“Y/N, you can keep my chair.” Tom announced not much after we get at the place.

“What about me?” Harrison mumbled.

“Let he be a gentleman with his girl.” Said Robert while doing a bad impression of a teenage girl.

“Don’t you see how cute they are together?” Paul provoked when he say my pink cheeks even with me trying to hide them with my hair.

“I don’t deserve it.” Tom grunted softly.

After we watched of first hand to Tom’s big entrance as Spiderman during the battle, the director give the cast a twenty-minute-break to the crew reorganize the set for the next scene. I stayed in Tom’s chair all the time with Harrison beside me. I intended to spend all the twenty minutes right there not bothering anyone even if inside I was dying to meet everyone.

When I saw Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen approaching I was sure I would hyperventilate.

“Hey! Y/N, right?” asked Sacrlett.

“Y-yes.” I almost face palmed my own face for stutter.

“You’re really adorable.” Elizabeth commented, smiling softly to me.

I looked to where Harrison was supposed to be right beside me, but I found him foots away already.


I got up trying not to freak out completely. “It’s a huge pleasure to meet you.”

“Tom said you would like to meet us.” Said Scarlett.

“I absolutely adore Black Widow and Scarlet Witch and I don’t I would be able to choose better actress to the roles.” I ended up talking before even realise the words coming out of my mouth. “Sorry.” I blushed out of embarrassment.

Elizabeth laugh which relaxed my nerves a little bit.

“It’s okay, it’s good to know the sincere opinion of fans.”

I smiled as well, still a little taken aback.

“Come on, we will show you around.”

I walked with them and them treated me like I was already one of them.

“And who is you favourite hero? I mean, a male one.” Scarlett asked.

“Iron Man, without any doubt. He’s sarcastic and a genius, he didn’t need nothing abnormal happening to him to have powers, it was all work of his mind.”

They seemed impressed with my answer.

“And why not Spiderman?” Elizabeth asked genuinely curious.

“I never really liked Spiderman, not with Tommy talking about him all the time in my ear and arguing with Harrison which one was better, Spiderman or Batman.” They laughed about this. “I ended up looking more about Spiderman after Tom was scaled to the role so that way I would accompany him. Now I like the character a little bit, but not as much as I like the others.”

“Tommy, huh?!” Elizabeth joked.

“You looked about a hero you hated just because your friend was scaled?!” Scarlett has a playful voice tone and I became flustered when I saw her looking at me with a mischievous smirk. “Oh My God, you like him!”

“Wh-what?! No! Not really!” I tried to disguise my lie, but I knew they didn’t buy it.

“Don’t worry. Chris, Sebastian, Robert and Paul are talking to him right now.” Said Elizabeth. “And we are women, we recognize this look in love when we see one.”

I blushed even more and felt like suffocating. In the end, I felt as if I could tell them. Harrison already knew and it’s not like I can disguise anything when I am near Tom.

“Alright, I admit.” I grumbled. “I’m in love with Tom.”

You what?!

My eyes widened when I recognized the Britain accent. I almost didn’t took notice in Elizabeth and Scarlett’s expression, I just turned around to see a surprised Tom. I was determined to do anything not to ruin our friendship.

“Tom, look, I didn’t want you to know, I didn’t want to…”

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence. His soft lips collided with my own and I knew my heart made a stop for just one second before beating in an impressive speed. I kissed him back holding the Spiderman’s suit in the waist to pull him closer to me while he had one hand in the back of my neck and the other in my low back. The kiss was incredible, much more than I had ever imagined. It was caring and intense, as if he was trying to enjoy each second. When we finally pulled away, Tom had to hold me by the waist so I would not fall since my knees wouldn’t hold me up.

“What… What was that for?” I asked after stutter a few times.

“Something I wanted to do since we were fourteen.” He muttered against my lips. “I needed the guys opening my eyes about losing my opportunity and came here to tell you that.”

“And you walked into me confessing being in love with you”. I worked the puzzle, now smiling against his swollen lips.

“These words sounds better each time you repeat them.” That was everything he said before kissing me again.

This time I didn’t lose not even one second to return the kiss in the same intensity.

Battle of the Century // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: this might sound silly but can u do a Jungkook x reader where they have their first argument but its about something dumb ((like maybe they were having a movie night so they watched civil war n jungkook is obviously iron man but the reader is team captain america))

words: 428

category: blurb + comedy

author note: i made both jungkook and the reader overdramatic babies so i hope you don’t mind. i also made this rlly short sorry sorry.

- destinee

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the speed of objects in motion
a stony fanfic
chapter eight
status: WIP
word count:  14525
summary:  Sometimes Steve forgets that Tony is human underneath all the metal, under all the red and gold. After Tony dies he spends time in Tony’s workshop, goes through his schematics, his unfinished works. It’s there that he discovers binarily augmented retro framing, and there where he decides he’s going to finish the program so maybe, just maybe, he can see Tony again and tell him all the things he should have. 

“I have every reason to believe that Steve will be fine.”

“Oh and we what? Just keep pushing out the other Avengers without Iron Man and Captain America? Every day I field questions, every day-” Pepper pinches the bridge of her nose, lets out an exhale. “It’s fine. I’ll figure something out. The world needs Steve, Nat.”

“And Steve needs us.”

Pepper nods her head in resignation.

“Just, be careful. I don’t know what we would do if anything happened to Steve too.” There’s the root of it, pulled up from the ground and out in the light of day. She doesn’t say that she’s part of the reason Steve is like this, that she has given him the tools he needs to fall into a hole she fears he can’t crawl out of.

“I won’t let anything happen.” Nat doesn’t let Pepper fully leave the room before she speaks again. “Tony was Tony’s best protection. None of us could have done anything differently. He knew himself, his fighting styles, the rest of the teams, better than anyone. What happened to Tony was because he knew it was the only option.” It’s words for a soldier, something that Tony never thought he was.

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Secrets l Peter Parker One Shot

Type: One-shot

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: swearing

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“Peter be quiet!” You whispered for the hundredth time, but you couldn’t help but giggle.  

“Hey Y/N look!” Peter turns around to show you he had used a sharpie to draw a goatee and a mustache.  “My name is Tony Stark, I have the best technology in the world.  Hell, I invented the best security system ever and yet for the past six months I have yet to figure out my daughter has been secretly dating Spider-man. I don’t even know he is currently in my home!” Though Peter’s impersonation of your father was horrid, you had to shove your face into a pillow to try and muffle your laughter. 

“You’re horrible!” Peter leaped onto the bed and gave you a quick peck on the lips. 

“Horribly obsessed with you!” You giggled as he continued to leave kisses all over your face.  You felt a bit bad about lying to your dad, but he did work with Peter. Plus, he could be extremely over protective.  You just wanted to enjoy a regular relationship without Iron-Man watching your every move. 

“Want to go out tomorrow? We could get lunch at that sandwich place you like!”

“I’d love to, but my dad wants me to help him with some new project he’s been working on” Peter groaned and faceplanted into the bed.

“You’re always busy! When do I get my girlfriend back?” He whined. You run your fingers through his hair. 

“I know, I’m sorry” You leaned down and planted a kiss on his neck. Peter turned onto his back and pulled you close, you both laid there holding each other for a bit. 

“Maybe we should tell him”

“No! That’s a horrible idea!”

“Come on Y/N! He is your Dad, maybe he’ll be fine with us dating” Peter suggested. You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah! Because my father has totally never overacted to me having a boyfriend before. It’s not like him finding out I’m dating his co-worker, who is also Spider-Man! Wouldn’t give the man a heart-attack” You wanted to tell him, you really did! But the thought of your father trying to split you and peter up just because he wanted to protect you or whatever was too horrible to bear.  “I love you too much to loose you” you whispered. 

“I love you too” Peter sighed.  You both hated secrets, but maybe this was one worth keeping.  You were both asleep before you realized it.  

Though waking up to Tony Stark shouting more profanities than you knew existed was not exactly how you thought your day would start. 

Part 2

Box Office: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is Marvel’s Most Risk-Free Movie

We are now one month out from the release of Thor: Ragnarok ― well, the domestic release, anyway. The 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe opens on Nov. 3 in North America, but it’ll start its overseas roll-out (as does every MCU movie) in advance of its domestic debut. In this case, we’re two and a half weeks away.

Obviously, I haven’t seen the film quite yet and have no idea about its quality. It’s no secret that I’ve adored the trailers, both in terms of its 1980s video game/Star Wars rip-off visuals and its quirky humor, although once again I must remind you that both prior Thor films were pretty funny as well. It occurred to me that this 17th movie, eight and a half years into this gonzo MCU enterprise, is arguably the least risky movie ever in the MCU.

By that, I mean essentially nothing is at stake, and there’s nothing to prove with the Taika Waititi-directed fantasy adventure movie. Putting aside the whole “It’s probably going to do just fine!” argument for a moment, this is the first time, at least since The Incredible Hulk, that a new MCU movie hasn’t been, if not “risky,” then at least in the position of proving that X, Y or Z could bring about an MCU hit. From Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there was almost always some burning question to be answered by the film’s financial reception. But this time out? Yeah, Thor: Ragnarok could pull a Good Dinosaur, and it really wouldn’t mean a damn thing. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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anonymous asked:

avengers family prompt? tony being really insecure deep inside. and then getting hit by a spell that makes him loose all his bavardo and sarcasm and defences. And the team seeing how insecure and shy he is and how much he wants their approval. (tony ofc is horrified)

Thank you anon, i think this turned out really cute. hope you enjoy!

To the Avengers, Stark was an enigma. The man opened up his home to them as if it was nothing, provides for them and updates there gear and weapons. When they try to thank him, for any of it, he waves it off and then disappears. During team bonding, such as meals or movie nights, he keeps a distance, usually hidden behind a steaming cup of coffee or a smart remark followed by a reference of some sort.

He was clearly a generous man, his charity work being one glowing example, yet he gave everyone the impression that he was a self-centered asshole. He always seemed to be wearing a mask, physical or not it seemed like he was always pulling off a performance for everyone.

The only reason Natasha took notice of this is because she was given more time to observe the man. Before she was on a mission and apparently Stark wasn’t in his right mind set. But even when he was dying he seemed to be putting on a show at all times, the only time he really seemed to be himself was during that quiet moment between them before his birthday party.

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Jungkook reaction to when you're Team Capitan 😂😂😂💙

I think I might have gone a bit overboard with this, but… xP And this was meant to go up yesterday, since the movie came out yesterday, but………… >.<  Ah, but I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by hugtae

Title: Civil War
Genre: Fluff that pretends to be angst
Members: Jungkook
Words: 1643

You hated having secrets, especially when you were keeping that secret from your boyfriend. You were always afraid that it would slip out, especially since Jungkook brought up the topic so often. He was starting to wonder what was going on with you, since it was getting harder and harder for you to keep that secret. He could tell you were uncomfortable or nervous every time he brought it up, and though he didn’t want to ask directly, he was determined to find out why.

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The Avengers (liveblog) [x]

This moment.  It is the bane of my existence some days.  How might this scene have gone differently if goddamned Iron Man hadn’t interrupted??

It probably actually wouldn’t have gone much differently, because Loki was already forcing that devil grin back on his face, he was already trying to drag himself away from the sentiment that was storming through him, so it may not have made one bit of difference that Tony interrupted this scene, because Loki might have been too determined to go through with this plan anyway.

But I still wonder.  Because there was still time to fix things, even if Loki didn’t know where the Tesseract was right that minute, he would soon enough, and if Thor had had more time with him, to talk to him and remind him that they were brothers, he may well have broken through to the little shit.

And so, yeah, this line is funny, Loki delivers it hilariously well, and I’m all for knocking Thor out of frame because it only emphasizes that, holy shit, he’s going toe to toe with a full Iron Man armor or a punch from the Hulk without anything but himself.  Thor comes up from that fight with Iron Man without a damned scratch on him, he barely even seems winded at times, meanwhile Tony’s got a crushed arm guard at the very least.

So, you know.  I’m okay with knocking Thor out of frame because it only shows, goddamned, that guy is carrying around a lot of firepower just by himself.  That’s Thor every day.  And I am here for that.  :9



• In Age of Ultron, a time- travelling Wolverine killed Hank Pym before he could create the world- conquering Ultron.
• What would the Marvel Universe look like if another founding Avenger had been killed instead?
• A world without the Wasp brings a world where Hank Pym created an Ultron even more heinous than the one we know!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

• In a world without Iron Man, the Armor Wars are fought without a victor, scorching the Earth!
• Years later, one of the last remaining superheroes, an aged Amazing Spider- Man, must form a Fantastic Four the likes of which our world has not seen in years!
• Teaming with Ghost Rider, the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine they are in pursuit of the one weapon that could unite the planet — The Forgotten Iron Man!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

• In a world without Thor, the Norse end times of Ragnarök takes the lives of every super- powered being, leaving only the unpowered heroes of the Marvel Universe behind!
• Assembled under the leadership of Nick Fury, these powerless Defenders are all that remains to defend the planet from the Midgard Serpent!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

• In a world without Captain America, the United States has lost its spirit, its inspiration.
• A secret cabal unites to create a new Captain America in the nation’s most trying time.
• The war veteran Frank Castle is transformed into something far more than he ever imagined — but not everyone is Steve Rogers…
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

• What if Hank Pym never created Ultron at all?
• Could a world without Ultron survive a world without Ultron’s own weapon- turned- Avenger, the Vision?
• Can the very idea of the Avengers survive without each other?
• In the darkest of all realities, can the Avengers ever hope to Assemble?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

I was just thinking about this after watching the trailer again for like the millionth time

But that scene of the prison in the middle of the ocean and Tony looking around in it, as well as the Tony and Natasha scene about watching his back, I think both of those scenes are at the end of the film because Tony has his arm in a sling and the black eye in both scenes, I think this is the end of the fight and maybe they have something like a 50 states initiative in place with Tony in charge of it

And I can’t help but wonder if Natasha’s comments about him needing to watch his back may just be a sign that we could see the assassination thing switched to Tony getting shot instead of Steve

Because there’s already a few moments where roles from comics to the films have switched sides - most notably for me, what happens to Rhodey is a mirror to death of Goliath in comics, and Steve telling Tony how this didn’t have to end in a fight is a mirror to Tony trying to get Steve to compromise so there wouldn’t be a fight, and even Tony using Spiderman to handcuff Cap in the middle of a field where he’s surrounded is a mirror for Cap using a device to disable Tony’s armor in the middle of “peace talks”

If they are mirroring comics events but tweaking them around so that they switch from Cap to Iron Man’s side, then why wouldn’t it be possible that the big moment could be changed as well

We know they said the ending is heart breaking and controversial, we know they said that people will leave the theater still debating who is truly right - so what better way to muddle the waters even more by having Iron Man be the final casualty - I mean, alot of people already side with Cap, and if Cap dies in his own movie, that seems more clear that people would leave the theater thinking Cap is right, but if Cap survives and Iron Man is the one who gets taken out, if the confession scene of the comics switch roles with Iron Man being the one lying down on the table - that would raise alot of controversy and conflicting feelings, especially if Iron Man is shot by someone who believes in Cap’s philosophy or is made possible to take those actions because accountability isn’t there to stop them

I’ve made no attempts to hide that the comics arc I’ve always felt was one sided and chose to paint one side as the villains rather than having a balanced fight between two different ideologies, but the film seems to be carefully taking a balanced view, especially in these big comics moment having now seemingly flipped sides in the film

Having Iron Man taking the assassin’s bullet would actually be an interesting route to take, we’ve seen the world without Cap in the comics, but what would the world change to without Iron Man? That has only been really explored in the What If stories, one of which was of a bloodier and more violent Civil War because Tony wasn’t there to be a buffer between Cap and the government.

And really, they could easily also tie this in with the Stark Disassembled comics plot that happened after Tony erased his brain to protect the superhero secret identity list from falling into the wrong hands - the film could have Tony go into a coma, maybe he gets shot in the head or something, that way he’s out of commission until Infinity War and Thor’s return (after Thor: Ragnarok) to help bring him back, which is what happens in the comics with Tony waking up in time to help the team fight a war.

And Tony being in a coma, maybe brain damaged or in a vegetative state, all of that could certainly change the psychology of the MCU and having the heroes having to face that real consequence to their actions even more personally, especially with Tony being the more polarizing figure in the MCU

Everyone would mourn for Cap, but would they all mourn for Iron Man or Tony Stark?

Iron Man was the first puzzle piece of the MCU

I hate how people are concerned about RDJ taking over! Chris Evans himself said that RDJ is great to work with because he support his fellow actors (on and off camera)–makes sure everyone shines when he is in a scene with them.

This is Captain America’s movie, everyone is well aware of that, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a supporting cast! Let’s take Black Widow’s big part out of Winter soldier, then,because there apparently isn’t room for another big name actor or character.

Everyone played an equal part in Age of Ultron–complimented each other on screen. It’s called The Avengers for a reason. Iron Man did not save the day alone. It was a team effort and none of them could of done it alone. Complain about him carrying the nuke in the first film, but he couldn’t have done that if his teammates weren’t battling the Chitauri. The Avengers movie couldn’t have been done without  RDJ bringing his status and already popular character into it. The Iron Man movie is the precipice to the creation of the MCU. Why do you think his cast mates love him so much? Without Iron Man, they may have never existed, or would have never had a chance to be explored, and reach Iron Man’s popularity.

Read a comic book. Learn why Iron Man has a vital role. They couldn’t have done this story if RDJ hadn’t agreed to be in it.

The Iron Man movie is the very first  step in the creation of the MCU. Why do you think his cast mates love him so much? Without Iron Man, their characters may have never existed, and would have never reached Iron Man’s popularity.

If you don’t like Iron Man, then why are you a Captain America fan? Do you think that little about Chris Evans’ acting skills, as well as the strength of Captain America’s character, that you truly think he could be eclipsed? How can you claim to be a fan of the MCU if you don’t cherish EVERY single piece of the puzzle? Do you think that little about Chris Evans’ acting skills, as well as the strength of Captain America, that you truly think he could be eclipsed?