how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that


Oh my goodness…very interesting sandwich.  I’m not sure it would be a fave for my soccer kids.

Here’s Adam Richman, host of Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America and Man v. Food on the Travel Channel and more importantly, an avid soccer fan. 

Adam describes how FIFA helped him fall in love with the game and quickly become a fan of Tottenham Hotspur and the New York Red Bulls.

I shouldn’t be sat here watching Man v Food instead of doing work. But, turns out I am.

I love this show. And coming from someone who categorically does not eat meat, it really magnifies how fantastic this show is.
And when I say categorically, when I travel America, I might lapse on that…a lot. 

Having said that, I definitely think I could do all of the fish eating challenges. I love fish.

Adam Richman is a 21st Century God.

I think it’s easy to suggest it probably doesn’t help the obesity problem in the US, and  infact the UK, but by showing people the sheer expanse of meals, and making sure people know it as a ‘challenge’ to someone with a “serious appetite”, can surely help people realise that IS NOT a normal portion of food.


Pics Adam has posted on Instagram over the past couple of days. 

pic 1 of his crew upon wrapping on filming for Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich In America. 

pic 2 of Him with the owner of Brooklyn Tattoo on celebrating his 10 years in business.

pic 3 just a non-edited version of the pic before.

pic 4 from today Adam’s comment on this picture was: 

“Nyahhh! I got Moxie, see? Like a real feller does, see? Nyahhh! #oldtimeytoughguy"