Michael Sheen, Gordon Ramsay, Nicky Byrne (fave), Adam Richman, Jeremy Renner, Martin Compston and James McAvoy all in one shot; what more could you ask more? Oh, and Sam Worthington can be seen in two of the pictures too!



Another attempt to visit another of Adam (Man v. Food) adventure.

J: We checked out R U Hungry, its not your typical restaturant or cafe. You order food from a vending truck and they have tables for you to sit and eat at. The area is populated with college students because its centered in the middle of college town in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We ordered the Fat Phillipino, its one of the Fats famous sandwiches and in the sandwich it had, cheese steak, gyro, chicken fingers, mozz, white sauce, and FF (i dont know what FF stand for). The sandwich was pretty big and we both shared because we didn’t know what to expect. We want to stay on the safe side. It was pretty good. It was different, not the “WOW” kind of sandwich but its pretty good. I would try it again and this time it will be something different.