How to spot Swiss tourists

- Hiking/alpine boots or trekking shoes, even when it’s in a city

- Rain jacket in a probably really unfortunate colour, if it’s not raining and warm enough, it’s worn around the hip

- All the clothes are by rather expensive sports wear brands like Mammuth, Zimtstern or Bogner

- Either really fashionable and sporty, or the outfit is absolutely horribly put together (but still sporty)

- A backpack with a lot of straps: The more the better.

- High tech accessories which are definitely NOT needed
Ex: Swiss army knive with like 682937 different features, including a compass, a USB stick and a potato peeler and an antenna to detect aliens

- Tries to look and act like they’re not a tourist, but horribly fails

Sono fermamente convinta che il casino della mia stanza sia direttamente proporzionale alla qualità dei periodi che passo.
Periodo di merda: stanza perfetta, ordine più totale, ossessione compulsiva e tic nervosi per un cassetto dimenticato aperto;
Periodo perfetto: casino che non fa ad entrare, scarpe sulla libreria, letto sul comodino, fossili di mammuth ed escrementi di unicorno sparsi per la stanza.

The Hex Dispensers - Parallel


A Mammuth egy nagyon kellemes film. nem mondanám, hogy túl izgalmas, egyszerűen csak jó. Szépek a képek, Depardieu remekel és a történet kellemesen beteg. Ez inkább egyedül nézős film.