Mamacita Press Con

Mamacita press con | 140828
  • 140828 Leeteuk's answer on whether EXO is a threat: I was the MC for EXO's debut show case. Feel happy to see EXO being successful. I feel that instead of competiting to see who wins or loses, letting the world know about Korea is the most important.
  • Talking about Yesung who is serving the army, members joked "Yesung is probably searching his own name now" "Yesung has a habit of biting his fingers when he is nervous, some time ago we discovered he has almost no nails left"
  • Leeteuk: Have been worried if I can still recover, if I can still do activities with members, but it was the members who helped me recover. 2 years really passed quickly. Because I am 2 years older so time has passed even faster. In future I will cherish everyday. Will start doing activities happily.
  • Shindong: Even if until the last min before enlistment, I want to spend my time on stage
  • Leeteuk also said he has formed a habit of crying, members said it is because he is tired so his eyes are red.
  • News Heading- Super Junior Donghae Eunhyuk 'Smiles that were Consistently Brighr from the Beginning' (cr: 我菜我菜小菜菜)
  • Cr: 曺敏贞_LN
  • Eng trans: elf_ninida