Mama Elsa


#Do you ever cry because emma swan #little lost girl who cried herself to sleep every night #who didn’t think she’d ever matter #now has a huge family that love her so much #a man that has literally gone to different realms for her and is always choosing her above anything else #people who refuse to stop believing in her ##because i do #frequently  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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dude 2 w mama mimi? :eyes: gomen for the double request ♡

“You can dislike me- hell, you can even hate me, but—but how could you cheat on me?” An uncharacteristic sob shook her voice, begging to get free. She was angry as much as she was distraught. Of course, neither Italians had ever seen their girlfriend like this before. Elsa squeezed her hand once again. “on us?”

“No, you’ve got this all wrong.” Paul started, his jaw set as firm as his gaze.

“No, all I got is that you took Mai out.” Elsa stated grimly. “And you didn’t ask Mimi. And you didn’t ask me.”

You’re overreacting- the both of you are!” The dark-haired man put his arms out, looking for sympathy. He could see it reaching Elsa’s eyes, but Mimi’s were set in a lazer, teary-eyed stare, and she was unyielding.

“Don’t you fucking tell me I’m overreacting.” Mimi’s voice curled uncomfortably- almost gurgling with the tears thickening her voice. Obviously, she was trying to keep from crying, and just as obviously, failing and leaving a warpath of tears in her wake. “You did this you brought us together, and after all this time, you don’t give not even a single shit about your actions or your words.”

“Look, I just thought you were both interested in maybe dating Mai too?” Paul’s eyes drifted away, and he stuck his hands in his pants pocket- officially uncomfortable with Mimi’s current state and Elsa’s aura of despair. “And I promised her lunch like, a long time ago. I can do that, can’t I?”

No!” Both Mimi and Elsa shouted at once. An ugly sniffling sound came from Mimi, so this time Elsa spoke up.

“No it doesn’t work like that, we’re in this together. It’s a line, not a fucking triangle, Paul. You don’t get to ‘head honcho’ on dating decisions.  You ask Me. You ask Mimi. We, as a couple, or trio or whatever the fuck, all have equal say on whatever the hell is going to be going on with us, got it?”

There was silence.

“I said do you fucking get it, Paul? Because if you don’t , let us know right now.”

Paul kicked a table leg sharply as he muttered, but nodded. “I forgot, student counsel has a meeting or something… I gotta go.” He got up as fast as ever, and moved into the hallway to be immediately out of sight. He murmured something else that might have been an apology, but it was lost in the shuffles of papers he had knocked over in his wake.

In the ensuing silence, Elsa could feel Mimi tremble with silent rage in her arms. She squeezed tighter, wrapping her arms around Mimi in the process, hoping to still her.

Imagine this is Adgar and Idun’s first encounter….

Elsa: Mama. how did you and Papa met?
Idun: Well, we met at a ball…And your Papa…kinda proposed me on that same night…That sound crazy, huh?
Anna: And you said “YESS”
Elsa: Anna, you can’t marry someone you’ve just met. Right, Mama?
Idun: Uhhh…..Actually……I did say “Yes”
Anna: YESSS!!!
Elsa: But…but…how…..

Little Elsa looking at her mom for reassurance with her tiny hands clasped together in fear of what she’s done breaks my heart.

The Queen didn’t say anything here, but the way she looks at Elsa with that barely-there smile and calmness in her demeanor speaks volumes.

“It’s gonna be okay. You two will be okay. It was an accident. Elsa, I love you no matter what.”

Queen Idun, if you can see them now, they did turn out to be okay. You were right.