Buried anger I've fought

The thing about posting where others see not

They know not things I have thought

Like wounds hidden that I’ve now got

The only thing to do after I cry a lot

Is abstain from all media so I’m not

Wounded from painful sightings seen on the spot


sorry for the change in Boris’s design it was my fist time drawing Boris and I didn’t like what did with the fist design but it took me so long to make this I really didn’t want to redo the picture please forgive me. that and the badly drawn hands

also, this drawing took me more than 5 weeks to make cause everything went bad so any support for this drawing I’m thankful for thank you for liking or any reblogs I get on this  comic and I hope you all have a nice day


🍋 The mighty Reyes’ test to join the Blackwatch:
If you save the fruit you are with Overwatch… but if you slice it you’re badass enough ahahah

Bendy and the Soup Machine
My voice

This is literally my favorite thing I’ve done with these two characters thank you for requesting this.

(Feel free to leave a request if you wanna hear more VA stuff from me!)