Me: I think it’s really great how Disney recognized in Frozen and in Maleficent that true love can be sisterly or maternal, not necessarly romantic.

Also me: Elsa and Anna are dating. So are Maleficent and Aurora.


This was made as kind of as a Part II to this post  ~ {{which, thank you so much for over 450 notes on that?! The support warms my heart♥}} 

This time the focus is on pairings, including Malora and a spot of Treleficent♥♥♥

hilarious comments of the dude sitting behind me in the cinema when we were watching 'Maleficent'

-stefan introduces himself-

“the fuck kinda name is stefan anyways i’ve never met a guy called stefan don’t trust this asshole”

-king henry attacks the moors-

“oh shit’s about to go down”

-stefan drugs maleficent and cuts her wings off-

“see i fuckin told ya not to trust this asshole”

-diaval informs maleficent about aurora’s birth-

“oh hell yeah this is the well, well part everybody shut up”

-maleficent curses aurora-

“you done messed up now”

-stefan removes every spinning wheel in the country-

“bitch you’re dumb as fuck that never fuckin works”

-maleficent meets aurora-

“come out? that sounds gay”

-the whole mud fight thing happens-

“i’m startin’ to think they’re gay”

-aurora says she wants to live with maleficent-

“yep definitely gay”

-aurora meets phillip-

“this dude looks too gay to function. i’m calling it now, he’s not gonna be the one to wake her up”

-aurora discovers the truth-

“fuck those old-ass bitches why you had to ruin their happy ending they were gonna live together”

-phillip’s kiss doesn’t work but maleficent kisses aurora and she wakes up-

“i fuckin called it bitches”

-aurora asks if they’ll live in the moors together and maleficent goes ‘if that is what you wish, beastie’-

*cough* whipped *cough*

-aurora gives maleficent her wings back and they share that look (you know what look i’m talking about)-

is it wrong that i think they’re fuckin?”

-maleficent gives aurora the crown-

“if that doesn’t look like a wedding i don’t know what does, man”

-maleficent goes “our kingdoms have been unified”-

“oh i bet something was unified alright”

(i have no idea how he wasn’t thrown out of the cinema, but i’m glad he wasn’t because it made the film a thousand times better)

Au where your entire life you only dream about one thing: your soulmate(s)
And at first it’s just the little things
Their hands
The color and gleam of their hair on a summer morning
The sound of their laugh
And then it’s their fears
Their favorite foods
The books they read, if they read at all
The language(s) they speak
And by the time you meet them, you know them well and love them wholeheartedly


Disney Femslash Week: Villainess

“You have your queen.”

“In the end, my kingdom was united not by a hero or a villain, as legend had predicted, but by one who was both hero and villain. And her name was Maleficent.”

Where this was their wedding (and I can already hear certain Malora shippers smiling bemusedly and saying, “You mean it wasn’t?”)