Philippine Fashion Week

So I got the invites for the Philippine Fashion Week(PFW) last Friday, thanks to DJ. I am very excited with this one because it would be my first PFW visit. I need to dress properly for this event because everyone is Pasyown, Pasyown. ~_____~

Yesterday morning, I bought some clothes and accessories for PFW. I actually bought my long sleeves and the rest in Tutuban and 168 Mall (Wais dapat sa pera ~__~). I’m glad with everything that I bought.

My photos above were taken by Ry.

I went to MOA by 1pm to meet Ryan, DJ and his friends, and Kaloy who would join us by 5pm because he still have classes to attend to. The show that we’ll attend later that afternoon is the Ipanema Show that features 5 designers, Anthony Nocom, Catherine Cavilte, Dave Ocampo, Lyle Ibanez and Raoul Ramirez.

So here are the photos that I took yesterday.

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JGH from MOA. Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 7.

I only got to see nine (9) performers. It was fun, even though I didn’t finish the whole show.

I’ll try to finish the whole show next year. I got tired standing like 7 or 8 hours.

I don’t know if I saw jimmydasouped. I think it was him, or maybe it wasn’t him. I don’t know. I’ll ask him later. XD

I’ll try to upload videos from my phone. The quality is very bad. I used my phone because I left the battery of my mom’s camera. STUPID ME!