So…this happened just yesterday night while i was walking alone on a sidewalk from a mall to a bus station, home. At a distance, i thought some leaves were burning but, the fire was too big for that so i took a closer look…. I was shocked it was a car that’s on fire on the side of the road. I asked a traffic enforcer if anyone got hurt. To my relief, there was none. I guess they escaped on time before the fire completely engulfed the whole car. I was a bit in a situation ‘cause I can’t pass thru because of the fire. The traffic enforcer then told me i could pass to the other side of the road. I gave my thanks and went across the traffic jam then started walking. I pulled out my phone and started recording the fire…. I was almost at the close proximity from the car when… BOOM! … exploded and some of its pieces went flying. I almost got caught in it…I screamed and hidden behind a car…. There was adrenaline rush and my legs started to shake. Before it explode again, i ran as fast as i could. I forgot to stop the recording but i was too careless to do it ‘cause…i got scared…. When i was at a safe distance, i walked away quietly…… Legs still shaking when i got home….

White Christmas at the Mall of Asia

This would be my 2nd white-related post for this day. haha We went to MOA a while ago (actually we visit MOA every week ~___~) and I took photos of their Christmas decorations which vary every year. This year, their decorations are in white except for their very tall Christmas tree. So here are the photos that I took a while ago.

So that’s about it. Visit the Mall of Asia to see more of their decorations. I still want to see the Parade of Lanterns!