To the Black Male Children
  • To the Black Male Children
  • Bill Gunn
  • Beautiful Voices Project

To the black male children. Philosophy is a prison. It disregards the uncustomary things about you. The result of individual is applicable only to itself. There is a dreadful need in man to teach. It destroys the pure instinct to learn. The navigator leans from the stars. The stars teach nothing. The sun opens the mind and sheds light on the flowers. The eyes shame the pages of any book. Gesture destroys concept. Involvement mortifies vanity. You, are the despised of the earth. That is as if you are water in the desert. To be adored on this planet is to be a symbol of success. And you must not succeed on any terms. Because life is endless. You are as nameless as a flower. You are the child of Venus. And her natural affection is lust. She will touch your belly with her tongue, but you must not suffer in it, because love is all there is. And you are cannon fodder in its defense.

Photographie en Afrique : un monde en évolution

Photographie en Afrique : un monde en évolution

Je les ai découvertes sur Internet cette année. Des photos simples, puissantes et pleines d’émotions. Elles reflétaient la beauté, mais aussi un quelque chose de confiant, une pincée de présent et d’avenir. Le concept est simple. Sublimer l’Afrique au travers de l’image. Une démarche qui puise dans l’idéologique, l’artistique et la technique. Une démarche qui mérite d’être partagée. (more…)

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