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Iiii would like to request Day 6- Draw your OTP with one wearing a shirt that says: “If found return to ______.” and the other wearing a shirt that says: “I’m ______.” For any pairing that sings to you hahaha

“Won’t you take that headdress off?”

“I have to maintain those last bits of dignity.”

Send me OTP drawing prompts from this list!

Begin to Hope (3/4)

Fandom: Sleeping Beauty
Pairing: Maleficent/Aurora
Rating: T for now, though the next chapter might bring that up whoops
Summary:  Aurora’s most enigmatic (and to be frank, most frightening) customer invites her to share a cup of coffee.
Notes: Thank you for bearing with me–didn’t realize it had been so long since I updated this!  I knew what I wanted to do with this chapter but for some reason it just wouldn’t work with me until recently.  Only one more planned but since it’s basically just one-shots I could see continuing it eventually.

Usually the long hours at work don’t bother Aurora much—she knows what she has to do and she knows why—but this particular day is beginning to weigh on her spirits.  She left her phone at home, she spilled hot coffee on her wrist first thing in the morning and the burn is still smarting, and she can feel the sheer length of the work day in the nerves of her heels as she trudges home.

The door of Aurora’s apartment has three locks: the normal one that always locks when the front door is closed, a second lock on the same knob, and a deadbolt.  Only the first is locked.  Aurora feels her stomach drop as she enters her apartment.

“Aurora.” Aunt Flora’s voice is not particularly wide-ranging in terms of tonal quality.  It can be overbearing, it can be jovial, or it can be severe.  "I hope you have a very good explanation for your behaviour.“  Strike that—it can be jovial or sincere.  It’s always overbearing.

"Aunt Flora?” Aurora says simply as she lets the door fall closed behind her.  Anything she could ask would be a mistake.  She doesn’t know how to proceed until she knows why her aunt is upset.

Aunt Flora produces Aurora’s phone, left unlocked, of all things, and with a text message window open. She can’t quite make out the text from across the room, yet somehow she knows instantly what Aunt Flora has found. She can’t quite remember exactly what she wrote to Maleficent over the last day or two, only that it was more than enough to lead a casual observer to disastrous conclusions.

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List of Malora Fanfics

Okaaaay. As promised, here’s the list of Malora fanfics for my lazy little beasties. I wish we had more stories though. I think they’re quite very few >_<


  • Beloved by All
    Rating: K+, Angst/tragedy
    Summary: In those rare moments of lucidity when the lull of her intoxication wanes, Maleficent remembers that she despises Aurora.
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Rating: T, Romance, fluff
    Summary: A quiet moment discussing nicknames and the reasoning behind them.
  • Caught in the Eyes
    Rating: T, Romance, angst
    Summary: What had been years to Aurora, to even the bumbling fairies who hardly knew how to raise a child, was only a blink of an eye to Maleficent.
  • Determination of Man
    Rating: K+, Romance
    Summary: Aurora is restless thinking about the men who continue to fight for her as heir to the throne.
  • Forever, I Promise You
    Rating:K, Romance
    Summary: The nobles want Aurora to marry, but her heart is already taken by a certain fairy.
  • From the Shadows
    Rating: T, Romance
    Summary: They were worlds apart and it was likely best that Maleficent watch from the shadows rather than get involved with the blossoming princess. It was a shame that Aurora was already under her skin.
  • Her Truest Desire
    Rating: M, Romance, sexual content
    Summary: “But why should I be made to settle, when I know that we are not meant to be?” Aurora questioned, looking up at the woman and begging for her to understand without being forced to say the words. “Why should I marry him, when it is not my heart’s desire?”
  • If You Were Flying
    Rating: T, Romance/friendship
    Summary: Aurora gave Maleficent back her wings. But she also makes the fairy’s heart soar in ways she never expected. And now, at long last, they have the chance to go flying together.
  • Lost and Found
    Rating: K+, Hurt/comfort
    Summary: When someone steals a kiss from Aurora, it is only right that Maleficent give her a better one in return.
  • Maleficent Reimagined
    Rating: K+, Romance, suspense
    Summary: What if there was more between Aurora and Maleficent?
  • Secrets Revealed
    Rating: K+, Romance, humor
    Summary: Post movie: At the age of twenty Queen Aurora has never known exactly how Maleficent woke her from the curse and when pressured to chose a suitor by her advisors her dear friend Philip sheds a bit of light on the situation, leaving the Queen with more questions than answers. Prompting Aurora seek out the truth about that fateful night.
  • So Put the Dime in the Jukebox, Baby
    Rating: T
    Summary: He chuckles and runs two fingers across his face, along the raven’s feathers. “What can I say, I’m a free bird, and I thought I’d broadcast the overdone metaphor to the entire world. Speaking of, do you know Freebird? Lynyrd Skynyrd?”
  • The Birds and the Bees and the Fairies
    Rating: T+, Humor, fluff
    Summary: Aurora has an important question that no one seems willing to answer.
  • The Second Curse
    Rating: K, Romance
    Summary: ‘Both times she had touched her, she had cursed her. The first time was as a mere baby, blinded by revenge and self-gain. The second was on her sixteenth birthday, when the fairy had placed her lips against the Princess’ forehead.’ In the year or so following Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, Maleficent is forced to re-evaluate her feelings for the Princess.
  • Wings for Warmth
    Rating: T
    Summary: (prompt) Aurora gets sick. Maleficent must play nursemaid. ‘This was so much easier when I just had to kiss you awake.


  • Reflections
    Rating: T, Romance/fantasy
    Summary: “The moonlight glitterings on the water’s surface and the twinkling of the light bugs and the sweet, sweet air are the closest ties she has to the Moors. The tensions uncoil from her stomach as she sits sideways on the grass, feels the blades tickle her ankles and bare feet. She misses her.”
  • The Wind Beneath my Wings
    Rating: M, Romance, hurt/comfort
    Summary: Queen Aurora has come of age, and sure is incredibly curious of these growing changes she’s had since she was a younger teen. But her curiosity burns even hotter for the being who saved her life.
  • The Sun
    Rating: K, Romance, hurt/comfort
    Summary: And she was. She was named after dawn itself. And you’re not quite sure why it took you so long to figure it out.
  • To Steal the Dawn
    Rating: T, Romance, hurt/comfort
    Summary: Stefan is dead and Maleficent has been reunited with her wings, but all is not well. In order to put right the many wrongs she has caused Maleficent is forced to let go of the one she loves, and place all of her trust on the shoulders of a young girl.
  • Whispers and Wishes
    Rating: T, Romance, fantasy
    Summary: The Moorlands had not been the only faery realm the Kingdom had hungered for; but they had dug too deep and wanted too much and all of it was now Aurora’s burden to bear. [Eventual Malora]

Hah! Done! The italicized titles are ones that aren’t specifically romantic!Malora. I had to include it for the people who ship the pairing either romantically or just as mother/daughter alone ^^ (btw you can ask me questions regarding this post!)

Note: Sorry if I’ve only included ones from I’m just really not used to reading lengthy stuff here on tumblr. Neither do I have an AO3 account to dig up Malora fics from there (idk how it works either). Also, gonna edit this in case I overlooked a story or two .-.
hilarious comments of the dude sitting behind me in the cinema when we were watching 'Maleficent'

-stefan introduces himself-

“the fuck kinda name is stefan anyways i’ve never met a guy called stefan don’t trust this asshole”

-king henry attacks the moors-

“oh shit’s about to go down”

-stefan drugs maleficent and cuts her wings off-

“see i fuckin told ya not to trust this asshole”

-diaval informs maleficent about aurora’s birth-

“oh hell yeah this is the well, well part everybody shut up”

-maleficent curses aurora-

“you done messed up now”

-stefan removes every spinning wheel in the country-

“bitch you’re dumb as fuck that never fuckin works”

-maleficent meets aurora-

“come out? that sounds gay”

-the whole mud fight thing happens-

“i’m startin’ to think they’re gay”

-aurora says she wants to live with maleficent-

“yep definitely gay”

-aurora meets phillip-

“this dude looks too gay to function. i’m calling it now, he’s not gonna be the one to wake her up”

-aurora discovers the truth-

“fuck those old-ass bitches why you had to ruin their happy ending they were gonna live together”

-phillip’s kiss doesn’t work but maleficent kisses aurora and she wakes up-

“i fuckin called it bitches”

-aurora asks if they’ll live in the moors together and maleficent goes ‘if that is what you wish, beastie’-

*cough* whipped *cough*

-aurora gives maleficent her wings back and they share that look (you know what look i’m talking about)-

is it wrong that i think they’re fuckin?”

-maleficent gives aurora the crown-

“if that doesn’t look like a wedding i don’t know what does, man”

-maleficent goes “our kingdoms have been unified”-

“oh i bet something was unified alright”

(i have no idea how he wasn’t thrown out of the cinema, but i’m glad he wasn’t because it made the film a thousand times better)


Emcee lady: From what we saw this morning there is also some very intriguing relationship, a new one and there also great chemistry between the two of you: the light and the darkness. Could you tell us a bit about your relationship and how slowly but surely you’ve build this on screen chemistry? [x]


P.S. And the bonus gif where Angelina pointing to Elle to be silent after that question.