how i wanted aurora wakes up

lol guys its just a joke, i’ve cried when maleficent cried when she saw aurora sleeping and understoond what she had done, so don’t worries, i’ve got the meaning of the movie, i just wanted try make something funny about a dramatic scene pfff ok its 3am here, im tired, and all of you guys are tired of my bullshits i know hahaha  

also i ever saw davial as a shipper of malora like me((mabay im more creeper than him lolol))


Emcee lady: From what we saw this morning there is also some very intriguing relationship, a new one and there also great chemistry between the two of you: the light and the darkness. Could you tell us a bit about your relationship and how slowly but surely you’ve build this on screen chemistry? [x]


P.S. And the bonus gif where Angelina pointing to Elle to be silent after that question.