Maleficent spoilers


It’s necessary to mention that we also love how Snow ran after Maleficent without hesitation. When she said she’d make matters right, she meant it with every part of her being. And that’s who the Charmings are – no matter how much a person’s wronged them, their intentions are always to protect. It’s clear that she’s felt horrifying remorse for what they’ve done and because of it, she’ll fight twice as hard to ensure Maleficent’s happy ending. Maleficent ran towards Dragon Lily because she’s her daughter, but Snow ran towards her because she didn’t want Maleficent to be alone just in case something happened. And if that doesn’t solidify her heroism nothing else will. (x)

So in chronological order, we have...
  • Maleficent:*curses Briar Rose* *falls into drugged up depression when spell is undone*
  • Maleficent:*doesn't actually kill except when dragon*
  • Maleficent:*revenge by proxy is her MO*
  • Maleficent:*refuses to go after Briar Rose's family anymore because ugh it's futile* Shut up Regina, find another hobby. Get out of my castle.
  • Regina:No. Get dressed, senpai, we're going shopping.
  • Maleficent:*curses Aurora to get back at her parents* *by extension curses Phillip to keep him from Aurora, ensuring Rose and Stefan will never awaken their daughter*
  • Maleficent:*unintentionally saves Aurora and Phillip from Dark Curse*
  • Maleficent:*gives number 1 fangirl bby!Regina sleeping curse not to get high on as a reward for pushing her buttons and snapping her out of her funk*
  • Maleficent:*is pregnant*
  • Maleficent:*meets girlfriends Cruella and Ursula* Get out of my castle wtf?
  • Maleficent:*gets fucked over by Rumple*
  • Maleficent:*meets Charming* omigod GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CASTLE.
  • Charming:*shoves magic love egg down her dragon throat*
  • Maleficent:I've soldiered on from being evil, Regina. Have you considered a pet? If you're going to kill me, do it.
  • Regina:No. You're my only friend.
  • Maleficent:*teams up with Cruella and Ursula and Snow and Charming all to stop Regina*
  • Maleficent:*shows up at Snow's in the middle of the night* Snow, let's work together to save our babies.
  • Snow:No. You're evil af. I won't be like you.
  • Maleficent:*lays egg*
  • Snow:*steals egg*
  • Maleficent:What kind of people are you? Threatening a child...
  • Snow:Child?! Wtf this is a monster!
  • Maleficent:Please... mother to mother... have mercy!
  • Snow:... fine, we'll bring it back when we're done using it okay? Kthxbai
  • Snow:*loses baby* ... SHIT! IT WAS A HUMAN BABY OMIGOD.
  • Maleficent:*trapped underground as dragon for 30 years, can't die* *gets slayed by Emma, can't die* *becomes shade-banshee thing, can't fucking die* *ashes, ashes*
  • Maleficent:*gets revived* I'm your new Evil Queen, Snow White. I don't care about your secret. I just want you to suffer for what you did to me.
  • Maleficent:*burns cars with fire* *loses bet to Cruella* *constantly offers drugs*
  • Maleficent:*puts town to sleep* Rumple, I'm useful, now show me my baby. *sees baby* I had a girl. Her name is Lily... she's alive!!
  • Maleficent:Cruella, dear... what the fuck. How dare you lie!
  • Cruella:I'm a terrible person tho, darling, a devil in plain sight, you could say.
  • Maleficent:*is angry, which makes her stupid* *transforms into dragon* YOU SHALL DIE FOR DAYS.
  • Cruella:*blows magical animal pot in her face* Be a good girl -- go to sleep in the middle of the road.
  • Maleficent:*goes to sleep in the middle of the road*
  • Maleficent:*turns on Rumple before he can turn on her*
  • Maleficent:*shows up at Granny's*
  • Snow:What do you want here?
  • Maleficent:Emma, will you please help me find my daughter?
  • Emma:Yeah, okay, sure.
  • Snow:...
  • Snow and Charming:*shows up at mayoral office*
  • Maleficent:Get out. And this isn't even my house.
  • Snow:We're sorry!
  • Maleficent:I'm not the one you should apologize to.
  • --Later
  • Maleficent:...? *sees adult daughter* !!! =D *is super happy and cute* <333
  • Maleficent:*takes Lily out to lunch at Granny's first thing* <3 You're so beautiful...
  • Lily:...?
  • Maleficent:Fuck, I'm sorry, I just... I'm just so happy...
  • Lily:O-kay... how are we going to fuck over Snow White and Charming?
  • Maleficent:*forgot about revenge* Uh... well... I was thinking...
  • Lily:Yeah?!
  • Maleficent:We can be happy in the future or angry about the past.
  • Lily:... the fuck?! Why can't we do both?! I've spent most of my life wondering how two humans could steal from a fucking dragon, and now I understand! You're a fucking pushover! Did they give you bellyrubs and dragon treats? Are you a fucking lapdragon?! *storms off*
  • Maleficent:...
  • Maleficent:</3
  • Maleficent:*shows up at Snow's in the middle of the day* I'm not here to kill you. Please bring me my daughter back. She wants to leave and I can't or I'll crumble into ashes.
  • Snow:Okay, yes!! We will! It's been thirty years but we'll right our wrong.
  • Lily:*dragons up*
  • Charming:It came through here.
  • Snow:She! IT is dehumanizing, David, GOD.
  • Maleficent:SHE HAS TO BE TAUGHT HOW TO FLY MY BABY COULD BE HURT! *sees dragon!Lily* !!! She looks just like me!! <3 *runs to help her baby*
  • Snow:*runs after Maleficent... for some reason*
  • Lily:*whacks Snow with tail* *flies off*
  • Maleficent:*goes after her*
  • Lily:*powers down*
  • Maleficent:...<3? *gives baby rattle* You're too old for these things, and you don't need me, but just stay for a bit, okay?
  • Lily:I thought you'd be some scary dragon bitch but you're so open.
  • Maleficent:What's wrong with being open? Please, tell me!
  • Lily:I fuck everything up. You want a relationship and a future with me, and everyone who ever did I've never failed to let them down. The darkness put into me... it's serious shit.
  • Maleficent:I don't mind a little darkness. Stay for a week, okay? Just one. I'll teach you how to be a scary dragon bitch.
  • Lily:Okay... one week.
  • Maleficent:*hugs her baby for the first time* <3333333
  • TL;DR:
  • Maleficent:Hi I'm part-dragon and I'm here to fuck shit up.
  • Maleficent:*proceeds to be the most moral "villain" on the show and gets her happy ending right before the finale*

Lols, #ScaryDragonBitch


Since we are just one episode away from the Once Upon A Time Two-hour season final….Mother had to pick up the pace a bit in the action department.

The episode starts with a flashback to Daniel’s death day and an Evil queen who is on a mission to torture and kill everyone who calls her weak. Of course this time her behaviour is linked to this painful death and things aren’t getting better when Cora suddenly appears at Daniel’s grave claiming that she wants to help Regina find love (Did Wonderland really change this woman? If so I know a few more characters to send)

But first things first how is Cora going to find the soul mate? Well easy peasy (yes I wrote that). Our good friend Tinker bell told Cora all about Regina’s almost meeting with a man with a lion tattoo.

In her search for Robin Cora encounters the Sheriff of Nottingham who is trying to work his way into Cora’s pants (or dress whatever pleases you).

Cue next scene where we see an exciting Cora rushing over to Regina to tell her some good news ….she found Robin.…so no time to waste …time to make babies…I mean time to fall in love

And just when I think Cora really did change Sheriff Nottingham appears, pretending to be the man with the lion tattoo but unfortunately for him he uses the weak word causing Regina to throw him in the dungeon and plotting revenge against her mother.

Regina decides that the best way to hurt her mother is to take away everything that can give her power including taking away her own ability to have children (I certainly wasn’t the only one screaming NO! at my screen when Regina took the potion)

This most have been the most painful flashback I have ever watched! I finally understand that not only the sight of Zelena and Robin together must have nearly killed Regina but also the fact that Zelena could give Robin the child she could never give him…ugh this is breaking my heart into a million pieces.

Storybrooke present day

Before they return back to Storybrooke Robin and Regina have a little heart to heart.

which makes it very clear that Regina is having a difficult time to process the news of Zelena’s pregnancy .And who can blame her? She let go of her happy ending with Robin so he could honor is code and protect his family and now it turns out he is starting a family with the one person who despises her the most. Okay Robin didn’t know but still this leaves scars.  No matter where they go from there on there will always be something huge (literally) between them.
Though this scene was actually kind of sad, Robin still managed to ask an important question ‘What about Roland?’

I am so happy the writers handled this situation and not just brushed it off…the boy will lose his mother again (even though it isn’t really his mother but still) , he will be traumatized and that’s why Regina will give him a memory potion so that he will only remember everything that happened before Marian (Can we assume that Roland will think Robin and Regina are still together?)

Back in Storybrooke a  reunion is in order when the trio returns. Can we please stop and discuss the hug Emma and Hook shared?

Even though they were apart for just a couple of days …they hugged liked they didn’t see each other in months….as if once they had each other in their arms they never wanted to let go again *aah that’s what I call amore*

Meanwhile we see Rumple and the author trying to find a way to make the ink work since there isn’t much time left.

 Rumple’s heart is almost entirely darkened so he needs his happy ending and fast but since this is OUAT  there must be an obstacle and in comes Regina…..taking the quill and the author away from him *give this man a blanket and some hot cocoa he needs it*

Maleficent and Lily have a hard time to connect as Maleficent refuses to take revenge on Snowing. And I support her in that like she said she wants to be happy in the future and not angry in the past. Lily not taking this news very well runs off only to be further angered by Regina.

Why is Regina trying to make Lily mad? Well Regina needs the blood of the riled up saviour to get the ink working  and since Emma’s darkness is transported into Lily, Lily’s blood will work perfectly .
One problem this little action makes Lily turn into a dragon, knocking Snow against a couple of rocks.

Two beautiful scenes happen after this moment (The second I will discuss later on) We see Maleficent searching and Finding Lily who is clearly scared and upset about everything that just happened to her. She admits that she pictured her mother as a dragon bitch who would have no problem to take revenge and that she is scared to let Maleficent in because she always let down the people she loves. (sounds familiar?) It is so beautiful to see how a mother can embrace and love her child after all those years. I had so much love for Mal when she was waiting for her daughter and I had so much pain when her daughter rejected her but seeing the two of them sitting there accepting each other’s flaws is so beautiful and real that I can only applaud the two actors for their work.

Now let us go back to Regina…with the author by her side she is ready to write Zelena out of the story making sure that no one would remember her. And even though I loved Zelena’s sass during the entire episode I felt her pain when Regina’s word sank in. Beneath her tough attitude she is still a person who is searching for the love her mother never gave to her…she wants to be remembered and not tossed aside like her mother did to her. And she is using this to call out Regina…accusing her that she is just as cruel as her mother.

Those words clearly have impact on Regina. She has been working so hard to throw away her evil queen image and stepping away from the legacy her mother has left behind that she knew that Zelena was right. She finally realizes that the only thing she wanted was a world that felt like home and she found it …and let me just say thank god that her happy ending isn’t about a man but about her own happiness Robin i is just a part of it…

the only thing she wanted was a place where she belonged and she found it with Henry, her friends and in Storybrooke a place she could finally be who she really is …. a hero with a few flaws (hey nobody can be perfect)

So the author is a bit pissed that Regina took him away from Rumple for no reason and he poofs himself away…to where you ask? Well scroll down to the end of the recap and you will now but first the second beautiful scene of the evening.

The talk between Emma and Hook at the docks with a bottle of rum.

It was so beautiful and perfect in every way. Hook knows that Emma needs her parents by her side, that she will regret it if she keeps pushing them away. He wasn’t pushing her in any way to make amends with them but he was pointing out that he knows that her parents lied because they were ashamed…the only thing they wanted to do was protect Emma….

yes they did it in a crappy way but if you were in their place and you had to safe your child you would do the same don’t deny it!

Hook knows Emma, he knows what she really needs and he knows that he can get through to her because they share the same fears, they have scars and that’s why they rely so much on each other they are alike. Besides he knows what Snowing has been going through he did the almost the same thing to protect Emma ( Remember the whole heart thing) Hook understand how heart it is to admit something you are ashamed because you are afraid what the people you love will think of you.

Emma’s response about the fact she liked it when people find their good heart was also a little nod to how much she admires Hook for finding the goodness in him and stepping away from the darkness because he wanted to be a good man on his own accord.

By the end of the episode Emma makes amends with her parents ,forgiving them. She finally realize that after what they did to Lily they also tried their best to be a good person, to be heroes just like what Hook did.

 (did you see the look Emma gave Hook, and the approving nod he gave her? She needed him to know that she understood what he was trying to say to her, that she was listening to him , that she values his opinion and Hook is showing her that he supports her no matter what)

With everyone getting  a happy ending (besides Zelena who is still locked in her cell)…let us see where the author poofed to….

*drum roll please*

He has joined Rumple once again and is determined to write him a happy ending. (I always knew that the author was a shady person) Rumple conjured a book for the author to write in and by that he makes sure that everything is about the change as we see the title of the new book.

Heroes and Villains.

It is time for the villains to get their happy ending and it all start with a once upon a time.

Now we wait until the final airs which promises us intense moments and many many many heartattacks.

But in the meantime, let us enjoy the sight of Hook and his sexy hair….

Until next time Dearies.


Oh look, Zelena didn’t freeze the second she entered Storybrooke. I am so surprised.

Maleficent and Lily just met for the first time; already they have the healthiest mother/child relationship in the show.

For all the truth bombs Zelena dropped in this episode, there’s a danger she could replace Regina in my affections.

Regina’s threat to take Zelena’s child from her is beneath her.

Cora would have made a badass queen. She knew which way was up after all.

Go Author. Fuck shit up. That’s what the tossers deserve.


Snow essentially was like, “Here are my problems with Emma” and Maleficent was like, “FOCUS!!! How can you actually help me?! Please stop talking about yourself and help me.” The Charmings’ answer was to drive around town in their truck. Okay? Until a dragon stopped them. Lily had turned into a dragon because Regina cut her with a pen knife. Maleficent was like, “So proud of my BB!” This was my favorite scene in the whole episode. NOT because Snow got thrown skull-first into a boulder… which, like, how she survived that who knows. But because Maleficent was so excited to see her daughter as a dragon. Your dragon self is your best self. I also loved how concerned she was about Lily’s first flight. The best! ~ Lily Sparks[x]

I about died laughing when Zelena said something like “Robin wouldn’t like it if you killed the mother of his child,” to Regina.

Like HAhahahahaha! He didn’t even care the first time! Hell, he didn’t care the second time, when he was told Zelena killed “rescued” Marian. Someone please save all the children around these three horrible people.