Part 1 of The Game of Thrones Meets Fairytales Series.

Little Red Riding Hood inspired by Arya Stark
Maleficent is written for Cersai Lannister
Cinderella is rewritten with Khaleesi vibes
Merida is inspired by Brienne of Tarth
Ariel is inspired by Sansa Stark

Mal - Headcanons

- Has a tattoo of a dragon on her back. She was never afraid to show it on the Isle, but was nervous to let others see in Auradon in case they think that it represents her being evil. (Which, it doesn’t.)

- Although it may seem hard to believe, her mother does care about her, but Maleficent genuinely doesn’t understand what right to do since she’s never really cared about something, or someone, as much as she does with Mal. She’s always been told that growing attached to anything could become a weakness, so she always tried to not get too attached to Mal.

- She has a habit of living to please others, like her mother or the citizens of Auradon.

- Mal always has had a soft spot for everything cute and sweet, which is why she decided to befriend Carlos and Evie, as well as her love for chocolate coated strawberries.

- Thoroughly believes that purple is the toughest color to exist. (She has since she was a toddler.)

- Has always disliked Harry, even when they were kids. She thought he was awkward and strange as a child, and then annoying and ridiculous as a teen. (Therefore, she is one of the very few people on the Isle to be completely immune to his charm.)

- Dislikes parties or gatherings that include large crowds of people who she doesn’t know. It makes her feel uncomfortable and out of place.