“I want more useless male eye candy!”

No, shut the fuck up. You’re not combating gender roles or being subversive or clever, you’re being a misandrist dolt and indirectly implying supporting female characters are useless eye candy too.

Notice how they never want gender non-conforming male eye candy. They want rippling muscles and rugged good looks, but with the added bonus that he’s incompetent (which, if you’re going to claim being incompetent is somehow gender-subversive, you’re kind of saying incompetence is a feminine thing, which is pretty sexist if you ask me).

Why not a male character as the Team Mom? Why not a male character as mission control? Why not a male character who’s more ranged fighting along side a mostly female cast who are close-range melee combatants? How about a male character who provides emotional support to his female compatriots? How about a male healer?

Noticing a pattern? These are all really clever, inventive ways to be subversive by putting a male character in a role traditionally associated with female characters. And hey, guess what…they’re all still useful, even if they’re not as focused on as the main characters! Imagine that!

So yeah, I don’t want “useless eye candy” men because they insult me as a viewer and tell me you lack imagination as a writer. I want well-written supporting male characters who are there for awesome main female characters.

Our subservience is reinforced by our ignorance, and our ignorance is enforced. Nurses are taught not to question, not to challenge. ‘The doctor knows best.’ He is the shaman, in touch with the forbidden, mystically complex world of Science which we have been taught is beyond our grasp. Women health workers are alienated from the scientific substance of their work, restricted to the 'womanly’ business of nurturing and housekeeping—a passive, silent majority.

We are told that our subservience is biologically ordained: women are inherently nurse-like and not doctor-like. Sometimes we even try to console ourselves with the theory that we were defeated by anatomy before we were defeated by men, that women have been so trapped by the cycles of menstruation and reproduction that they have never been free and creative agents outside their homes. Another myth, fostered by conventional medical histories, is that male professionals won out on the strength of their superior technology. According to these accounts, (male) science more or less automatically replaced (female) superstition—which from then on was called 'old wives’ tales.’

But history belies these theories. Women have been autonomous healers, often the only healers for women and the poor. And we found, in the periods we have studied, that, if anything, it was the male professionals who clung to untested doctrines and ritualistic practices—and it was the women healers who represented a more human, empirical approach to healing.

Our position in the health system today is not 'natural.’ It is a condition which has to be explained. In this pamphlet we have asked: How did we arrive at our present position of subservience from our former position of leadership?

We learned this much: the suppression of women health workers and the rise to dominance of male professionals was not a 'natural’ process, resulting automatically from changes in medical science, nor was it the result of women’s failure to take on healing work. It was an active takeover by male professionals. And it was not science that enabled men to win out: the critical battles took place long before the development of modern scientific technology.

—  Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, Witches, Midwives & Nurses: A History of Women Healers


Your angel is: Azrael

Azrael is an angel who helps people cross over from life to death. He’s a great angel for helping people come to terms with fear or for those who need to let go of grief.

Capricorns are ambitious, hardworking and practical, often to such an extent that they forget about their emotions. If this is the case and you know you’re being too intellectual then ask Azrael for some grounding energy.


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Meowstic is a pokemon that really excited me about gen 6. When i say I like meowstic i mean i like both of its forms and how they contrast. The gender split for them is really amusing to me with the wide eyed male healer form and the I am not dealing with your crap today beatdown female form. I have unfortunately only used the female one named Erin when i did my initial run of X. I remember i started writing up the story i had in head with this game for a challenge everyone was doing. I unfortunatly did not keep up and lost motivation to continue the project further. Back to meowstic, I really like this species when they are paired though they are usuable to some degree alone they function better as a pair in double battles. Maybe at some point I will train a pair up and try battling with them. If i do i have to think of a good pair of names for them. The characteristic i like about meowstic is the eyes hidden in the ears. It gives a new meaning to hidden powers. It also raises gives them a bit of a spooky quality. Meowstics are cool psychic cats.