Okay this picture is funny and all but…

There’s something really important.

The male healer is wearing a one-piece swimsuit!

Wearing any other swimsuit would be a lot more comfy but no, it HAD to be a one-piece.

You know what this mean?

Canon trans unit in disgaea.

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventeen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki sat looking at Ariella, a faint smile on his lips. Her face was starting to not seem so sharp and her skin was no longer a grey pallor. It had taken ten days, and exhausting effort by the healers, but finally, Eir could say that all of Ariella’s infections were becoming less of an issue, her body was accepting the food and somehow still fighting the terrible state it was in. She had not woken up, nor did Eir suspect she would for some time, she still had the tube in her mouth but the food, not that Loki could call it that, it seemed to be nothing more than light brown sludge, but the portions were slightly bigger.

When Eir entered the room again, she sighed. “There is a world outside of the room, young prince. She will not awaken today, go get some fresh air.”

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Remember that one post I made hinting about my first Stricklake AU? Well, here you are…!

Stricklake Medieval Fantasy AU featuring Lord Chancellor Strickler (or Hand of the King, whichever you fancy) and Healer Barbara, Lady of Lake. 

Though his primary concern is given to controlling chaos and keeping a watchful eye of the Court of Arcadia, Strickler’s attention cannot help but be drawn by Lady Lake as she does the duties of both Principal Healer in Court (and battling the sexism of other male Healers) and mother to one young Knight, James of Lake, who just so happens to be the latest Trollhunter and target of dark designs from Strickler’s master…

Gosh, but going through the first AU with a brand new OTP is always a delightful thing! Barbara doesn’t have her glasses for obvious reasons, so she has to deal with headaches from nearsightedness along with everything else, poor woman. Not gonna lie, I am SO pleased with how Strickler’s shadow turned out – I love the Shadow Reveal The True Form  trope so so so much <3 

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So what's the new giant list of things to watch out for?

Queue is in bold. I realised near the end I could just copy it from the message.

Lazy day with Hanzo, laying in bed and stroking his beard

Talon agents (separately) with reader who’s blunt but is gentle and caring when alone

Pharah comforting male! Healer reader after the rest of the team blames him for the loss (typical competitive Overwatch game I assume)

Zenyatta helping reader with anxiety

Zenyatta learning that reader is pregnant, with a donor

Reader slaps (characters of my choice)’s ass and instead of yelling at them they moan loudly.

Reaper with virgin reader who says daddy in bed

Zarya, Mei, Tracer meeting reader when talon almost destroys their workshop

Genji and female reader after Shimada capture reader and he saves her.

Hanzo meeting pirate reader again and discovers that reader can control kraken

Yandere Junkrat vs Yandere Lucio when they both like reader

Roadhog’s first time with plus sized reader

Zenyatta wakes up as human, what does he do

Junkrat making reader’s first set of prosthetics

Asexual reader coming out to Hanzo who realizes that he’s also asexual

Soldier 76, Reaper, and Ana catching reader struggling to put lingerie on and ruining the surprise

Zenyatta with reader who’s surprised that they’re twenty

Reaper soulmate au

Genji, Lucio, Junkrat going to restaurant because reader is scared of ordering food alone

Sombra x Reader where sombra falls for reader and constantly showers her with kisses and compliments

Siren Female reader with pirate Mercy, pirate Pharah, and pirate Widowmaker after saving them from an incompetent captain

McCree, Hanzo, and Soldier 76 accidently hurting reader’s feelings after teasing them for being short

Reaper and Junkrat finding out sweet reader has mental problems

Reaper, Soldier 76, Junkrat, and Roadhog with reader who’s a medic but on the battlefield is a menace.

Reaper being dominated by female reader

Dva with reader who likes games but isn’t good at them

Roadhog x Reader x Junkrat NSFW

HC for Junkrat, Roadhog, Zenyatta, Soldier 76, and Reinhardt with reader who moans in their sleep

Reader and McCree bondage

Soldier 76, McCree, Hanzo, and Mercy with reader who’s going through personal crisis

Zenyatta, Genji, Zarya, Junkrat with reader who’s omnic but looks human

Genji, Zenyatta, and Sombra finding out reader is god program

Mei with Virgin reader hc

Roadhog bottoming to male reader for first time

McCree and reader on battlefield

Reaper, Soldier 76, Lucio, and McCree with three month pregnant reader who refuses to stop missions

Harassment prompt with Junkrat and Roadhog

Winston with reader who loves drawing/painting him.

Sombra with reader who loves her and is affectionate

Oviposition with Dragon Hanzo who fertilizes egg to get reader pregnant

NSFW hc for first time with prefall Reaper, Soldier 76, and McCree

Talon crew with reader who turns in to Overwatch with a drive with sensitive talon info

Alpha Genji and Omega reader hc, SFW and NSFW

Zarya with small Russian girlfriend reader who giggles when Zarya lifts her

Junkrat, McCree, Zenyatta, Genji with reader who acts like toddler when tired (babbling, crying, and talking in a way that doesn’t make sense)

Reinhardt welcoming home emotional pirate reader

Females of my choice finding reader lying against bunker having lost part of their body

NSFW young Genji imagine

Genji, Zenyatta, Zarya, and Lucio with reader who comes up with weird nicknames

Hanzo, McCree and whoever I pick visiting readers home to find a lot of bunnies

Guilty wanking with Soldier 76 and Reaper

McCree and Reaper edging reader with vibrator

Lucio and reader having anice lazy day

Shapeshifter reader asks mercy for confidence potion then asks if they can try to court her.

Widowmaker, Sombra, Zarya heard reader singing mr. Lonely

Sweet reader with Widowmaker hc on day to day life

Reader with whoever I choose where reader has mouth fetish

Can i get a S/o that has a sensitive upper back (feels good) with mei, ana, widowmaker?

Sombra, Mei, Mercy seeing their s/o with scratches on their shoulders asking what those where and finding out their the ones who made them during sex.

reader who has the hanahaki disease for hanzo, genji and zenyatta.

Okami Hanzo and Werewolf s/o hcs?

Can I ask about Poly r76 were Jack has basically two wraiths? Like, both reader and reaper are wraiths and love to tease him about it? (Reader is a bit more reserved though and protects him dearly)

S/o with a bar code on their neck and Tracer, widow, mercy asking about it?

Reader dies and Mercy and Tracer (not poly) mourn for them, but the reader then comes back as a ghost and just hangs around?

A reader foot soldier that survives every front line battle meets their significant other in the heat of things with Gabriel, Mercy, Pharah?

reader comforting Winston after the fight with doomfist

Possessive widowmaker with an oblivious s/o?

How bout a reader who can’t sleep so one of the buff characters carries them till they fall asleep?

S/o that just loves legs, just body worships legs to whoever has long legs?

S/o that hides their eyes behind big glasses. S/o has glowing blue eyes. With whoever you want?

How would Genji, Zenyatta, and Sombra deal with someone who has dissociative identity disorder?

sewer-medic-deactivated20170720  asked:

Can I have Pharah comforting a male healer s/o after losing a match and the rest of the team blaming him for the loss and chewing him out almost like a bunch of toxic low-gold tier trash? Sensitive reader is not crying himself to sleep, but lying awake at night wondering if he really is a burden to the team.

I’ve either played healer or dps glass cannons, which is why I really enjoy Zenyatta. Can do both at once.

You simply lay there, eyes blankly staring at the wall as you ran over the mission in your mind. You wondered what you did wrong, maybe you didn’t heal the right person at the right time. 

You felt the bed dip, Fareeha reaching over and turning you over. Seeing the turmoil on your face, she lay down next to you and pulled you into her chest.

“You did everything you could,” she said, rubbing your back, “You cannot change what happened either if you hadn’t, keep your head up and you’ll do better next time.”

“I believe in you,” was the last thing she said before you could finally go to sleep, safe in her embrace.

“I want more useless male eye candy!”

No, shut the fuck up. You’re not combating gender roles or being subversive or clever, you’re being a misandrist dolt and indirectly implying supporting female characters are useless eye candy too.

Notice how they never want gender non-conforming male eye candy. They want rippling muscles and rugged good looks, but with the added bonus that he’s incompetent (which, if you’re going to claim being incompetent is somehow gender-subversive, you’re kind of saying incompetence is a feminine thing, which is pretty sexist if you ask me).

Why not a male character as the Team Mom? Why not a male character as mission control? Why not a male character who’s more ranged fighting along side a mostly female cast who are close-range melee combatants? How about a male character who provides emotional support to his female compatriots? How about a male healer?

Noticing a pattern? These are all really clever, inventive ways to be subversive by putting a male character in a role traditionally associated with female characters. And hey, guess what…they’re all still useful, even if they’re not as focused on as the main characters! Imagine that!

So yeah, I don’t want “useless eye candy” men because they insult me as a viewer and tell me you lack imagination as a writer. I want well-written supporting male characters who are there for awesome main female characters.


Open Starter || Mutuals only || Jedi/Maul preferred

It had been precisely three days since he’d been rescued from the tiny box in which he’d been buried alive, and Qui-Gon Jinn was beyond ready to move on. At least he thought he was. He’d been fighting with the healers for the better part of the morning, all but ordering them to let him go to his own quarters, he was fine, he just couldn’t sleep because he was stuck in a not-entirely-familiar place in an entirely uncomfortable bed.

Of course the truth, even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself– much less anyone else, was that he felt utterly trapped again every time he closed his eyes. He didn’t expect that remaining with the healers would help that.

“All right, but if you start to present any of the symptoms we’ve outlined, you come right back down here, Master Jinn,” a young male healer said. Qui-Gon nodded impatiently, wanting nothing more than to get the hell out of the medcenter.

Anyway please let the next healer be male because I just had an 11 yo argue with me that I should play Ana because “she’s a girl. YOURE a girl” like listen you brat I can’t fucking aim which is the entire point of her skill set.

anothervioladream  asked:

I was disappointed by the absence of male healers in the voting gauntlet, also because Wrys, Lucius and Azama are in my healing harem.

Describing Wrys as being in a harem is throwing me a bit, at least, not until they puts my one of my Sexy Wrys’s into the game (call me Nintendo)

A first meeting

Some Dragon Age OC stuff

Athras - spirit healer (leaning), male dalish elf
Maraas - force mage, male qunari

He could have imagined a better greeting instead of standing here now, his back against a rock and the end of a staff pressing against his chest. He didn’t think he would get attacked like this, here in the forest, and it took a moment before his gaze wandered from the tip against his clothes following the staff and finally looking at the qunari who held it in his hands. He had been unusually calm but when he saw the qunari he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“A qunari mage?” he asked out loud, surprised. He had heard that there were some but he didn’t think he would see one in his life. Instead of an answer he got a punch with the staff. He grunted. That hurt more than he thought it would.

“Are you one of them?” the qunari asked, looking down on him. He hated it. Not only didn’t he understood who that man was speaking of, he was angry at himself for not bringing any kind of weapon with him. Issala even told him to not leave his staff behind. Now he was looked down upon without being able to defend himself at least a little bit. He didn’t say anything but glared at the qunari which made the other one impatient.

He grabbed Athras and pulled him a few steps until he was able to see the corpses on the ground.

“If you don’t tell me what you know you end up like them,” he was threatened and he had to surpress the urge to flinch when the qunari bent down and just a few inches seperated their faces. He saw the look in the others eyes and knew he was being dead serious.

“I don’t know anything,” he tried to talk himself out of this. “If I were one of them I would have a weapon on me, right?” He felt relief when the qunari suddenly let go of him again but that didn’t last ling because a moment later he was searched for weapons.

It took a while until the qunari was convinced that Athras wasn’t one of them and the elf had to admit that he didn’t think he would get out of there alive. He never had to flee from other mages before and if he looked at the corpses that qunari knew some spells that would have at least seriously hurt him before he got away. He was now sitting beside the qunari, who’s name was Maraas as he found out later and looked at his wounds. Maraas didn’t want to eat the herbs he wanted to give him and he knew that the others would definitely not be happy to hear that he used some Mana when they all know the streets aren’t save and he should save as much as possible. He slightly touched the qunaris arm and grabbed it after Maraas wanted to get away with a curse leaving his mouth.

“Hold still, I’m just healing that wound,” Athras told him, sounding a little angry. Just because that hornhead didn’t let him use the herbs he had resort to this treatment.

“You’re a mage too,” Maraas said, surprised, while he looked at the disappearing wound. “But…”

“I am. I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t relevant. I’m more of a healer than a fighter anyway. If I had tried to fight my way out I would’ve ended up like those guys over there,” he told the qunari and nodded in the direction of where the bodies lay. “And if I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t even have been able to get a serious wound like the one I just healed on you. So I rather spared myself from fighting a useless fight.”

It was even later when Athras found out who those men were. He decided to help Maraas to search through their clothes and the qunari let him but wouldn’t tell him why he would do that.

“If you find something just hand it over,” he had been told. He found a letter and was about to read the name of the person it was adressed to when Maraas saw that he had something and took it from him. Athras had enough time to recognize a little seal he had seen before.

“The green gate,” he mumbled, loud enough to startle Maraas.

“What did you just say?” he was asked but he shook his head.

“Nothing, I was just thinking loud.”

“What do you know about them. I thought you aren’t one of them,” Maraas said, grabbing Athras arm. It was a firm grip, enough to let Athras know that he wouln’t get away now. And he decided to tell what he knew.

“As you see I don’t know much,” he said after finishing his story. “But now I want to know why you were so eager for that information.” Maraas stared at Athras but the elf knew that game. He just stared back.

“I was hired to stop as much of their members as possible,” the qunari finally told him, finally shoving the letter into one of his pockets.

“Then I want to know what you know about them too. I already shared what I know.”

“Which wasn’t much,” Maraas stated but eventually gave in and disclosed a part of what he knew.

Our subservience is reinforced by our ignorance, and our ignorance is enforced. Nurses are taught not to question, not to challenge. ‘The doctor knows best.’ He is the shaman, in touch with the forbidden, mystically complex world of Science which we have been taught is beyond our grasp. Women health workers are alienated from the scientific substance of their work, restricted to the 'womanly’ business of nurturing and housekeeping—a passive, silent majority.

We are told that our subservience is biologically ordained: women are inherently nurse-like and not doctor-like. Sometimes we even try to console ourselves with the theory that we were defeated by anatomy before we were defeated by men, that women have been so trapped by the cycles of menstruation and reproduction that they have never been free and creative agents outside their homes. Another myth, fostered by conventional medical histories, is that male professionals won out on the strength of their superior technology. According to these accounts, (male) science more or less automatically replaced (female) superstition—which from then on was called 'old wives’ tales.’

But history belies these theories. Women have been autonomous healers, often the only healers for women and the poor. And we found, in the periods we have studied, that, if anything, it was the male professionals who clung to untested doctrines and ritualistic practices—and it was the women healers who represented a more human, empirical approach to healing.

Our position in the health system today is not 'natural.’ It is a condition which has to be explained. In this pamphlet we have asked: How did we arrive at our present position of subservience from our former position of leadership?

We learned this much: the suppression of women health workers and the rise to dominance of male professionals was not a 'natural’ process, resulting automatically from changes in medical science, nor was it the result of women’s failure to take on healing work. It was an active takeover by male professionals. And it was not science that enabled men to win out: the critical battles took place long before the development of modern scientific technology.

—  Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, Witches, Midwives & Nurses: A History of Women Healers

recently i’ve having a lot of kataang feels, so the other day i made the rookie mistake of going into the kataang tag on mobile. 

while i was unsurprised by the typical flood of z*tara posts that contained kataang bashing that i encountered, some of the arguments i saw still really irritated me.

in particular, the recurring criticism that aang was a terrible husband and katara was reduced into being a housewife/”stay at home healer” seemed super ridiculous to me, especially when paired as it often was with the assumption that zuko would have been a better husband who would never have done this to katara and always put her first. 

not only are we shown time and time again that katara and aang were a happy couple… but the idea that katara would be any “less” of a character if she were a housewife is sexist and annoying. even though, the point is moot, because she clearly didn’t! she became a world-renowned healer! it wasn’t some hobby she had while staying home! katara became korra’s waterbending master and was a mentor to her for the rest of her life!!! yes, she became a little less involved in world affairs by the time she hit her 90s, but toph spent the majority of the series sitting around in a swamp. it was never at any point indicated katara shrunk into the background during her adult life. y’all are the ones bringing that assumption and making it a part of katara’s character. i don’t think she’s ever even addressed at any point as ‘the avatar’s wife’ or ‘x’s mother/grandmother’. katara’s always treated like her own independent p

futhermore, the idea that katara would have been better off as zuko’s wife is laughable. she would have been wife to the fire lord. there is no way she would have been allowed to help rebuild her home and eventually return for good like she does in canon if she were fire nation royalty. and given that the fire nation was in the middle of a political upheaval, it probably would have been very dangerous for katara to so clearly embrace her water tribe heritage if she were the fire lord’s spouse. i don’t think either zuko or katara would have been happy in that situation. 

and just for the record, here’s a list of things we know katara did in between avatar and lok

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Kagome to His Inuyasha

When someone asks what kdrama is ML most similar with, Faith usually comes up first - the time-travel, the setting in the Goryeo Era, the warrior male lead, healer-like female lead. However, the story that came to my mind first was INUYASHA BECAUSE WANG SO REMINDS ME OF INUYASHA IN SO MANY WAYS AND HAE SOO IS HIS KAGOME - outcast, not belonging anywhere, dysfunctional family background, abandonment issues, amazing fighting skills, alone in the whole world, the dog parallels; and maybe most of all IT’S THE HAIRSTYLE - WANG SO’S GLORIOUS MANE OF GLORY which resembles Inuyasha’s hairstyle so much when it’s loose. And when HS pushes his bangs away from his scar (even his hair is designed and used as shield/mask to protect his vulnerabilty) with her hands and fastens it with a dwikkoji, all I want in that moment is for her to let his hair loose and run her fingers through it, combing it, caressing it.

This is such a monumentous moment because this is the first time So ever allows another person to remove his mask and it must have taken him a huge amount of courage. And in that moment he looks so incredibly boyish and vulnerable, as Hae Soo has stripped him of all his masks and he is laid bare in front of her in every sense of the word.