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The Most Dangerous Prisons in America

Idaho Correctional Center: Kuna, Idaho

According to a 2010 lawsuit the violence is condoned and even promoted by prison staff.

Julia Tutwiler Prison: Wetumpka, Alabama

This all-female prison has a history of claims and lawsuits alleging sexual abuse on behalf of the facility’s staff. Many of the prisoners have become pregnant by male guards. Many have reported fear of rejecting sexual advances will lead to solitary confinement or other forms of retaliation.

California State Prison, Corcoran: Kings County, California

Journalist Mark Arax covered the prison in 1996, claiming it was the most dangerous of all state prisons. Officers here had killed more inmates than any other prison with many of the shootings having no proper justification. Some officers would also initiate fights among prisoners.

Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility: Leake County, Mississippi

This youth facility has been reported to have some of the most brutal crimes committed against its young inmates. Assault, rape and psychological abuse are common occurrences and many of the prison staff members have been accused of contributing to violence between inmates.

United States Penitentiary Lewisburg: Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

This overcrowded supermax prison is named in a number of lawsuits including one that claims prison staff intentionally bunk inmates with their known enemies, a practice that has resulted in at least two deaths.

Men’s Central Jail and Twin Towers Correctional Facility: Los Angeles, California

This overcrowded correctional facility houses inmates that are transferred from overcrowded California prisons. According to investigative reports beatings are prevalent with guards often standing by as inmates are assaulted or raped by their peers. Other times guards contribute to the attacks.

Prisons have always been a concentration of violence , however they were made for the opposite reason. There is no secret inmates often suffer from guards , but these prisons are pure evil. If any person ever gets out of the prison, why do people expect them to start a new life after what they experienced there? It is almost unreal. Until we serve violence in prisons we won’t get any “correction”.

Please, report this account

It is gross, disgusting, inadmissible that nowadays people let this kind of accounts be as if they were something normal. Saying that women should accept being hit by men; claiming that male chauvinism, sexism, is something normal; posting that kind of pictures. For God’s sake, isn’t society supposed to be fighting against things like these? Politics, whole nations, claiming to be against it, but at the same time we can find a blog like that posting things of that nature freely on the internet.

I have no words. I think that the only thing I can think about right now is: what the fuck is wrong with you all? What the fuck is wrong with the people who follow this Tumblr and with all of them who don’t report it?
A Comprehensive Guide To Sexist Attacks On Hillary Clinton From The 2008 Campaign

With Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton facing a barrage of criticisms over the tone of her voice during a recent speech, Media Matters looks back at the rampant sexism she faced from the media during her 2008 presidential bid.

In Return To 2008 Form, Media Attack Clinton’s Voice During Iowa Caucus Victory Speech

Commentators Complain That She “Shouts,” “Shriek[s],” “Scream[s].” Media pundits attacked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for celebrating her victory in the Iowa Caucus, claiming her tone during her speech was “unpleasant,” “angry, bitter, screaming,” and suggested that Clinton “may be hard of hearing.” [Media Matters, 2/3/16]

Huffington Post: This Criticism Is “Clearly Sexist,” As “Shouting … Is Not Usually A Liability For Male Candidates.” Reporting on one such criticism of Clinton’s voice from Washington Post editor Bob Woodward, the Huffington Post noted: “The former secretary of state has been criticized for her appearance and a perceived lack of approachability for her entire career. Much of that criticism is clearly sexist: shouting, for example, is not usually a liability for male candidates.” [Huffington Post, 2/3/16]

Calling Clinton A “Bitch”

Questioning Clinton’s Sexuality

Attacks On Clinton’s Appearance

Clinton’s Appearance: Cleavage Edition

Claims That Clinton’s Femininity Is A Problem

Claims That Clinton Is Manly

Attacks On Clinton’s Voice

Attacks On Clinton’s Laugh

Attacks On Clinton For Having Emotions

Clinton’s Emotions: Crying Edition

Comparing Clinton To Violent And Sexualized Fictional Characters

Claims That Clinton Hates Men, Castrates Them

Claims That Clinton’s Success Was Entirely Due To Her Husband


Note: The examples included in this report span from when Clinton declared her first run for president on January 20, 2007, to when she conceded the Democratic nomination on June 7, 2008.

There are distances in The Coyote’s Bicycle traveled by decidedly differing means. There is the distance between reporting and storytelling, narrative strands traveling from opposite ends that take pause; evolve. There’s the distance between expectation and fact, and then there is that place where distances cease to hold meaning; a necessary place to go when we’re called upon to suspend our disbelief in that unique way we always must when it comes time to believe something true.

And then there is the literal distance of a bicycle pedaled from one country to the next.

The range can be somewhat dizzying, if you don’t take the time to steady yourself. First, there is a pile of abandoned bicycles; then, there is a man who begins as Pablito, and then becomes El Indio, the mythologized border coyote who discovers an incredible way of smuggling massive numbers of people across the border on bicycles. Then, there is a male reporter following a thread of story the originates in Mexico, and ends in the United States. It is hard, at times, not to be put off by the tremendous distance between subject and beholder - one man is chasing budding curiosity turned story, while the other is chasing a mode of survival. But this distance implicates the American reader, too - especially if you’ve failed to apprehend the human consequences of US immigration policies.

Mathangi Arulpragasam (better known as M.I.A.) said in her interview with David Greene of NPR on the Syrian refugee crisis “If the West is so deliberate in promoting its brands and is using its art and culture to inspire people’s dreams, how can the West turn people away?” A question this book will not, perhaps, answer, but will serve to boldly underline.

Note: Tin House sent me a galley of this book, and I read it, thought about it for a few weeks, and then wrote this. 

Thanks, Tin House!

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Being Single — When You're in a Relationship

Subtle relationship-shaming has been trending for a while now. A quick Google search for “why you should be single” produces an abundance of links to articles that tout the single life for a laundry list of reasons like personal growth, freedom, independence, fun and all those clichés one supposedly sacrifices in a relationship. But with careful strategy, couples can enjoy being in a relationship without feeling shadily guilty about missing out on single life.

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° Let’s Just Chill Out And Start Talking About Vaginal Discharge, OK? OK.

Source: Pexels

Travel alone

Traveling alone can relieve stress and promote self-reflection, but there’s a stigma about couples traveling solo. Don’t believe it. “You’re not trying to get away, you’re going so that you have time to regenerate,” long-term psychotherapist Diana Gasperoni told Mic. “You’ll come back and have the experience of what it’s like to be by yourself. You grow so much from trips like that.”

Sex and relationships counselor Ian Kerner told Time traveling alone is the sign of a healthy relationship. “I think it’s cool to be able to travel separately — it’s an indication that you’re in [a] trusting, safe, secure relationship,” he said.

Cut back on the incessant texting 

Relationships can feel suffocating — especially when there’s pressure to stay connected to your significant other 24/7. “Now, unfortunately, as the relationship develops, it’s unrealistic to regularly text throughout the day,” relationship blogger Christopher Lai wrote. “The thing is this… when you’re consistently around someone, when you consistently talk to someone… it can inevitably become unbearable." 


"Allowing yourself to fantasize and really have a full fantasy life but not act on it is okay,” Gasperoni said. It’s unrealistic to forbid yourself from desiring other people, she said. “I think we get caught up in not thinking about another person or having sex with another person." 

Don’t compromise on dinner

One of the benefits of being single is that you can eat whatever you damn well please without worrying about negotiating. Nobody should have to ignore their pizza craving because their partner is in a sushi mood. Order separately and eat together. There’s no rule that says pizza can’t be served with sushi (pro-tip: sushi pizza).


Kidding — but a questionable survey found that 42% of people on Tinder are already in a relationship.


A while male news aggregate reporter with a business degree tells you that he couldn’t get a job in journalism because of the “white old boys network.”

(By which he meant “I went to business school and not journalism school and for some reason they keep giving journalism jobs to journalism school graduates.”)

When you check out a story they wrote, it’s a reworded CBC article with several errors and long added section about gun smuggling that has nothing to do with the story.


Liked on YouTube: “[Movies] WTF - Leslie Mann & Dakota Johnson objectify male reporter?”

Indonesia: Female orangutan seen killing another with help of male 'hired gun'

A female orangutan has been seen killing another female with the help of a male “hired gun” that helped corner and attack the victim. This marks the first time lethal fights between female orangutans have been observed by humans.

Scientists from the University of Zurich in Switzerland witnessed the attack in Indonesia’s Mawas Reserve. Researchers have been following a population of Bornean orangutans in the forests there since 2003 and have over 26,000 hours of data on adult females and their behaviour.

The fatal attack took place in July 2014. Before this, just six female-female attacks had been observed and none of them had resulted in visible injuries. Other long-term reports have not shown any evidence of females killing other females.

This is quite unexpected, as in wild orangutans males and females have never been reported to form coalitions before. It is also the first report of males supporting females in their conflicts, with lethal outcome. - lead author Anna Marzec

Published in the journal Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, researchers wrote:Here, we report the first case of lethal female-female aggression … A young female, who had recently lost her infant, attacked an old resident female.” The two females had a history of aggressive interactions – years earlier the older orangutan (called Sidony) had hit and bitten the younger female (Kondor) after she approached her daughter.

A week before the attack Kondor was seen with a male called Ekko. They came across Sidony and while the male inspected her, he returned to Kondor to mate. However, the younger orangutan stopped the sex and attacked Sidony, shortly after which Ekko joined in.

In total, the attack lasted 33 minutes, with both Ekko and Sidony acting as a coordinated team – when one attacked, the other blocked Sidony’s escape. Most of the serious injuries were from Ekko’s attacks.

Another male arrived and chased the Ekko away, but Kondor continued to attack and bite her. The other male warded off the attacks by positioning himself between the two and eventually Sidony got away. However, the injuries she had sustained were serious and she died two weeks later.

“The interaction’s unique feature was that the attacking female was supported by an unflanged male, who had been in consort with her during the week preceding the attack and was responsible for the lethal injuries to the victim,” authors said.

The team said the case does not fit into patterns of joint killings normally seen among primates. “This is quite unexpected, as in wild orangutans males and females have never been reported to form coalitions before,” said lead author Anna Marzec. “It is also the first report of males supporting females in their conflicts, with lethal outcome.”

Researchers believe the killing suggests females must hold “great leverage” over males when fertile and coerce them into providing services on their behalf. “We conclude that even in a species in which coercion is frequently observed in male-female interactions, female leverage over males can coax males into providing services, such as coalitionary support.”

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The Best US Cities for Singles — Gay, Straight and Anyone In Between

It may be that location, not timing, is everything. If you’re single, the city you call home can make all the difference, depending on what your goals are. If you’re looking for love, your ideal location will vary based on your sexual preference, your salary, cost of living and, of course, the number of other singles around you. We took a look at the numbers and found four cities that seem to hold promise for everyone. 

· ‘Grease: Live’ Proved We Still Have A Lot to Learn When It Comes to Talking About Sex 
· This Woman Has a “Don’t Touch Me I’m On My Period” Outfit, and Its Delightful
· Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson Turn the Tables on a Male Reporter by Flirting With Him

For straight singles

In Feb. 2015, NerdWallet crunched the numbers on the country’s 50 biggest cities, taking into account three factors: 1. The unmarried population, subdivided between number of women for every 100 men and number of men for every 100 women (which, we realize, is limiting); 2. The typical cost of a date, accounting for median income and the probable bill for an average three-course dinner and a movie for two; 3. The city’s “date-friendliness,” determined by tallying up the cultural-attraction-to-resident ratio and scoring its walkability. 

NerdWallet’s top five cities for straight singles were Boston (combined score: 73), Washington, D.C. (combined score: 69), Philadelphia (combined score: 66), Baltimore (combined score: 65) and Cleveland (combined score: 65).

For LGBTQ singles

Where does that leave LGBTQ singles? Unfortunately, the numbers here aren’t particularly cohesive. In May , NerdWallet took a look at the 20 friendliest cities for LGBT individuals and found that the best 10 were, in descending order, San Francisco; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; Providence, Rhode Island; Baltimore; Philadelphia; Seattle; Salt Lake City; Los Angeles; and Orlando, Florida. Of those, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. made’s 2012 list of the best cities for LGBT singles looking for serious relationships.

From these, we’ve pulled the following four singles-friendly cities: 

1. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., apparently a bastion of romance, all lit up and ready for the evening.Source: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Our nation’s capital is apparently an excellent destination for singles. It has everything a memorable date needs: great bars and restaurants, monuments, the Smithsonian, 19 free public pools, theaters, breweries and all the politicians you could ever ask for. Dates are pricey, according to NerdWallet, but the city is easy to get around on foot. For “young professionals,” D.C. is a great place to date.

2. Baltimore, MD

Source: Baltimore Sun/Getty Images

Baltimore is NerdWallet’s top city for single men, as of Feb. 2015. It’s also home to an impressive aquarium, many free museums (featuring both arts and history) and at least one cabinet of curiosities. NerdWallet places the price of an average date night at around $70 and gives it a walkability score of 66. 

3. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge.Source: George Rose/Getty Images

Do you like trolleys? Fine dining? Balmy weather? The idea  of roller skating in a church? Do you entertain an abiding fascination with Alcatraz? Are you a sucker for a good farmers market? Then San Francisco might just be the place for you — especially if you happen to be a woman. According to NerdWallet’s Feb. 2015 data, San Francisco is the best city for women. 

4. Boston

Boston’s Downtown Crossing. Source: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Boston also showed up on Tech Insider’s Dec. 2015 round-up of the 20 best cities for gay singles, placing eighth out of the top ten cities for gay men. NerdWallet gave it a walkability score of 80 and deemed it a great city for “young, educated singles” (and also for lovers of American history and baseball).

Sexual harassment case: Delhi HC notice to Pachauri

New Delhi, Jan. 28 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Thursday issued notice to the police and former TERI chief R.K. Pachauri, who is facing sexual harassment charges, over a fresh application filed by the complainant.
The complainant has alleged that a TERI colleague was pressurised to allegedly dilute the case against Pachauri.
According to reports, a male researcher has alleged that the seniors in TERI put pressure on him to ‘ask’ the complainant to settle the matter out of court.
Meanwhile, Pachauri has said that the new application was a ruse to delay orders of the High Court as the complainant herself had relocated to London.
This comes after repeated complaints from the victim that the organisation has done nothing to help her case.
Pachauri, who headed TERI for more than 30 years, was accused of sexually harassing a 29-year-old female researcher. He has so far denied the allegations. (ANI)

Turns out Disney princesses are not that empowering

Are Disney princesses the best role models for little girls? The frequently asked question has come up again, sparked by two linguists and their new study.

Carmen Fought, a professor at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif., and Karen Eisenhauer, a graduate teaching assistant at North Carolina State University, have gathered up all the dialogue from Disney’s decades of princess movies and discovered something interesting: The oldest of the films, dating back to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, give more speaking time to female characters than male ones (as also reported in The Washington Post).

This is in deep contrast with Disney’s newer classics, including The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, wherein women characters speak markedly less than men.

“I was struck by how some critics or social science researchers would say that Ariel or Pocohantas was a great role model, and others would say that character was awful for little girls to see,” Fought told Yahoo Movies.

Maybe this isn’t the ‘Whole New World’ we want our young female generation to inhabit. Source: Disney

“But neither side really seemed to support their arguments with data.” That’s when she and Eisenhauer set out to “bring some objectivity to the analysis.”

Still in the early stages of the study, the two linguists want to shed light on how male and female characters speak differently in the set of Disney animated features.

In the first three princess movies by the studio — Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty — women characters speak as much or more than their male counterparts. Sleeping Beauty is the most extreme example, where women characters talk 71 percent of the time.

Disney’s so-called Renaissance-era films, starting with 1989’s Little Mermaid and ending with 1998’s Mulan, had a much different result — none came close to the 50 percent mark when it came to female dialogue. The worst offender: Aladdin, which allowed only 10 percent speaking time to its female characters.

Fought told Yahoo Movies that part of problem is that most of the characters in all Disney princess films are male.

“It represents a cultural default to assign any unmarked roles to males,” she said, pointing out that there are more male roles in Snow White, even though half its speaking time goes to women characters.

One key example can be taken from Disney’s Renaissance-era princess films: Almost all of the comedic sidekick roles are assigned male: Sebastian, Flounder, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Iago, Genie, and Mushu. The only break from that trend was Mrs. Potts, voiced by Angela Lansbury in Beauty and the Beast.

Disney took a 10-year break from princess movies following 1998’s Mulan, and the ratio of lines uttered by women improved in some titles but not in others.

2012’s Brave intentionally set out to break the princess mold with its fiery, feminist Merida. But you might be surprised to learn Disney’s monster hit Frozen, starring two female leads, mind you, gave female characters only 41 percent of the film’s dialogue.

“Minor roles seem to go to men,” Fought reiterated. “This doesn’t mean the movie couldn’t have progressive, even feminist, aspects. It just means that in this way, women’s voices are still given less air time than men’s voices.”

Fought and Eisenhauer also counted up onscreen compliments received by females in all of the Disney princess movies and found progress has been made.

“Women are being more often complimented on their skills versus their looks,” Fought said of an overall trend revealed in her study. And that’s an important stat, she says, because studies have revealed that even “complimenting women on their appearance can cause a positive feeling but also an increase in body shame.”

Next up, the two linguists are collecting data on Pixar movies, including Toy Story. “There are not a whole lot of females in that [film] either,” said Fought. “I hope others will expand our work to other genres.”

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Colombian troops dread 'merciless' Farc female fighters more than male rebels

Female fighters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) are dreaded by the Colombian government troops as they are more “merciless” than their male counterparts. If captured, Colombian troops prefer being taken hostage by male rebels. Reports suggest that out of the 7,000 Farc fighters, one third are women.

“The women are the worst,” a Special Forces officer from Colombia’s National Police told the Washington Post. “If you get captured, you pray it’s by the male rebels,” the officer added. Farc female fighters employ brutal interrogation methods. “They’re more ideological than the men. They’re merciless,” the officer continued.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said that the rebel group has male and female fighters in their ranks to prevent them from leaving the battlefield. Meanwhile, The Daily Mail reported that female fighters joined Farc not because of their political ideology, but due to personal tragic incidents as well.

Although female fighters are allowed to have partners, they are not permitted to marry nor have children. Reports claimed that pregnant female fighters were forced to have abortions so their fighting abilities are not hampered, and those who gave birth saw their children being taken away from them.

“We have evidence to prove that forced abortion was a policy of the Farc that was based on forcing a female fighter to abort so as not to lose her as an instrument of war,” Attorney General Eduardo Montealegre said. He said 150 former fighters have testified of being forced to undergo abortions.

Farc, which wants to view a Marxist regime, has been fighting the government since 1964. The five-decade-old conflict has reportedly killed more than 220,000 people, while around 40,000 people have disappeared without a trace. The rebel group and the Colombian government are working on a peace deal for which the deadline has been set for 23 March.

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Report: Wizkid’s Alleged Baby-mama Loves Male Celebs As Photos With Usher, KCee, Davido Hits The Internet

Report: Wizkid’s Alleged Baby-mama Loves Male Celebs As Photos With Usher, KCee, Davido Hits The Internet

External image

Just yesterday (January 25) news hit the net that Wizkid has welcomed a baby boy from a video vixen named Blue Diamond based in the Unites States of America.

The baby-mama had since said the boy’s name is Ayotunde Balogun Jr named after Wizkid. The Star Boy act has since denied fathering any child in a press release issued yesterday.

External image

Blue Diamond who lives in America but is from Guinea, seems…

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