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Shout out to the dumb boys who yanked my scarf off in the hallways and then laughed when I dropped all my books. Shout out to the guy who thought it was funny to go behind me during class and pull my bra strap to hear it snap then got defensive when I brought my fist out. Shout out to the guys who would say ‘that shit around your head is ugly you think you’re pretty?’ ‘let’s get married so I can see ur hair’ shout out to you because I love wearing hijab 100000x more because of you jerks


Transgender woman shot in New Orleans burglary

  • On Sunday night, three gunmen shot a transgender woman as she ran away from them, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported. The gunmen then held up the victim’s friend and two other men.
  • The shooting happened as the victim attempted to visit a friend’s home. 
  • As she walked up to the front door, she noticed three figures wearing masks approaching her, according to the Times-Picayune. 
  • The victim tried to warn her friends inside, but the gunmen entered the house. As the victim fled, she was shot more than once, the Times-Picayune reported. 
  • The gunmen then robbed the people inside the home before escaping through the back door, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.
  • Authorities first identified the victim, who was taken to a nearby hospital, as female then male, then reported she is a transgender woman. The victim is alive.
  • Authorities also said the gunmen were not targeting the woman, but rather the people inside the house. Read more (3/8/17 8:30 PM)

You all know what I want?

Makeupless amazons.

•Wonderwoman coming out of her house makeupless and the media going wild.
•Women magazines praising her.
•Men magazines scolding her.
•Wonderwoman not caring and stuffing a burrito through her makeupless lips.
• “Lmaooo this is why you take ya girl swimming on the first date!”
• “Good luck finding a date in the first place.”
•Artemis confessing she never uses makeup either.
•Cassie confessing she and Diana use makeup a lot because it makes them feel good (they trade tips) and trying to explain it’s not always necessary to wear makeup 100% of the time to male reporters.
• “NO, we’re not tricking you.”
• “YES, it is not your business.”

the world figuring out that themyscira doesn’t have makeup because while they like wearing pretty clothes and items sometimes, they never saw the need to put things on their face AND ALSO THEY’RE ALL BADASS WARRIORS

•Diana putting makeup on Billy Batson AND THE MEDIA FLIPS ITS SHIT

Bonus bonus:

Bonus bonus bonus:

Buckle Up

Buckle  Up

1: “Its midnight! Where the hell were you?”
2: “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!”

This was a normal routine recently. Him disappearing in the evening and wouldn’t make it until in middle of the night, when his lovers head would already be resting on his side of the bed. Snuggled up in one of his overly sized plain shirts. Lace panties, a noiseless signal of what could have happened the night if he had just shown up.

Hair done just the way she knew he adores, clipped and sprayed in place.  With a bare face, because she finally felt at peace with the fact he loves her without it. Because him constantly assuring her that he loves her without anything, had finally jammed through the crakes in between her skull to her brain.

And yet he was a no show, even after the countless texts sent his way to remind him of the special day, the special day that she had organized to the last nano second. Dinner, followed by a movie she knew he loved- even tho she could count a hundred and three other things to do then watch it- with wine trailing behind, which would only of course lead to them together in their shared room.  

She even texted Chris, to make sure Chris knew of their plans and wouldn’t bombarded them with surprise plans- she knew Sebastian couldn’t decline an offer from one of his brothers he only got to see on rare occasions. She was always his second choice, probably always would be…

Her soft hiccups echoed throughout the four walls, it wasn’t her fault they had drifted apart. Work, work just got in the way. It wasn’t her fault Sebastian had to take Elizabeth to the banquet as his date and not his girlfriend, because work had kept her three hours extra. It wasn’t her fault Sebastian had decided that praising some other women’s cooking then her owns, she never had that much time to cook for him, not that she should be forced… it wasn’t her fault.

She turned around, sleeping on her back. Her pupils drifted from one figure on the wall to the next, she needed a distraction.  Something to take her mind off of him.

She stood up, walking with a pitter patter rhythm to the master bathroom.

Washing her face, she dried it with the paper towels perched up in its place, before walking out to the kitchen. She at least needed to get something in-

She froze in place, all the blood in her body going raw. Sebastian was opening the lock. Not knowing how to confront him, she bolted it back to their bed room, but it was too late. Sebastian had already opened the door.

“Hey beautiful.” He whispered, probably because the next door neighbors had filed the second noise complaint. “What are you still doing up?” He asked, carelessly taking his combat boots off, then his coat followed suite. He ran his fingers through his hair when he turned around meeting his lovers eyes.

“Hey,” She croaked, she didn’t know what to do. He had basically stood her up and didn’t seem quite bothered by it.

“I’m so thirsty.” He complained walking into the open kitchen, coming to a slow stop once he saw the dinner table transformed into a five star restaurant. The table was covered in red cloth, the decorative design looked like it was hand picked, as the edges were half circles with a red candle melted half way through, two plates that were filled to the brim with food now half eaten, as well as forks and dull knifes sat parallel to each other- albeit had some food particles decorating the silverware. Wine glass and half drunk bottle nestled into a woven basket. “What’s this?” He asked, turning around pointing to the set table.

“Anthony came over and we just… yah.” She lied, her words strained and forced. “He was loads of fun.” She continued, memories of her stress eating the food came flooding her mind.

“You cooked for Anthony?” Was the only thing to come out from between his chapped lips. As he turned around. A glass of water forgotten. “You’ve never cooked anything for me-”

“Why are you-?” She choked, her voice weary.

“What else happened,” Rubbing his hand over his face, Sebastian moved closer to (Y/N) her warm brown chocolate orbs stared right back into his dusty royal blue ones.

“Nothing.” She answered curtly.

“Nothing?” Sebastian scoffed, giving her a one over, his white plain shirt giving him perfect view of her red lace bra and panties, “Nothing?” He repeated, more aggressively. “Nothing?” He chanted, grabbing his shirt and pulling it up harshley to take a glimpse of her panties- just in case his mind was playing tricks on him. “Nothing?” He questioned, letting her shirt go, she stepped back in fear. He was a big man, wide and muscular, anything he did when he was angry had always sparked fear under her heart.

“I said nothing Sebastian!” She hollered back, pushing him away from her as he advanced to get closer to her.

“Nothing? That half eaten bread says something happened!” He pointed to where he would only assume Anthony had sat and eaten, “Those half filled wine glasses sure say something happened.” He laughed bitterly, running his hand through his hair walking back and forth trying to adjust to the news. “Hey, come back here I’m not done talking to you!” Sebastian wolfed, walking past his retreating girlfriend. “I said-”

“Its midnight! Where the hell were you?” Sporting an angry voice didn’t only seem fit for Sebastian. She whipped around, her voice and breathing raised an octave.  


“Its midnight! Where the hell were you?” She repeated, he stood star struck, why was she angry with him? His girlfriend just had dinner in his apartment without his knowledge- and god knows what they did together alone.

“I was out with Elizabeth-”

“Of course you were.”

“The hell are you complaining about, you had dinner with one of my friends-”

“Your an eye sore.” She complained, “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!” Like that the young brunet walked faster to their shared apartment, going strait into their closet and pulling a change of cloths for him. “Come back tomorrow for the rest.”

“You do realize that this is MY apartment…” Sebastian barked, pushing his spare cloths back on the ground from her hands.

“Fine then I’ll leave.” She answered. Pushing his large frame away from her. If anything, the man before her gave her an unsettling feeling at the moment. She had never felt unsettled around Sebba. As a matter of fact, she always found refuge in between his open arms, and solace when their lips molded together.

Pulling her back, Sebastian glared into her eye, “The hell happened with Anthony?” Seb roared while shaking her shoulders with each of his words.

“Nothing you idiot!” She slapped him away from her, shoving him to the side, “Because I lied. Anthony was never here! That dinner table was set for your sorry ass, but no, Sebastian Stan was way two busy hitting it off with Elizabeth Olson.” She grabbed her phone and wallet from table beside the door. Quickly shutting it once she grabbed her slippers and ran down the stairs. Sebastian hot on her trails.

“(Y/N)!” Sebastian chocked, as he tried to run after her. “It’s not what you think,” he whispered, watching as her retrieving figure disappear into the shadows of his apartment complex.

“-What about your relationship, how’s (Y/N), I believe that’s her name right?”  The press never had proof that she was real, that she really was dating the Sebastian Stan. They only knew her when Sebba would accidentally let a few words slip without having much time to think about them.

“She’s doing fine,” He rubbed his thighs before looking back at the reporter.

“Is she watching you right now?”

“I doubt it.” Stan laughed, thinking of other things you could possibly be doing by now.

“How would your cast describe your relationship?” The reported pressed, leaning the mike to Elizabeth who was practically giving it away that she knew something.

“Just last week he bought her a promise ring!”

“Elizabeth, please don’t-”

 "She wouldn’t mind,“ Olson assured shushing Sebastian up. "He bought her this infinity blue gem promise ring, we had to spend days together to just find the right one.”

“Wow, your really serious.” The male reported chuckled. Looking back at Olson, as she nodded her head like crazy.

“You wouldn’t even believe it.” She continued on, “We’ve been ring shopping for almost two months now!” Elizabeth giggled, “I’m surprised she didn’t think something happened.” Olson nudged Sebastian to the side, “Don’t  you want to say something to her?”

“Uh…” He broke under pressure. Especially if one of them was a lie he kept from all his crew members. It’s almost been a week since she disappeared on him. No trace no nothing. He texted about a hundred times a day, left voice mails endlessly. Even tried to call her mother, but apparently she didn’t pick up. As if matters couldn’t be worse, when he drove the eight hour road to go to her moms place, the new owner of the home said the former people who lived here had moved out a month ago prier to this day. “Call me,”

“Well, this is all we have for you, up next Chris Evan-” The TV went dead silent, a small mist of a rainbow left as the residue of colorful screen turned off. She looked behind her, her mother bringing a cup of coffee.

“So, how’s Sebastian?” Her mama asked, sipping her tea. “I’m really sad he couldn’t make it.” Her mom grumbled. “Was really looking to see him again, such a sweetheart.”

“Yeah,” The young lady sighed. Grabbing her phone and going to one of the many missed phone calls he had left. “He’ll be here soon.”

“Oh I hope, dear.”


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Flags (Part One) (Spideypool) (#PrideFic)

Happy Pride Month my Lovelies.

I had a request from a darling anon for Peter and Wade meeting at a Pride Parade, so here we go. Sticking with Andrew Garfield for Peter, Ryan Reynolds for Wade.

If you have a pairing you would like to meet during Pride Month/ at a Pride Event, toss me a message or something and I will see what I can do :)

Wave Your Flag, Babes. 

Part Two

Part Three

J. Jonah Jameson– for all his asshole posturing and shouting and dropping f bombs like he was raining them down on the innocent people below– completely supported Pride Month.

Every June, he instructed his reporters to stop reporting on death and mayhem and that fucking spider and–and  this is a direct quote, mind you—
—–“find someone carrying a rainbow flag and make them a celebrity. This is Pride Month. So let’s show how fucking proud we are of all of them. Fucking ridiculous, people having to hide who they are from the world. Who the fuck cares? Fuck haters. Go find me someone fabulous and fucking flaming to interview. I expect rainbows and glitter and drag queens.”

Granted, Jameson’s attitude might not have been exactly politically correct, and maybe he used the wrong words to describe members of the LGBTQ community, and maybe he still came across as insensitive, but his heart was in the right place. And he certainly might have teared up once or twice or a dozen times when he heard that two of the male reporters in the bullpen were tying the knot finally. He also might have given them two weeks paid vacation for their honeymoon, and a giant bonus because he was so happy for them.

So, brushing aside the incorrect phrasing, and the insensitive but well meaning enthusiasm of the editor, the staff of the Daily Bugle just smiled and ‘yes sir’-ed and went out to follow his instructions– edited of course because a casting call for someone ‘fabulous and fucking flaming’ might not go over as smoothly with the real world.

No one knew why the cantankerous editor suddenly became pro-glitter during June, but they knew him well enough not to question it.

So when Jameson had yelled for Peter to stop photographing that “goddamn wall crawling pain in my ass and get down to the Parade and for gods sake wear something with a unicorn on it!”, Peter had just grinned and grabbed his camera and headed down town.

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Kenyan women have created a female-only village to escape rape and male violence. Julie Bindel reported on it, and the genderists on reddit are crying about how she only went there to support her transphobic agenda and how this female-only village, which let’s be clear is filled with female rape victims, is obviously a hotbed of transphobia for refusing to let men in, and Bindel just covered it up to suit her own purposes.

Genderism is purely woman-hate.

Badass Black Women History Month:
Celebrating 28 Black Women Who Said,
“Fuck it, I’ll Do It!”

Day 23: Lucy Hicks Anderson
Badass Lady Law Breaker

Lucy Hicks Anderson was born in Waddy, KY, but her year of birth is unknown. What is known, is that from 1920 until 1945 she was constantly harassed and prosecuted for living as a woman. While the term “transgender” did not exist at the time, She insisted publicly that a person could appear to be of one sex, but actually belong to the other. 

According to Lucy’s own testimony, when she started school, she insisted on wearing dresses and started calling herself Lucy at a young age. Her mother took her to a doctor, and, amazingly, the doctor advised her mom to raise her as a girl. Lucy quit school at 15 to start working and eventually moved to Texas when she was in her twenties. In 1920, Lucy married Clarence Hicks and moved to New Mexico and, finally, Oxnard, California.

Lucy would continue to work as a maid, but eventually saved enough money to buy property at the center of town. She operated a brothel, divorced her husband and remarried a soldier in 1944. Around this time, it was discovered that Lucy was born male. The Ventura County district attorney decided to try her for perjury, believing she had lied on her marriage license by saying she was a woman. 

Lucy challenged the authority of doctors who insisted she was male. Reporters state that Lucy said, “I defy any doctor in the world to prove that I am not a woman. I have lived, dressed, acted just what I am, a woman.” 

She was still conviced and sentenced to probation for ten years. The harassment would not end there, however. Because Lucy was married to a soldier, she received allotment checks from the Army. The Federal government then decided to prosecute both Lucy and her husband, Reuben, for fraud. They were found guilty and sentenced to prison. After Lucy’s release, she tried to go back to Oxnard, but was told by the local police chief that she had to leave town or risk further prosecution. Lucy decided to live the remainder of her life in Los Angeles and continued to live her life the way she wanted. 

Okay, guys, I keep seeing people who keep thinking that only a few or some of the characters in RWBY follow the color naming rule, and people don’t fully know the details of what the rule actually is, so… here’s the image Monty released way, way back before volume 2. He tweeted it, and I saved it before Twitter made it impossible to view the full size image.

Knowing the naming rules can be helpful in creating an OC, which is exactly why Monty released the color naming rule. So, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the rest of the info in this post, I hope you find the above image useful! :D Also…

“Thus all the names in RWBY (Minus Ozpin… for reasons….) follow this rule.” Every single character except Ozpin “for reasons.”

No more of this “Ironwood doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “Glynda doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “So-and-so doesn’t” stuff. All of them do. And paying close attention to the rules will help you understand how they do follow the rules.

  • Be a color
  • Mean a color
  • Sound like a color
  • Make people think of a color

The name can live up to one or more of those requirements, and it can be

  • First name
  • Last name (Example: Lisa Lavender, the female reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Lavender is a purple flower.)
  • First and last name (Example: Weiss Schnee. Weiss means white, and Schnee means snow, which reminds people of white. Or Dove Bronzewing. Doves are white/gray birds, and Bronzewing has the word bronze in it.)
  • A combination of the first and last names (Example: Cyril Ian, the male reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Miles said his full name is Cyril Ian because it sounds like cerulean.)

Below the Read More is a list of all the named characters as of volume 2’s finale and how they follow the color naming rule, as well as my take (shared with many other people, I’m sure) on how Ozpin doesn’t follow the rule.

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it’s sad that everytime i click on a link that i think is going to be “ok there is something i didn’t know about men’s issues” it’s another false attempt at spreading bad maths with falsified statistics. Everytime I want to know about violence towards men, nowhere in the article does it mention where the violence largely comes from (hint : other men) and they use the big numbers to somehow disprove… what ? that male violence is so real that they actually oppress each others and everyone else ? it’s sad for you, because nothing will ever be done when you just pull shit like this all the damn time. Start checking your sources too, I’m tired of going to the original study to find out that it says otherwise.

Since I’m now pissed at all the lies, let me drop a good fact right now, it’s fucking free : in France, 96% of rapists are males, 91% of victims are females. Between 7-10% victims are males, the usual report being raped by an inmate, or a pedophile (both being males). [Ecoute Télephonique Viols]

Why Do We Want Women To Be Afraid?

This is a serious question that I, as a woman, would love to get an answer to. You might be wondering what in the world I’m talking about so let me give a few examples that I have seen or experienced myself. 

The first one, of course, is the sentiment that women walking alone, especially at night, are more likely to be in serious danger than men, when men are 70% (U.SA & Canada stats) of the victims of violent crimes (excluding sexual assault,  although male victims rarely report it as much as women, but that’s a topic for another time). Men are overwhelmingly the victims of random crime yet women are the ones who are frequently warned about being in danger.

Even when someone brings up rape statistics regarding female victims, where I’ve seen it said that ¼, 1/5, 1/6 of all women will be raped in their lifetime, usually fail to bring up that most assaults were carried out by someone the victim knew, as opposed to a stranger knocking you out and dragging you into a darkened alley. This can further perpetrate the idea that it is not safe to be out an d about as a woman and to be scared of the idea of a creep lurking in the shadows waiting to assault you.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a healthy fear and to be vigilant for your own safety, but the mentality of fear-mongering women to be scared of everyone and everything is not something that should be continued.

So we tell women to be careful on the streets, to watch out for suspicious characters, to not walk alone without self defense tools while men are rarely told the same when they’re the ones most likely to be victimized. Maybe the question I should be asking is Why Do We Not Worry About Men’s Safety? Is it that we view women as being weaker and more likely to be victims of crime or that men are strong and should be able to brush off crime attempts? Nevermind that everyone is equaly weak when facing the barrel of a gun/point of a knife.

(All cases of “we” refers to society as a whole and not you, the reader, or I, the writer, specifically)

misskatieleigh  asked:

For the au prompts: I'm a nurse au with cassian/bodhi? ❤

Prompt: “i’m a nurse and oh my god what happened why are you here i can’t lose you a second time” au

Oh, well, I see you like pain then! :D Here you go!

Cassian was six hours in on a twelve hour overnight ER shift. His feet hurt, his back ached, but he had managed to eat a muffin in between running from getting the overdose patient (female, 35, Caucasian; vomiting, UI indicates alcohol and ecstasy) to detox and the concussion patient (Male, 88, Hispanic; fall with head injury) to the MRI machine. So the shift wasn’t all bad.

Cassian couldn’t lie to himself. The shift wasn’t bad at all. He asked for overnights, and fought any attempt to transfer him out of ER. He liked the chaos, the energy, shifting into “go” mode and not stopping until, worn out and exhausted, his shift was done.

It was why he had made a good cop, back in the day. He liked saving lives. That had also made him a good cop, back in the day. Until it hadn’t.

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