As per requested, here’s a subbed preview of the makoharu swimming pool ‘confession’. :) Translation by @janeypeixes, proofreading by me and subtitles by @arellethram. Together with @aitaikimochi we’re working on bringing you the full sub asap!

High☆Speed Free! Starting Days Movie Translation/Subbing Update!!

@donamoeba, @janeypeixes, and I are completely done with translations and subs by @arellethram are in its final stages.

We only have a few more sections to proofread and cross-check for accuracy, so we will be uploading the subs as a soft-sub later today (Tokyo Time)!

For those who want to check out some of our translations, you can access my part of the movie’s translations that start from 1:16:13 - 1:45:18, basically the ending part of the movie, HERE!

Thank you all for waiting patiently, and we hope to give you a great subbed movie very very soon! ♥♥

This is makorin #54:  “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

Thanks for letting me make this femslash!!



The quiet was awkward.  Makoto felt like she should say something to break it, to get Rin to talk to her, but every time she opened her mouth, the words died in her throat.  What was she supposed to say?  Rin already knew that things were okay now, that Makoto wasn’t mad at her, that they were friends again, so why did everything feel so off?

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This is Haru