Kuno’s Doing Comissions!

(Feel free to ask about example shot pricings)


  1. Uncolored, Uninked: $15
  2. Colored, Uninked: $20
  3. Colored, Inked: $25

Waist Up:

  1. Uncolored, Uninked: $25
  2. Colored, Uninked: $30
  3. Colored, Inked: $35

Full Body:

  1. Uncolored, Uninked: $35
  2. Colored, Uninked: $40
  3. Colored, Inked: $50
  • Extra Characters are +50% of total price
  • Backgrounds may very well cost extra and will vary on complexity, but note that they are not my forte at this time. I can do them, but they can take a lot of effort so it’s going to depend on what you’re asking for. Super simple background I may not charge for, however.
  • NSFW things will need to be discussed.
  • I require full payment before I release any kind of final product to you. However, once I have that full payment, I will send the final product to you and you may request changes as you so choose. In short, payment, then changes. (I’ll send a midway/rough initial sketch tho to make sure we’re on the right path to what you’re desiring).

  • I am friendly and willing to negotiate some things!
  • Any commission over $50-60 may be split up in payments if need be and I’m willing to discuss this!
  • Standard disclaimer: I hold the right to refuse/deny commissions for any reason.
  • ^^ However, this does not mean I won’t draw your ship just because I don’t ship it. Generally, I will not draw anything offensive (pedophilia, incest, and general inappropriate things)
  • Will do my best to draw anything with references (in my style, of course), but I’m pretty much game to draw any character/ship from Legend of Korra as LoK is my main fandom. 
  • I will definitely draw your OC, but references are useful (we can discuss this if you have none).

Little free things:

  • Will put any kind of (non-offensive, non-spammy/dangerous, etc) link in the description. My commissions are promo friendly and I am very willing to put your fanfic/blog/project link in the description and a brief summary if you would like. This is requestable!
  • ^^ Will reblog thing (fanfiction,project, etc) to my own blog too if you send the link and so ask me to.
  • I’m willing to put your commission up on my Redbubble page for your own personal physical purchase of an item (like a notebook, physical print, phone case, etc. There are several item options on Redbubble) or if you would like others to purchase it. Any way you would wish it. Requestable!
  • I’m willing to discuss pretty much anything. All you have to do is ask and, even if the answer might be no or I might say that I’ll have to charge a little or some extra for a thing, please feel free to ask anything! I’m a dork and use emoji’s when I type and just feel free to ask absolutely anything, srsly.

I don’t know how many slots I’ll have or when I’ll close it because it’ll depend on the orders I get. If you can’t do one, I would appreciate a reblog! Thank you! Send me a message here on tumblr or email me at byakukosakura@hotmail.com with “Commission” somewhere in the subject.

Does anyone get in this weird mood to shout “MAKORRA” on their rooftop in the middle of the night and launch fireworks that form images of every single one of their hugs and then proceeding to throw confetti with their first kiss stamped on them to all your neighbors and then run across the globe with a giant “team makorra” flag trailing behind you

Because I do

Decided to edit this picture I made almost a year ago because I liked the bike so much! Got me to challenge myself and draw something besides people. Had a fun time with it and feel really proud of it. I do miss the avatar series and maybe I’ll start drawing it up again. I mean, it did help me get this far :D! ENJOY! Used Photoshop

  • A fanfiction of a ship that i like :filled with cuteness and fluff! Romance , comedy, and more!!!
  • Me :hm, i like it but i want to read something more..
  • A fanfiction of a ship that i like :angst, horror, mentions of character deaths. You will regret reading this
  • Me :that's more i like it