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give me all your thoughts on protective, loving broke!tony showing billionaire!steve the finer and simpler things of life

So billionaire!Steve would be such a workaholic.  I mean, billionaire!Tony keeps odd hours and can sometimes work 72 hours straight, but he still makes time to go to Vegas for the weekend, or fly off to Italy, etc.  Steve, on the other hand, wouldn’t know how to take a break: even when he isn’t working, he’s working… and the thing is, it isn’t even because of selfish reasons, or Steve just wanting to make more money or anything like that.  Steve honestly loves what he’s doing, and wants the company to prosper, because he feels responsible for every single one of his employees, and he believes in his products, and he doesn’t want to drag his name through the mud. 

Broke!Tony would teach Steve how to just kick back with a pizza and some beer, and he’d personally extract Steve from the office and take him to a park.  When Steve is on the verge of passing out from exhaustion, Tony takes him to a movie, or just back to his apartment to watch tv, and Steve usually falls asleep, which is Tony’s intention because Steve would never admit to being tired. 

Tony would drag Steve to the bar to meet up with Rhodey, Pepper, and his other friends, and it would be during these occasions that Steve learns how to socialize without having to worry about business deals.  Tony would tell Steve to meet him in Steve’s garage, and they’d take one of Steve’s cars and just go for a drive, and Steve would learn what it’s like to feel free, driving aimlessly in the countryside with the top down. 

Tony would make Steve stay in bed on Sunday mornings so Steve could catch up on the sleep he’s undoubtedly missed during the work week, and after, Steve would thank him with some mind-blowing sex. 

Sometimes I know some members of my extended family dislike me bc I’m biracial and if they knew a lot of other things about me they’d hate me more

But I also remember when I become a doctor I’m going to make more money doing something I love than they ever did in their lifetimes so it all evens out don’t it?

imagine jed as the fun substitute for mr. octavius’s class

and every time octy comes back, his class whines about how fun the sub was and why cant you be more like mr jedediah and wah wah

meanwhile jed only hears horror stories of the evil mr. octavius who gives tests every monday and doesn’t grade on a curve

and so they never meet but spend the entire school year slowly learning to hate each other based on whatever they hear from the class

until Mr. Daley catches the flu and Jed’s the only available substitute- and his classroom just so happens to be opposite Mr. Octavius’s

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Zoe kravitz goes Wolf skin. X GQ Is there not a day this girl doesn’t slay? Zoe kravitz is kicking butt, and obviously the gym too a she shows off her rocking body for GQ. Coming off the high of being apart of two of the most box office money making hits like the widely loved “Insurgent” and “Mad Max furry road” Going for a wild wolf theme, and edgy greatness Zoe opened up about being a triple threat, and paying her dues that’s why she works so hard. “It’s interesting that we’ve come to a place where people are expected to just do one thing. You used to have to be a triple threat to make it in Hollywood. Think about Gene Kelly and everyone. You used to have to sing, you used to have to dance. You were an entertainer.” She also says she doesn’t do all this for money, she does it to pay her dues. I’m sure being the daughter of Lenny kravitz, and Lisa Bonet film writers and big guns just give you roles, but Zoe is making her own name in the game on her own terms. Its good to see someone making it off their own talent and not use everything their parents name can get them in. Fashion point! The Indian, fur of wolf bikini is freaking genius! Since Zoë is a rocker in her pop rock band Lola wolf, its only right to spike up that tribal Essence in this shoot. Make up is so earthly, and barely there like a peek a boo…I love it. Her body is killing it! I love that Zoe very in tune and comfortable with her body, now its all about being thick, or having big boobs or bigger butt and Zoe is just chilling…and can still take your dude.