Making this made me feel very warm inside


bittersamgirlclub TOP 5 PROMPT #11: TOP 5 SAM-PRAISE MOMENTS 

Making this made me feel all warm and squishy inside, there are many other little moments I could have chosen and that makes me very happy. Sometimes it feels like Sam is so underappreciated, both in fandom and in universe, so to focus on all those moments where characters talk or feel about Sam the same way we do is just wonderful.

These are not necessarily in any order, although those first two are pretty much interchangeably in first place.

  1. Marie - Fan Fiction - I just love how with three words Marie manages to sum up so much of what we all adore about Sam, those core facets of his being that make Sam so beautiful. But what I love even more is “there’s nothing he can’t do”. There’s something so powerful about that, and it’s so true on so many levels. The way in which Sam has defied destiny and other’s expectations for him, time and again. Working his way to a full ride to Stanford. Building himself a new life, not once, but twice from the ground up. Overcoming the devil. How could anyone not believe that Sam is capable of anything after reading about that! The other thing I love about Marie is that, although she exists in universe, she gives us an out of universe perspective on Sam, in that sense I find her, and her praise of Sam to be very relatable, it feels as if I am being voiced directly through the show. Of course the fact that Sam did not hear this praise saddens me, but I think it is incredibly important that Dean did hear it, to be reminded of all those things that deep down he knows, and loves about his brother.
  2. Jess - Pilot - I think its no secret how much I adore Sam/Jess and their relationship. Of course we only get tiny slivers of their life together, these fleeting moments, but ones like this especially I think illuminate their relationship perfectly. In this scene, Jess makes absolutely sure that Sam knows how proud of him she is, bringing up his LSAT score, praising how amazing it is, making sure he knows she’s serious when she says she’s proud, that she wasn’t just kidding around, that she really means its and that she believes in him. I think Jess was painfully aware of how little, if ever, Sam had been exposed to the concept of someone being proud of him and that intentionally worked to rectify that at every available opportunity (I might have written a little ficlet about this *cough*shamelessplug*cough*). We hear in ‘Phantom Traveller’ that apparently John expressed his pride in Sam to others, but clearly withheld it from Sam himself, the fact that Jess goes out of her way to ensure that Sam knows how she feels is just SO important.
  3. Mr Wyatt - After School Special - This episode in general is just EVERYTHING to me, but this moment in particular is incredibly special and I think actually instrumental in shaping Sam. I think its quite likely given Sam’s reaction to thinking the Mr Wyatt was going to fail him, that prior to this scene Sam was actually rather apathetic about school, moving from place to place, never being able to make real connections, he probably loved learning and studying but was unable to find reasons to really care about doing well when in a few days he’d be off to the next school anyway, when he saw nothing in his future but more of what his entire life had been, death and danger and loneliness. Mr Wyatt not only praised Sam’s academic abilities, but more importantly he allowed Sam to believe that there could be something beyond his current life, that he was capable of escaping that, of building something of his own.
  4. Dean - Scarecrow - I love, love, love this moment! Firstly, I’m pretty certain that this is the first time Sam has heard the words “I’m proud of you” from anyone other than Jess, look at his reaction, he’s completely at a loss for what to do or say and just taken aback entirely. What’s also important here is what Dean is praising Sam for. Dean is saying that he’s proud of Sam for the very things that go Sam disowned and dissociated from his family, for things that Dean in the past (and sadly will again in the future) had criticised Sam for. Standing up to John and forging his own way were actions that Sam had been led to believe time after time were deep and terrible betrayals and things that he should feel ashamed of, that Dean in this moment acknowledges that they are in fact great strengths and worthy of admiration is just so incredibly important.
  5. Sarah - Clip Show - I actually think this one is a little odd, because I think what Sarah is picking up on here is Sam’s determination to finish the trails and to 'right’ all the perceived wrongs he was done, to make up for all the ways he believes he’s let Dean down, and I can’t really feel that that is a positive thing. On the other hand, Sarah a) doesn’t know the context of what she’s seeing, she’s genuinely trying to and say something good about Sam b) at this point in the season people who bolster Sam in anyway, especially to his face, are so few and far between that anything along those lines is like manna in the desert….

sunflowerchester — I finally finished it! hahah…

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Sene getting a PROPER dicking under the moonlight. Bonus points for hair pulling, and getting SUPER kinky.

Sweet release. Solas and Sene, just married, sexing each other good in the grass, by the light of the moon. Their favorite thing to do. This is NSFW.

tags #showmethegodpenis: @tel-abelas-mofo @thevikingwoman @consumed-by-veilfire @redinkofshame @ma-sulevin. This one was fun.

Creatures of Habit

Sene and Solas had about three acres of land in Crestwood. It was enough to ensure their privacy. And so after they were finally married, they became very careless.

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Valhalla is where you are - Part 3

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

1 | 2

Words: 1862

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

Tags: Violence

Björn pushed open the heavy, wooden doors. Music and the smell of ale drifted towards the both of you as you entered the room where the feast was being held. “Björn, my dear friend.” You saw Floki running towards you and you raised an eyebrow in suspense. Floki giggled and leaned towards you to touch your face before he turned to Björn. “Why are you so late boy? The feast doesn’t wait for latecomers. Not even the first son of Ragnar Lothbrok.” Björn looked at you before he answered Floki. “We were..” But he didn’t even get the chance to finish his sentence. Floki grabbed the cup of ale which Helga brought and pressed it into Björn’s hands. “I don’t care, boy. Drink.” Again that typical giggle. Björn grinned and put the cup of ale to his lips. “All of it.” Floki commanded and Björn did so. Helga put her hand gentle on Björn’s shoulder. “We are so happy you are back.” She said and stroke over the back of his head. “Aren’t we, y/n?” Helga turned towards you and smiled sincere. “Ofcourse we are.” You said and nodded your head. It was strange, having people such as Floki and Helga talking to you. You weren’t a servant, but you weren’t a famous villager either. The influence Björn had on you and on your surroundings was unimaginable, even although he just got back from being gone for years. “Your father is waiting.” Helga said and pointed towards a long table at the end of the room. In the middle sat Ragnar, to his left sat Lagertha and to his right there was Aslaug. Björn looked at you and nodded in the direction of the table. “Are you coming with me?” he asked as he leaned towards you. “If you want me to.” - “Don’t be so crazy. Ofcourse I want you with me.” He said with a smile and started to walk towards his father. There was a certain distance between the both of you. A distance that hadn’t been there a few minutes ago when you were still in your bedroom. But you understood it, it wasn’t easy for Björn to show it to the people of Kattegat so fast. First he had to make sure some things for himself before he could focus one hundred percent on you. But the way he looked at you, the little smiles, the subtle touches, it made you feel warm inside. And maybe, very maybe it was even more exciting this way. It was a secret, your secret.
You arrived in front of the table where the tree high-placed people sat. Respectfully you bowed your head a little and felt how Björn was watching you when you did so. “You must eat Björn, if you want to become as fierce as your father.” Ragnar said with a grin on his face. On his lap sat Ubbe, munching on a chicken leg. Hvitserk was sitting with Aslaug. “I will, father.” Björn answered and smilled. After that he made preparative to walk to the table next to theirs. “You did well today.” Ragnar said at last and Björn looked over his shoulder to his father. You could see the little smile appear on his face, the way he looked up to his father was unimaginable. “But like I said, you have got a lot to learn.” Lagertha sighed and looked aside towards Ragnar. She had an irritated glance on her face. Lagertha gestured to you and Björn to walk further, and when the both of you were out of hearing distance you saw her talking to her ex-husband. “What is she saying?” you asked Björn carefully. “My mother doesn’t like the things my father already is expecting of me.” You hummed in an understanding way. “And what do you think?” Björn shrugged his shoulders as he took place at the table. You sat right next to him. “I don’t care what I have to do. I just want to make my father proud.” He admitted and started to fill his plate. “You did Björn. And you will make him even more proud when the time comes.” Björn turned his head towards you and smiled. “Time will tell.” He said and put a hand beneath the table on your leg. Softly he stroke over the edge of the skirt you were wearing and felt some of your bare skin. When he saw you shiver he raised his eyebrows in a teasing way and took his hand back. “Now eat.” He commanded you in a gentle way and put some food on your plate also.
The tables with food had emptied as the time passed by. Just as the barrels with ale had. The mood in the room had become much looser than before. People were dancing, yelling, making music and making out in the corners of the room. There were even some fools running with their bare feet over the smoldering coals of the fireplace. You and Björn were laughing with an elder viking who told a stupid joke. A joke that wouldn’t have been funny if he’d told it an hour ago. But the alcohol in your veins worked in his advantage. Björn held a fork in his hand and stabbed it into the oaken wooden table from laughter. “Aslaug is watching you, Björn.” It was a voice you recognized, but Björn didn’t. “And I don’t think she likes you ruining her furniture.” Behind you had appeared a tall guy. He held his firm arms crossed over each other as he watched Björn. You held your breath an stood up from the bench you were sitting on. Immediately Björn looked at you in a questioning way. “This is..” you tried to say with an unsteady tone in your voice. It was quite clear you weren’t at ease. “Oh, you didn’t introduce me to him yet? Am I not important enough, y/n?” Björn also stood up which made the bench move a little backwards. You could see he felt intimidated by the appearance of the boy he didn’t knew, so he wasn’t planning on staying put. “Y/n?” Björn said to you with a frown on his eyebrows as he looked at the guy in front of him. He wanted to know from you who he was. “Kettil.” The guy introduced himself before you could do so. “And why are you worth introducing?” Björn asked Kettil with a deep, raspy undertone in his voice. Kettil laughed and put his hand on your shoulder. “Well..” - “Get your filthy hands off me.” You snapped at him immediately and pushed his hand away from your body. Kettil frowned his eyebrows and did a step forward towards you, obviously not entertained by your gesture. But before he could lay any finger on you again, Björn stepped in between. “Walk by.” He warned Kettil, even though he didn’t exactly knew what was going on. “You really think you can just appear back in Kattegat after all these years and immediately claim everything as your own?” Björn shook his head when Kettil spoke those empty words. “I am not claiming anything.” He snarled and made himself taller to protect you. “You are claiming y/n.” Kettil scoffed and pushed Björn to his shoulder in a warning way. Björn had to take a step backwards by the force Kettil used. So he bumped into you but prevented you from falling by wrapping his arm around you. When he stood stable on his feet again he looked at you in a questioning way. “Don’t listen to him Björn. He is manipulating you just as he manipulated me.”
“He did what?” Björn asked, felt the anger flood through his veins. Anger that was all pointed to Kettil. “He assaulted me.” You whispered quite ashamed. There was no time for details. You saw how Kettil’s eyes filled with rage when you told Björn. “Watch out!” You yelled to Björn, warning him for Kettil that stormed your way. Björn immediately responded by bursting his shoulder in the sternum of Kettil. The young Viking gasped for breath and grasped for his neck searching for fresh air. But Björn didn’t stop, there was a sort of rage in him you’d never seen before. It looked like he was going to protect you as if it were the last thing on eath he’d do. He grabbed Kettil by his troat, threw him backwards on another table filled with food. The people who sat there jumped aside and the cutlery and food flew round. People were starting to gather around the fight. They were clapping their hands, shouted encouraging. Eventually Kettil managed to crawl on his feet again and looked at Björn while trying to catch his breath. “Leave.” Björn commanded with a raw voice. “Or you are going to regret it.” Kettil laughed sarcasticly from the other side of the table. “Are threats all you have got, Björn Ragnarsson?” And that was the trigger. Björn ran towards the table that stood in between him and Kettil. Agile he jumped on it and ran towards his enemy. You turned away your face, tried not to look what was going to happen. Kettil grabbed a knife from the table and held it up at the same time Björn jumped upon him. The blade cut shallow in the skin on Björn’s flank. He muttered softly, but didn’t stop attacking Kettil. He pushed the guy to the ground, sat right above him as he clenched his hands into fists. It was after he gave him a few firm hits with his fists he felt someone pulling him away from the guy. Vidar “Björn.” He yelled to get some sense in him and stop him from whacking Kettil. Björn growled as he was pulled him away from his enemy. “Let go of me.” Björn shouted and tried to escape Vidar’s grip on him. In the meantime Kettil got back on his feet. His eyes were swollen, from his nose ran two trickles of blood. You took a few steps back when you saw him look at you with his face full of blood. “He harmed her dignity.” Björn told your brother. Immediately he released his grip on Björn and looked at you. “Is this true, y/n?” For a second you looked at the ground, ashamed that this had become so public. “Yes.” You whispered. Vidar laughed full disbelief, a dark smile as he turned his head to Kettil. “You’re going to pay for this.” And with those words Vidar threw himself on Kettil. In the meantime Björn came towards you. Carefully he put his arm around you to made you feel safe. “Let me get you out of here.” You nodded and felt a tear run down your cheek. Björn tried to sooth you by pressing his lips to the side of your head. You buried your head to his chest as you walked towards the way out of the room. Björn looked over your head and caught the look of his father. Ragnar was standing up, Ubbe still on his arm. On his face there was a lopsided grin and slowly, almost invisible he nodded in approval.

Drinks? Tom Hiddleston x Reader one shot

Prompt: can you do one when youre an actress (not very well known) and you meet tom hiddleston at an awards show and he falls in love with you!!!!!
A/N: I really liked writing this one, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I hope you like it :)

Originally posted by staralbums

It was the night of your first red carpet, you’d asked your best friend to come with you but she couldn’t make it. It’s not embarrassing to go alone… right? For an hour before you had to start getting ready, you contemplated not going. It’s not like I’m going to win as your reasoning.

Despite not wanting to go alone, you began to get ready anyway – it was to celebrate your first MAJOR role in a film after all, how could you not go?!

The limo sent to pick you up arrived outside your house, double-checking you had picked up everything you needed, you headed out of the door. 


As you were walking down the red carpet, you were blinded by and in a state of total wonder at the flashing cameras, the crowds of fans, the other actors lined up around the press giving interviews. 
“Beautiful, isn’t it” said a voice behind you, pulling you out of the trance you were in,
“It’s amazing!” you exclaimed spinning around. As you did, you looked up to see a pair of bright, beautiful bluey green eyes staring down at you. A handsome man with a smile on his face. 
“Where’s your date?” he asked politely,
“Oh, I’m… I’m here alone, where’s yours?” 
“A girl as beautiful as you, unaccompanied at an event, that’s grounds for a scandal!” he joked. “I’m here alone too, would you allow me the honour of being your date tonight?”
“Sure” you smiled, “I’m Y/N, by the way”
“Yes, I’m familiar with your work” a smile spread across his face. “And I’m-”
“You’re Tom Hiddleston, although I can’t say I’m familiar with your work” you winked; he knew you were joking and the two of you laughed.

“May I?” he asked gesturing for you to take his arm.
“Certainly sir” you replied taking his arm.
The two of you walked down towards the press area arm in arm, talking and laughing. Photographers and fans snapping photos of the two of you as you waved in response to their shouting. 

When you got to the press area, tom was pulled in one direction and you in the other. Conducting your respective interviews, every time you glanced over your shoulder Tom was looking at you. 

Afterwards, he found you in the lobby and suggested that after the ceremony you should meet up for drinks. Almost too eagerly, you agreed. 

The next morning, you were sat on the sofa watching TV, very quietly, still slightly hungover from the night before. The highlights from last night’s ceremony come on the TV, seeing Tom you remembered the lovely evening you had spent together - the perfect gentleman! You turned the TV up so you could hear what he was saying. Watching intently, you noticed that he was looking over his shoulder constantly.
“What is it you’re looking at?” you heard the interviewer ask from behind the camera. Before he answered the camera panned over in the direction that Tom was looking. You. You were on the screen, talking to another interviewer. As the camera came back to Tom, he said “that, that is Y/N Y/L/N”
“Oh, are the two of you here together?”
“No no” he laughed “neither of us is here with anyone so we just walked down the red carpet together” he couldn’t help but smile. Neither could you.
“Are the two of you working on a project together?”
“No,” he replied “but I hope we can…. because I think I’m in love” he smiled and the interview cut off. You turned off the TV, grinning to yourself, hugging a cushion and unable to control your feet which were now excitedly tapping on the sofa.

Tom Hiddleston was in love. Tom Hiddleston was in love with you.

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What are your favourite names for a boy or girl? What's the most special gift you've ever given or received? What is the one book/movie that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? What outfit makes you feel like you can take on the world? Hope you're having a spectacular day <3

Names I like: Atticus, Parker, James, Zacharias, Ezekiel, Scout, Maisie

Most special gift: The home-made gifts that my best friend and I have given each other. Anything personalised is always the most touching. Having a couple of songs written about me was very special too.

Book: Harry Potter, Mindy Kaling’s and Amy Poehler’s

Movies: Now And Then, It Takes Two, The Parent Trap, The Best of Me

What makes me feel like I can take on the world: a good workout, my music, a good outfit, new travel plans or just a good old fashioned positive attitude 

Hope you are too, sunshine!! x

Arranged Marriage: Suho Edition. Part 6

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5

Tell me if you like it!! 

Word Count: Exactly 4444! this is so cool!!!

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When I left the room, I immediately ran to my room. The warmth of my soft bed sheets and fluffy blankets were necessary for my current state. I hid my face in the pillows and tried to shut out the world. The small amount of alcohol in my body, made it easier for me, not to think about everything that had happened. Not only downstairs, but everything that had been happening around me for a month. Jian’s frequent visits were the reason I couldn’t get closer to my husband, and now I realized that it had been impossible even without it.

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qnthem replied to your post: at everyone who’s tagged me in any kind of nice…

u always make me feel better about the world and u made me start playing fe awakening, i love the game bc it reminds me of u!!! sorry i’m rambling on ur post!!! i love u!!!!!!!!

dont ever apologize lynn your presence is very warm and kind & its like someone told you a very nice inside joke!!! im so happy you started playing FE hjfdhg you Gotta tell me how you’re liking it later : ‘ 0

GOT7 Reaction To You Saying “I didn’t think my crush would become my boyfriend.”

JB: Although he wouldn’t show it as much, this would really touch his heart. He’d shyly smile and he would pull you into a tight hug, one arm around your lower back and the other gently placed on the back of your head. He’d then smile widely, showing his teeth, almost chuckling to himself, as his heart beat a little faster,touched by your words, ans he holds you in his embrace, never wanting to let you go. (y’all this just made me die and he ain’t even my bias. goddammit jaebum)

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MARK: You two would be watching a movie late a night, you resting your head on his shoulder, saying it half-asleep as you doze off. Mark would giggle and rest his head on top of yours. He’d pick up you head, ever so lightly and kiss it, holding it as you both fall asleep.

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JACKSON: He’d take this very personally and be sentimental. Your words would make him feel super warm inside. He’d cuddle you in closer to him. “And I never thought that my crush would become mine either…I love you babe.”

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JINYOUNG: A laugh/breath of air would escape his lips before covering up his mouth with his hand, laughing. He’d then pat your head. “Aiishhh my jagi is so cheesy.” You two would laugh and continue your fun date with Jinyoung. 

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YOUNGJAE: Youngjae would get super shy and blushy. He’d giggle at your comment, dying from endearment, yelling. “What is this?” he’d asking, laughing until he almost couldn’t breathe. Once he caught his breath, he’d proceed to tell you how much he loves you.

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BAMBAM: Bambam would be in shock as he playfully scoffed. He had always thought the same thing, wondering how he was lucky enough to have someone like you. “Why would you think that? I’ve had a crush on you for forever! I never thought you’d like me back!”

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YUGYEOM: This would mean a lot of Yugyeom. He’d let out a big smile and lean in closer to you, pecking your lips. “Well, I did, I am, and I’m all yours.”

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(Thank you for requesting! Sorry this took me so long to write! I hope you enjoyed it!~)

- Admin Ven <33

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to ten of your favourite followers, spread positivity ❤️

‘`( ꒪Д꒪),、 

  • I draw things they (x) 
  • I have seen (most of) my fav bands live and collected precious goodies from concerts.. like setlists and guitar picks……
  • I have made internet friends across the globe, and it makes me feel very warm inside to be welcome in some distant country…
  • I have very high IQ (and lower than average EQ) which allows me to joke how I’m the harbinger of the impending machine takeover
  • I can type very fast and with no errors, so fast, that when I did speed typing tests online, I broke the scale and got asked to confirm if I’m not a robot ……which also allows me to joke how I’m the harbinger of the impending machine takeover

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to my bby, aleksandra. 💕 i would like to personally thank you for tagging me in that gif of mark because just knowing that you thought of my blog while looking at it makes me feel all warm and happy inside. ✨🌸 i was having a shitty day at work but you made it better. once again, tysm and i love you. 💝 sincerely, cam who loves your blog very very much. ☺️

To literally the cutest baby, cam. You’re so precious and soft your kind words always make me so happy I cannot 😭😭 I hope your day got better and you’re feeling good now 💞💖💞💖 I want to give you all the flowers in the world 🌹🌼💐🌸🌷💐🌺🏵️🌸💐🌼

SCM: Bikini

“Anonymous said: Can you do Leon, Scorpio and dui and hue reaction when they saw mc bikini? I hope this makes sense😖”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No 

“Y/N! If you don’t come out right now I will drag you.”
Threatened Dui as he leaned on the door frame.

“Threaten me all you want Dui, I’m not scared.”

“Oh really now.” Dui smirked and made his way towards you. You were unaware of his actions so you decided to ignore him and just read the magazine you were holding.

However he showed up in front of you with a smirk written on his face. You didn’t like the way we was looking at you and you tried to leave the place as fast as you can but you failed.

Dui carried you like a sack of rice on his shoulders. No matter how many time you told him to put you down he would listen.

“Okay I’ll put you down now.”

He dropped you down the swimming pool. “DUI! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” You shouted the moment you were floating on the surface.

You saw towards the edge of the pool and pushed yourself up. “Ugh Dui, look what you’ve done! I’m all wet cause of you.”

Dui forgot you were wearing a white shirt so when you were soaked your bikini showed under. You didn’t like the shirt sticking to your skin and took it off.

He was lost for words and just looked at you. “Like what you see Dui?” You teased him. Dui blushed and walked towards you to give you a kiss on your lips. “Yes, I like it a lot.”

“Hey Hue, which bathing suit should I wear?” You asked your boyfriend who was reading a book.

“Pick whatever you love better plus, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in either one of them.” He replied as he flipped the page of his book. He didn’t even bother looking up.

You ran to your bathroom and changed to the bathing suit you liked better. It was a little revealing in the upper area but other than that, it fit perfectly.

You made your way to the pool and Huedhaut was still lying on the chair reading his book. Even though it was just the two of you in the mansion, you couldn’t help but feel why about the bikini you were wearing.

When Huedhaut look up over his book, he saw you. His gorgeous goddess wearing something very sexy and made him avert his eyes from you.

“So you finally decided to come out.” He said in a confident tone. “However you really picked something very daring in front of me. I’m glad that the other Gods are away because I wouldn’t want them drooling over my gorgeous goddess.”

His statement made your cheeks feel warm and it wasn’t because of the sun at all.

All the Gods were sitting around the pool when Leon realized that you were still inside. Being impatient he walked back inside the mansion and found you making your way outside. “Tsk, you’re so slow Goldfish.”

His eyes trailed from your head to your toes and he had a smirk on his face. “Oh.. Well… What can I say. I guess you’re okay.” He teased.

Rolling your eyes at him, you followed him out to the pool. Scorpio was under an umbrella reading a book. Huedhaut was cooking some barbecue while Dui watched him cook. Ichythys and Teorus was playing with the beach ball in the pool.

“Y/N!!! You’re here!” Ichthys was the first one to spot you.

All the God turned towards you and stopped what they’re doing. Teorus and Ichthys had their jaws hang open. While Dui, Huedhaut and Scorpio averted their eyes and blushed.

“Oi what’s the matter with you all. Ah… I get it, it’s because of Y/N isn’t it. I know, she’s hot and all but let me make it clear to the rest of you she’s mine, and mine alone.” He smirked earning a sigh from everyone.

“Damnit woman could you hurry up? We’re going to be late!”
He yelled outside of the bathroom. Sighing in defeat you grabbed a shirt and shorts over your bikini. 

Scorpio was growing impatient but the moment he heard the bathroom door open he grabbed your hand. He didn’t even bother looking at your outfit. The moment he snapped his fingers the two of you were now at the beach and Ichthys waved at the two of you. 

He held your hand and walked towards the other Gods. Today was such a beautiful day at the beach. Scorpio, Huedhaut, Leon and Dui were incharge of the food since Teorus and Ichthys aren’t very reliable. They promised they wouldn’t use their powers and you waited to see how this would turn out.

“Y/N! Come on the water is nice and cold! Come join us!” Ichthys yelled. 

You put your book down and took your shirt and shorts off. Noticing that everyone was watching, you felt a little insecure. 

“Damn, that Goldfish has some nice curves Scorpio. No wonder why you fell for her.” Teased Leon. 

Scorpio blushed, “Shut your mouth stupid Lion.” 

Before you could even take another step Scorpio put his shirt over your body and whispered “You’re going to swim with my shirt whether you like it or not. I don’t want Teo and that stupid fish drooling over you.”

You found it really cute how Scorpio was being over protective and since you didn’t want to get him mad, you followed his order and made your way towards the water.

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hiii I hope this isn't too much of a bother, but do you have any scenarios or writers that you'd like to recommend? Or do you have a fic rec tag?

Ahh you’re not a bother at all! ^^ I don’t have a ficrec tag, but considering the amount of fics I read I really should. If anything, I love reading scenarios just as much as I do writing them! Here are some fics/writers that you should really check out.

  • duizhangdeluxe - Ahh, how could you not love Amanda’s writing? She has a ton of different muses that you’re going to love reading about. My personal favorite is sweet prince overdose!kai. ;;; Plus she’s super sweet, she even let me write a poem about o!kai for a class assignment! When she’s not writing full scenarios, she’s always answering asks/playing muse games! Please go give her fics a read, she’s honestly one of the best writers out there and deserves a lot of love! Don’t blame me if you fall in love with her muses like I have. ;;
  • an-exotic-writer - Of course I have to mention Missy! She writes for so many groups and updates like everyday? Like how? How do you achieve that level of mastery? Her EXO scenarios are great, and let me tell you, I don’t usually read BTS scenarios, but I read hers. ;; They’re just so good! Her writing feels very personal; as you’re reading, you can’t help but get immersed in it because her writing just makes you feel, you know? It’s really something you should see for yourself, so go check her out. ^^
  • thesammtimes - Samm writes such lovely stories! She updates quite often and I love reading her writing! She also writes very good nsfw stuff hahaha. I’ve spent a shameful amount of time reading her smut, oops. She writes for a multitude of groups; you can find them on her masterlist!
  • pandabearlikes - Okay, let’s be real here. Lila is one of my favorite writers of all time. That’s right, of all time. Her stories are so magical and wonderful and amazing, and you’re really missing out if you haven’t read them yet. I started reading her fics even before I made this blog, and she’s the one who inspired me to start posting my own scenarios! Beautiful Distraction was the first story of hers that I ever read, and I was hooked. But if you’re going to read only one story, then One Thousand Years is my number one recommendation. It’s so so so good. That story wrecked me so badly. Her stories make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, and I could go on and on about how much I love her writing, but I’ll stop here for now!
  • exo-nerates - My dear Cat, she writes so well and her titles are the best! Two of my favorites are Media Naranja and Induratize! (Of which I’m still patiently waiting for part 5 hahaha.) She was my first real friend on here, and I can’t believe we’ve known each other since January and still talk. ;; She’s super duper nice so you can always shoot her a message!
  • ex0imagines - Her scenarios are just… wow. ;; I’ve been following her writing for a long time now, and she never fails to impress. Mafia Sehun is one of my all time favorites! Also, I seldom read Suho scenarios but this is by far one of the best I’ve ever read. I’m not lying when I say that I’ve stayed up at unholy hours of the night reading her fics… also I get so oddly excited when she updates, I’m just like /heavy breathing/ and then I internally scream a little before I read hahaha. Is that weird? I just love her writing so much, go give it a read!
  • dontimagineyourbias - Just a lovely collection of optional bias imagines for your pleasure! ^^ She also wrote her first one-shot series, which is really good so definitely send her some love!
  • exobtsimagination - Ah, they always update so often! ^^ Several admins run this blog and they’re all very sweet. :) I’ve been patiently waiting for the next update of Partners in Crime hahaha. Their one shots are great as well, and they have tons of reactions!
  • modestlydreaming - Let’s just say… I stumbled upon this one day… and to this day I think about it more than I should… /sweats/ And I’m just going to leave this here, because I’m smut-reading trash. A great nsfw writer! ^^
  • dvehyun - Ah, I love her writing style! ^^ It’s very mystical; she gives a lot of detail but it’s delivered in a way that’s extremely beautiful and it leaves you wanting more. I find myself immersed in her writing, and Looking Up from Underneath is my favorite scenario of hers! It’s actually what inspired my own mermaid series, so I’d like to thank her for that. :) She writes for a ton of groups so you can find her masterlist here!
  • chanyeolthetype - A collection of ‘Chanyeol the type’ posts, by the wonderful admins (who also run some of my favorite EXO blogs) and submitters! Of course I’m leaving this because I’m trash, but also this because we all need some daily fluff. ;; You all should definitely submit to them when you have the chance!
  • causekpop - Ah, I love her writing! Her one-shots are great, and the first thing I ever read from her was Gangster Tao. She writes for a ton of groups, but you can find her EXO masterlist here. (With some very nice nsfw fics, might I add.)
  • keypea - Absolutely love her writing. Her TLFN series is hilarious (this is a personal favorite), and her Different Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ series makes my heart melt. She writes for several different groups so there’s something for everyone! ^^
  • hitchhikingbabeh - My goodness, I stumbled upon her writing very recently and I’m so glad I did. As soon as I started reading Brontide, I knew that she was an excellent writer. Not to mention Nyctophilia? Her writing is so eloquent and beautiful, and I was so absorbed into her prose, dotted with tiny details that I found all the more interesting. Definitely a writer I would recommend! ^^
  • chan-chanyeol - Her writing is so lovely! Centigrade made me feel so warm inside. ^^ And Miscalculations had me giggling, it was too cute and funny! She’s really creative and she’s written tons of scenarios with different AUs, so check her out! ^^
  • beautifykpop - I love her writing! Especially her Baekhyun scenarios. My favorite of hers is Reunions, that one made my heart all fluttery ahh. She fulfills requests as well and her ask box is open, so go send her a request! :)
  • dreamingexodus - Okay, I almost cried while reading Days Gone By. What a mess I was. And Mission Impossible had me in shambles because it was way too cute. ;; I see her quite often in the scenarios tag. Her writing has great voice so you should definitely read it! ^^
  • krismebaobei - Alright, another writer whom I stumbled upon recently, and I’m so in love with her writing! My absolute favorite is Click; I thought it was hilariously cute and it was so cool to see her perception of the boys as bloggers! I love the voice she puts into her writing, it makes you feel more connected to the story. The great thing about her style is that it’s realistic, and that’s the number one thing I look for in writing. The character interactions are believable and you can place yourself into the story easily. Check out her masterlist here!

I apologize for being so long-winded… but seriously, all of these writers are so so so talented and deserve a lot of love! They’re all so creative and have definitely inspired me in one way or another. If you have any other fic/writer suggestions for me, send me a message! (Even though I already spend an unhealthy amount of time stalking the EXO scenarios tag…) I hope you enjoy reading my recs and continue to support us writers who work so hard. <3

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Hey there! Could I request Ryosuke, Haruichi, Miyuki, Kuramochi, and Sawamura having a crush on their babysitter when they were younger and maybe telling them to wait for them to grow up so they can get married? I hope that actually makes sense, thank you and have a lovely day!

fear not, it totally makes sense! I was actually gardening earlier today and struck with inspiration so here you go ~Admin Tress


“E-Eijun-chan…” You didn’t know what to say at the potted flower tied with red ribbon that was apparently the child’s gift to you. 

“I grew it all by myself,” the little boy beamed proudly, “Otou-san reminded me to water it every day and give it lots of sunlight and talk to it so it wouldn’t be lonely.” 

You could only return his smile at the pure enthusiasm to which he was pointing out the pretty green color of the leaves of the plant he grew for you. 

Suddenly, his big golden eyes welled up with tears and he clutched your hands, shaking, “[Name], do you have to go?” 

You threaded your fingers through his hair, heart breaking at the sight of the tears on the face of a boy who normally had nothing but sunshine grins, “I do, Eijun-chan, and I’m sorry.” 

He sniffled. “But what if you forget about me? What if you meet someone else and like them more than me?” 

“Oh Eijun,” you sighed, pulling him into a hug, “I promise I’ll never forget you.” 

“Not ever?”

“Not ever.”

“Then,” he pulled his fists away from his eyes long enough for you to see them brighten, “Promise that you’ll wait for me to grow up. By the time you come back, I’ll be old enough for us to get married. Promise me.” He held out his pinky.

You hooked yours around his. “I promise.” 

((If it’s not clear, s/o’s leaving for an undetermined amount of time and Eijun grows them a flower to remember him by ))



You could hear the energetic boy’s shout from meters away where you were watching the children play. 

“Is something wrong, Youichi?” you asked, noting the redness in his cheeks and how he seemed to be hiding something behind his back.

“Yes! I mean no! I mean,” he looked away from you, trying to quell the butterflies smashing into every corner of his belly, “This is for you!” Dirt-smudged fingers shoved a handful of wildflowers and a plastic ring into yours. “Dad said that I should ask you before it was too late, so…” Scuffing his feet, the child awkwardly bent down on one knee, “Will you marry me when I’m old enough? I promise I’ll take care of you and make you happy and all that…stuff.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Of course, Youichi. I’d be honored.”

He visibly relaxed, a happy grin beginning to replace the anxious expression he had previously been wearing, “You won’t regret this [Name]! But you promised, too, so you better not forget!”    


“Ah! Ryosuke, the phone!” You were busy with a crying Haruichi, a spilled carton of milk, and apple sauce dripping down both your shirts. 

“Don’t worry [Name], I’ve got it.” At 7, Kominato Ryosuke was more a fellow babysitter than one of the children you were supposed to be looking after, but you didn’t mind. In fact, you were more than grateful for his mature nature, a stark contrast from the majority of the screaming kids you babysat. 

“Who was that?” You asked, wiping Haruichi’s face after Ryosuke had put the phone down. 

“Just a salesperson,” he responded, coming over to help you clean up, “We should put Haruichi to bed soon.” 

“Agreed.” The child was just beginning to settle down at the sight of his brother.

Ten minutes later found the two of you sitting on the back porch, popsicles in hand and bare feet dangling off the wooden planks.

“Ne, [Name],” Ryosuke began, an unusually serious edge to his voice.

“Is something on your mind?” You hummed lazily, eyes trained on the starry expanse above. 

“Marry me.” 

“Now?” You were too used to Ryosuke’s personality to be fazed by such a request. He never ceased to be unpredictable. 

“Of course not. When I’m older. You’ll wait for me?”

“I’ll wait for you.” 


Melted strawberry trickled down his pudgy fingers as Haruichi tried to keep up with you, Ryosuke urging the pace faster and faster until the little boy was jogging just to keep the two of you in sight. 

He wanted to call out, ask you to make Ryosuke slow down and wait for him, but he didn’t want to appear weak in front of the babysitter he liked so much. So he forced his short legs faster and faster in the hopes of reaching the penguin exhibit before his ice cream cone melted all over him. 

“Ahhh!” A shoelace come undone brought the pink-haired boy crashing onto the pavement, tears threatening to spill from hidden sunset eyes as he tried valiantly to get up. 

And then suddenly you were there, with your warm fingers brushing away the liquid from his cheeks, murmuring words of comfort and pressing a bandage to his scraped knee, and Haruichi knew what he had to do. 

“Ano, [Name]?” He asked shyly, hiding his flushed face behind his bangs, “Will you–if it’s not any trouble–please consider marrying me?” He ducked behind his now-bandaged hands, peeking out hopefully through the spaces between his fingers.

Ryosuke was laughing, and Haruichi couldn’t understand why. You were smiling and saying something about how he wasn’t old enough yet, but the boy didn’t know what was so funny about it. You married someone you liked who made you feel warm inside, right? That’s what Okaa-san always told him, and so his resolve strengthened.

“I-I know I’m not very big yet, but please wait for me to grow up, [Name]! When I’m older, I’ll take care of you and protect you l-like you do for me! I promise!” 

How could you say no to that?


“All done!” The bespectacled child declared, switching the stove off and hopping down from his stool.

“Isn’t that my line?” You teased, making a space on the table for his latest masterpiece. “People might think you’re the one babysitting me.” 

“Let others think what they want to think,” Miyuki plopped onto the seat next to yours, short legs dangling far above the ground, “It’s what you and I think that matters.” 

“Have you been watching soap operas again? You shouldn’t stay up that late,” you bit into his creation, “Mmmm, delicious like always. I’ve taught you well, haven’t I?”

“It’s mostly natural talent,” he bragged, “You should feel privileged to be able to eat my cooking.”

You went along with his boasting. “Yes Kazuya, whoever you marry is going to be a lucky person indeed to wake up every day to your heavenly pancakes.”

“Wait,” Tawny eyes widened behind thick frames, “Aren’t you going to be that person? Aren’t we getting married as soon as I grow up?” 

You nearly inhaled your water. 

After a brief fit of hacking, you managed to regain enough consciousness to calmly ask, “Married? What gave you that idea?”

The boy shrugged, as if he had been asked why his favorite color was red and didn’t really care to explain. “You don’t annoy me, you’re not an ugly hag, and you like my cooking. Why not?” 

Watching the child in front of you, the way he carefully lifted his chopsticks and tilted his hat to the side despite being indoors, you really couldn’t come up with any argument against it. After all, Miyuki Kazuya could be surprisingly stubborn when he wanted to be.

“Sure, why not.” 

sorry for being so absent from this blog! I’ve been kind of taking a break from AoD and the muse just wasn’t there. I hope this scenario can begin to make up for it!

                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

                        ❝ Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time
                           with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts
                          is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words. 

The holiday season has officially started and since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted to write a little something for all the people I’ve met during my first year in this fandom; everyone of us had ups and downs, everyone of us had happy and sad moments and yet, somehow, we’re all still here. I made so many wonderful friends and more than once, I’ve been given affection and support and virtual embraces that helped me to stand up again whenever I fell - You could almost say that I’ve received my Christmas presents throughout the whole year. 
I personally love this period of the year !! I don’t know why, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially when I see that the people I care about are also happy and joyous - This is why I’m writing this little, super lame post with a very ugly edit ( I’m sorry, but I’m still sick and I seriously didn’t want to spend too much time on photoshop orz ) . 

I really hope that everyone will have a great holiday season, with a lot of warmth, happiness, fun and food !! I hope all of you will get to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones and I hope that we can all stay together even during the upcoming year - I’m really thankful for meeting all of you !! It doesn’t matter if we started talking months ago, if we just started or if we’ve never interacted just yet, your presence on my dash and in my life is extremely important and I’m genuinely thankful for meeting you all. I hope we’ll manage to stay together in the new year as well !!

I wish you all nothing but the best !!

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Whenever I’m alone with you (Suho Smut)

I promised this would be the next scenario to write, I really hope you enjoy it!

It’s not weird at all! We all love smut! I hope you enjoy it 😏 Admin A~

I’ve seen her many times on the TV. She followed me around all the time and made great articles about me. Sometimes they were all gossips but she always tried to put me into the nice and charm boy character. I’m not saying I am not nice and charming but I also had this side that not a lot of people knew about. I l liked controling things, I was not the leader just by coincidence. 

Some how everytime I saw her I wanted to have her under my control. I wanted her to follow my orders and I also wanted her to know the real me. It would be risky since she works for the media, but that made it more interesting. I dreamed of kissing those red lips, touching that soft skin of hers and possesing that body all night. She lets out the beast in me.

So one day I decided to make her mine. While she followed me around the city I lead her to my special and secret hiding place. It was a nice house, at the outskirts of the city. A few people lived in that neighborhood so I could have privacy all the time I wanted. When I saw her in front of the house’s door, I surprised her from behind, hugging her and whispering into her ear. “I’ve wanted to meet you for quite some time, but you are impossible to catch girl”.

I could feel how my voice gave her goosebumps.”I want to talk to you, mind coming inside?” She agreed and I led her into the living room. It was a nice a place, a little bit small but I didn’t need much. She sat on the couch and I gave her a glass of water. We stared at each other for a couple of minutes, giving me the clue that she was nervous but excited. Her breathing became irregular, her pupils were dilated and she couldn’t stop bitting her lower lip. She was making me go hard, and I hadn’t even started.

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The Little Things

The last few weeks for me have been incredibly hectic. I was part of the cast for a workshop of a musical called Only the Brave. I had three days holiday from Les Mis last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but was working during the day at Only the Brave…however, I got called back into Les Mis for Wednesday’s matinee and evening show due to complications so my holiday got cut a little short but hey, I love my job so I won’t ever complain…I’m just a little more tired than usual and I often found myself sat at my dressing room desk, drinking far too much coffee and desperately catching up on various internet things I’d missed. Anyway, I finished that workshop on Tuesday but then had interviews and meetings for the rest of the week and today I shall be performing in West End Heroes at the Dominion theatre! As of 10:30PM tonight, I shall be once again, just doing the one job and will be the most relaxed I’ve been in a good long while! 

Amidst my crazy few weeks, I noticed the other day (and leapt for joy) that Starbucks have brought back their seasonal Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Now, this is my all time favourite Starbucks drink and when it comes back into season it means that my favourite holiday, Halloween, is approaching and also that my birthday isn’t too far round the corner! The amount of happiness that the big autumnal orange sign outside of the Wardour Street branch of Starbucks brought me was unreal and much needed on a very busy day when my spirit was starting to get a little worn out. It got me thinking about the little things that tend to keep me going through very busy, seemingly endless weeks. Much like my little lists of happy things that I make, there are things that I really look forward to in between all the busy, important “I must be serious now” stuff. Like Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s before a show, a cup of tea and a slice of cake after my death scene, reading/writing/drawing on my train journey’s…but then there are the things that pop up here and there that I would never expect to happen that absolutely make my week. Little gesture’s that people make or things people say that I could never prepare for that make them all the more special when they happen. For instance, just today someone profusely thanked me for being “low maintenance” because it made their job so much easier and it apparently meant it made everyone like me all the more for it! I was sat on my own in a restaurant and Spice Girl’s ‘Wanna Be’ came on and it made me smile. A friend of mine gave me a hug this week and kissed the top of my head which made me feel very loved and go all warm and fuzzy on the inside and was exactly what I needed just as my energy was running out after a long day of rehearsals with a show of Les Mis on it’s way! It made me realise that whilst we call them ‘The Little Things’, we only call them that because they’re small gestures or small things that happen during days filled with much larger tasks. But personally, I feel that they’re actually The Big Things. The things that make the difference between giving up and carrying on. Between breaking down into tears and laughing out loud in the face of tiredness. Between loosing hope and gaining strength. They are little things that make us feel big stuff and I want to make more of an effort to be the bringer of ’The Little Things’ to my friends and family more often because I know how much they mean to me. Let me know if recently you’ve experienced a little gesture of happiness, love, hope or whatnot recently! We can all feed off of each other’s stories and all be a little brighter today! :) XXX 

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when remus & tonks start dating I imagine tonks dragging remus around London & stuff, trying to make him feel more his age than an old man, & sometimes people notice the scars on his face & TONKS IS HAVING NON OF THIS so they add scars to their face & remus is like "why would you do that to yourself? stop it" but he can't help but feel fuzzy inside because they're trying so hard to make him feel comfortable

This is so adorable. Oh gosh, Anon! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful prompt with me!<3

Tonks would definitely try everything in her might to show Remus he isn’t that old and they would do all these fun stuff together (book shopping in the most quirky shops in and around London, buying clothes in secondhand-shops, going on long walks on Sunday, just following their feet exploring beautiful new places. Going to the cinema/theater/musical together. Sitting in old but vibrant pubs until the morning having strange talks with the locals.
And one morning while they are enjoying their hot cocoa in this hipster-bar just outside Notting Hill, Remus would give the remark they do resemble an old couple. Tonks would just shake her head and ask him ‘Do you feel old when we are doing all of this?’ And Remus admits he doesn’t and that he actually feels very at ease. Tonks would give him a loving smooch on his nose while cradling his face; 'Our activities do not define our age, my love. Now will this old geezer buy me another hot coco or what?' 
And Remus couldn’t help but smile, ruffling her hair while standing up to go to the counter while sighing exaggerated: 'Such high-maintenance these young ones!' 

N: N would think that’s so cute of you to say and would let that go straight to his head. He’d feel really special, and would promise you that he’d spend as much time with you on Christmas as he can. “*Places his arms around your waist* Aww. That means so much to me.” 

Leo: Leo would hug you tight because hearing that would make his life. He’d feel really special as well because he’d get a feel for how much you care for him. Even though he feels this way, he still might buy you a Christmas present anyway. “*Hugs you for days* I love you. I really do.” 

Ken: Ken would be on top of the world. He would probably spin around in a circle and do something cute just for you to show his appreciation. He’d then take you into his arms and well…make out with you. “I knew I was your favorite person in the whole entire world.” 

Ravi: Ravi’s day will be made once you tell him that and also causing him to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, he’d still buy you a present or take you out just to further solidify his love for you. “Well how about I take you out to dinner on Christmas?”

HongBin: This would make HongBin both flattered and nervous. He’d be flattered because he will sense how much you love him, but he’ll be afraid you’ll get mad if he still doesn’t get you a present anyway. So be specific! “She wants me? What does that mean?”

Hyuk: Hyuk would find that to be very sweet and joke that he’s glad he gets to save money this year. He’d probably hug you and give you a kiss before joking some more regarding the connotation of the word ‘you’. “So, do you want me…or me-me my wee-wee?” (Dearlyb: Oh my goodness.)

Merry Christmas!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^