so for like a month i have been stressing myself the fuck out because i got asked by a fashion designer to design and execute a conceptual makeup look for her show at fashion week here in my city. and it sounds super fun and i’m really excited but for what she’s asking and the amount of work it would be…. it’s gonna be expensive for her. i have to create preliminary facecharts, stock my kit with special products, and i’ll be doing 8 models makeup all on my own (i may end up having to hire an assistant anyway because i may literally not have TIME to do them all on my own)

even after 6 years in the industry i still feel bad and very anxious telling people my rates. because at the end of the day i love doing makeup so much i would do it for free but i can’t because it’s literally my job, it’s how i make a living and support myself, and i’m a pretty established artist in my region so it’s no longer worth it for me to trade or work for exposure (unless of course fucking Vogue calls me up or some shit.) and i’ve burned myself so many times by lowering my rate for someone and then regretting it and being resentful afterwards. i think ‘oh i’ll really enjoy this project it’s fine i’ll cut them a deal’ and then afterwards i just feel like ‘wow i just did so much work and didn’t get paid enough that was not worth it at all’ and it ruins my enjoyment of the project regardless

so anyway i’ve been stalling for like a month on telling her my rate for the project and i literally just sent the email….. i’m sof ucking nervous and i’m gonna be shitting my pants scared to check my email to see what she says…. i thought i would feel relieved once i finally told her my rate but now i feel even more anxious lol lol lol

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Keith and Pidge being salt mates and hating the garrison together is so great. In a high school AU I bet they'd watch conspiracy theory tv shows together all the time, except Keith pretends he's too cool for it in daylight hours

Do u think keith gives a FCK abt what the other kids think about him lmfao… He’s quiet because he doesn’t have anything to say to you, but if you mention conspiracies BOY does he have a lot to say. 

Keith once held his history class five minutes past the bell because he was so passionate in his explanation of government cover-ups. Everyone was very enthralled, mostly because this was the first time anyone had ever heard keith say more than two sentences.

Keith shows up to school with the skin underneath his eyes looking bruised and everyone assumes it’s makeup, but then Pidge shows up and Pidge ALSO looks fucking exhausted. And then Keith explains that he and Pidge literally stayed up all-night watching the History Channel.