Perfecting the Art of Cartoon Cosmetics with @laurajenkinson

To see more lip-art creations from London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson, follow @laurajenkinson on Instagram.

With a little makeup, a lot of patience and a slight curl of the lip, Laura Jenkinson (@laurajenkinson) brings the most beloved cartoon characters to life on her face. From Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to Nemo and Shrek, Laura has painted more than fifty cartoon masterpieces on her mouth and chin in the last year. She started this project on Instagram as a way to stand out as a makeup artist in the competitive beauty industry. “I knew I wanted to do something different, and equally something that would bring happiness to people,” she says. “If I can spend a couple of hours a day making at least a handful of people smile—then why not?”

Now with a growing list of followers, Laura gets constant encouragement and inspiration from her fans. “My creations now mainly come from people’s requests and their ideas. I generally don’t have many uninspired days anymore.”


Hey, guys! So I’ve entered E.L.F.’s Beauty At All Ages competition to become one of the 2014 faces of E.L.F. Cosmetics! Above are the photos I entered (credits are in the captions).

They’re a really cool company that not only has affordable and good products that I’ve blogged about but they’re very passionate about representing the beauty in diversity whether it’s age, race, body, etc.

It would mean the world to me if you supported me by voting. The link to my profile for the competition is RIGHT HERE! All you have to do is click “vote for me!” and enter a little captcha. 

Most of you guys know that I’ve been struggling the past year with narcolepsy and it might sound kind of cheesy, but here is the commentary I entered about why I should be chosen to represent one of my favorite makeup companies. 

It’s very, very important to me to show other people that they can still follow their dreams even if they have a health condition or disability. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy in 2013, and things got really bad. Being a model and actor became 100x harder. I have to stay alert, focused, and work hard even when I’m in tons of pain and when my narcolepsy is dragging me down. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been amazing to already get messages from others with this debilitating disorder. We can do this.

I wanted to write more but there was a character limit, haha.Again, the link to vote for me is HERE! 

Thanks for the support, everyone. It means so, so much to me. 


TONIGHT (Tues. 2/17/15) on Face Off​ at 9pm/8c on Syfy​ Channel!!!  Watch as I re-join the judges panel for one night, as we look at some beautiful bridge troll designs!!!  You’ll also see a segment where I visited the makeup lab earlier in the day to work with the models ahead of time!  (Pictured here with show host and dear friend McKenzie Westmore​, along with regular judge and dear friend Neville Page​!!


Hilarity in the original eraser stamp making session: 

Jun’s: “This Year’s Me” makes me happy with the purple and pink (which I’m blatantly interpreting as subtle RED okay?)

Sho’s: “I’m back” elicits screams of terror? laughter? intense reaction from the audience.  Really, Sho?

Masaki’s: his two-pronged approach creates “Please take good care of me Nittere-san” Nandarou-kun (Jun clarifies that “It IS a bird right?”) and “Riddled-with-Injuries Masaki” stamps. Aiba-chan~ gambare~

Kazu’s: His initial confidence in presenting his own creation… only leads to his own embarrassed laugh?

Satoshi’s: His “Stylishly Suspicious Person” serves to tickle everyone, and especially Jun who asks if it’s actually Johnny-san.  After trying to hide his creation, he fails to convince that it’s “just a suspicious character” when Kazu outs him for calling his own company president “a suspicious character”.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 90-min SP 10.10.2015

The Time Has Come... For You To Audition... For Your LIFE

It’s that time again! Auditions for Tumblr’s Drag Race Cycle 4 start right now. Tumblr’s Drag Race is an internet competition for amateur drag queens based on the show RuPaul’s Drag Race, but of course, taking place on Tumblr. Just like the show, there are mini challenges, main challenges, and lipsyncing for your life. Each week, one queen will be eliminated from the competition until we have found Tumblr’s Next Drag Superstar. Our goal is to give amateur drag queens a platform to practice their art, get their name out there, receive constructive criticism from a panel of judges, and most importantly, have fun! This competition requires getting in drag once or twice a week, so please be aware of the commitment.

Now that you know what Tumblr’s Drag Race is, here are the restrictions for auditions:

  • No professional Drag Queens (professional meaning consistently receiving paid bookings for over a year)
  • No Faux or Bio Queens (meaning women who perform as drag queens, out of fairness to the other contestants)
  • You must be at least 13 years of age (in compliance with the rules of Tumblr)

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about your auditions. For the audition, you are going to have to make a video exactly similar to the Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 audition videos. If you auditioned for Cycle 2 and/or Cycle 3 and want to be on Cycle 4, it is recommended that you make a new audition instead of using the same audition. In the video, you have to address the following:

  1. State both your regular name and your drag name
  2. State your current URL (If you ever change your URL, let us know)
  3. State your current age
  4. Tell us where you live (If USA, just say which state you live in. If you are outside of the USA, you can just say your country.)
  5. Three INTERESTING Facts about you
  6. Tell us about something that would show your dedication to this competition
  7. What it would mean for you to win Tumblr’s Drag Race
  8. A catchy tagline

Once you have made your video, you need to upload your video to a personal YouTube account. In the privacy settings on your video, make sure the video is marked as Unlisted. This makes it so nobody can see audition unless a link is given to them. Submit your video link to the TDR4 blog so the new judges can see the video as well.

Along with your audition video submission, you will also need to submit photos that would later on become your profile photos if you were to make it onto Tumblr’s Drag Race. You will need one sickening face picture and a full body picture that would make us want to EAT IT. Make sure they’re hot because there will be no changing your cast photos.

That’s it! Your audition tape and your cast photos will be due to the new blog, TDR4, on Friday, January 31st at 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

Lastly, do not upload your audition video onto your blog. We want it to be a surprise to the Tumblr’s Drag Race fans and don’t want it to be leaked early. It’s fine if you already have pictures on your blog that you plan using for your cast photos, but don’t announce to everyone that’s your intentions for the pictures.

We’re looking forward to seeing a variety of queens! Good luck potential Tumblr’s Drag Race queens, and don’t fuck it up!