sweet n soft asks

sweet- what’s your favorite type of candy
smooth- do you like classical music
baby- do you want to be a parent
courage- are you a strong athlete
lovely- what’s the adjective you use when people ask “how are you”
cutie- what’s your favorite orange thing
skin- do you want any tattoos
pictures- is art important to you in any way
stars- use one word to describe space
religion- do you practice religion - what religion if so
one- are you a competitive person
makeup- what is your most heavily used makeup product
sheets- how many blankets do you sleep with
chalk- what subject are you best at in school
blush- are you easily embarrassed
water- when was the last time you cried
karma- do you believe in luck
lips- what is your favorite thing to taste
cupcake- cookies, pie, ice cream or cake
music- list your 3 favorite bands or artists
night- how many hours of sleep do you get
smile- how was your day today

Older!Yuri Headcanons

- Yuri lets his hair grow to his waist because he looks fierce
- He’s actually into edgy fashion, and gets a few piercings which he likes to show off every way he can
- (Lilia makes him remove most of them when he competes)
- He looks fucking good in crop tops and he knows it
- He’s a secret literature nerd and Beka just loves how he falls asleep with a book in his hands and reading glasses perched on his nose
- (… And a fluffy cat in his lap, can’t forger his precious princess)
- He manages to befriend a giant of a hockey player who likes to jokingly flirt with him (and if Yuri goes with it just to see if he can make Beka jealous… well, that’s another story)
- (spoiler alert: of course he can)
- When Viktor and Yuuri finally retire they become his coaches
- And yes, Yuri’s finally grown up enough to admit that he likes them both, but he still likes to complain and rant to Beka about how disgustingly sweet they are together
- Still, when a new skater disrespects Yuuri in front of him, Yuri fucking flips because HOW DARE HE
- The poor kid never stood a chance
- Also, Yuri’s much more intimidating now than when he was 15
- Like, he’s almost as tall as Viktor and he’s got shouders to match
- (… and abs, and arms, and thighs… not that Otabek’s noticed SHUT UP)
- (he totally noticed)
- (in fact he notices everyday)
- Even before they officially get together, Yuri likes to cuddle with Otabek and has no concept of personal space when it comes to him
- He’s like an overly large kitten
- Beka adores him so freaking much and Yuri’s the only one who doesn’t notice
- (the other way around is also true and Yuri pines for him SO HARD)
- Aleksei, his hockey friend, ships them together so much
- Yuri has a love/hate relationship with makeup and mostly likes his skin makeup free, but he does indulge in eyeliner every now and then
- He likes how it makes his eyes look, especially after Mila teaches him how to achieve an amazingly subtle flick
- He only wears a full face of makeup for competitions, and even then he draws the line at lipstick
- He HATES having stuff on his lips; Viktor actually has to force him to wear lip balm
- The fancy stuff Viktor buys him is actually not so terrible, not that he’d ever admit it to his face
- He’s especially grateful when Otabek kisses him out of the blue one night at the rink
- It’s not Yuri’s first kiss but it still makes his world shatter at the edges
- Beka calls him “Yura” in a breathy voice and Yuri’s fucking gone
- Four years of sexual tension come crashing down on them, and they have trouble remembering they’re not in their apartment
- They do, in fact, share an apartment
- (Yuri was crazily happy when Otabek announced he was moving to  St. Petersburg)
- They’ve been living together for close to seven months when they finally get together
- It’s the morning after that fateful night when they realize that they’ve essentially been sharing a room for months, and Otabek’s stuff is already mostly mixed with Yuri’s
- Beka never quite stops being jealous of Aleksei
- (Actually, he does. But he loves how cute and cuddly Yuri is when he thinks he’s upset)
- Aleksei, the little shit that he is, figures this out early on and vows to never stop flirting with Yura

Dating Jack Would Include:
  • Him treating you like a princess
  • Being each other’s biggest supporters
  • Always taking selfies
  • You both always being well dressed (outfits on point)
  • Playing with each other’s hair
  • Sleeping in late whenever you can
  • “Jack we really should get up.” “No, 5 more minutes.”
  • Going on nights out with the boys
  • Being hungover together in bed and watching films all day
  • “(Y/N) I don’t feel good. Take care of me.” “Aww my big baby.”
  • Dealing with him always being in the mood
  • Being adventurous with your sex life. Whether it be in the bedroom or anywhere
  • “Jack I’m trying to get this done.” “Come cuddle me instead.”
  • Being involved in Maynard sibling videos
  • Having a close relationship with Anna
  • Conor teasing you and Jack all the time
  • Him constantly spoiling you
  • Him being protective over you, when someone tries to talk/flirt with you
  • Him making sure you’re taken care of before worrying about himself
  • Taking instagrams for each other
  • Constantly snapchatting in bed, traveling, or on a night out
  • Being spontaneous together
  • Never being able to be serious when filming
  • Listening to him dj/his mixes
  • Going to music festivals and concerts together
  • Netflix turns into Netflix and chill real quick
  • Holding his hand whenever he gets a tattoo and vice versa if you decide to get one
  • You constantly stealing his hoodies and tshirts
  • Arguing over the aux cord and who has the best music taste
  • Him having to edit out footage because he made inappropriate jokes about your sex life
  • Starting arguments just to have makeup sex later
  • Him being competitive and getting wound up when he loses
  • Constant hand holding, hand on the thigh, arms around the waist, spooning, and kisses
  • “(Y/N) can we please get a cat? I promise to take care of it”

I’ve been practicing for the special effects makeup competition I’m going to be in. I was lucky there was a professional photographer in the days I practiced so I was able to get good photos. The competition I’m in is in Australia and 8 people world wide were picked for it so I’m super excited to be a part of it. The theme is Guardians Of The Galaxy and what happens is we are given random foam latex prosthetics and in 3 hours we have to make a full character that can fit into that world. I’ve decided on an orange paint scheme and I’m going to do a bald cap along with hair work. The last two days I had my teacher from when I was in makeup school select random pieces for me and time me and these were the results!
The costume is a work in process in the end the character will be a Ravager.

Makeup done by me: Rose Ripley (Instagram: roseripleymakeup)

Please do not remove caption/credit!

Phichit’s Eyeliner

The eyeliner Phichit wore in Episode 10, wings and all, caught my attention and it’s just so amazing and better than anything I’ll ever be able to do

I believe this beautiful frame had the purpose of showing off his flawless eyeliner help me this is too beautiful

But just imagine this:

- Little Phichit sees a beauty magazine cover of a woman with flawless eyeliner and boy is he captivated

- Little Phichit asking his parents if he could have such flawless eyeliner too

- His mother puts on eyeliner with the little wings for him

- He’s just so excited and keeps looking at himself in the mirror

- He takes nearly two hundred pictures of himself on his dad’s phone and his parents are just sighing over how cute he is

- His dad never deletes the photos

- He refuses to remove it even when it’s time for bed

- Little Phichit upset because his parents refuse to let him wear eyeliner to school

- Fast forward a few years and Phichit, having watched so many eyeliner tutorials, steals his mother’s eyeliner and decides to try it for himself

- He pokes it into his eye by accident the first time and he got a little scared

But he never gives up on anything and he tries again a few hours later after nervously watching about a thousand more videos, this time with success

- Phichit tries out different ones to find a type that suits him, from plain black pencil eyeliners to glittery golden liquid ones, and he secretly loves sparkly ones the best

- Soon Phichit begins wearing eyeliner whenever he can, he thinks it makes him feel beautiful and that’s just beautiful

- Phichit don’t care about the haters, he knows they’re just jealous of how beautiful he looks

- Phichit decides to make an eyeliner youtube tutorial for his fans and it goes viral within the first day

- Beautiful supportive fans encourage him to make more tutorials and he does, showing his fans how he does his makeup and everyone goes crazy (come on don’t tell me you wouldn’t)

- Phichit’s beauty channel becomes one of the most popular and even other beauty gurus admire his skill

- Phichit teaches Guang Hong to put on eyeliner and they take so many selfies together (LOOK AT THEIR SELFIE IN EPISODE 10 BOTH OF THEM LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE EYELINER ON)

- He encourages any boys out there who like makeup to not be ashamed of wearing makeup in public and he’s just so inspirational

It’s just such a beautiful thought

BONUS: Phichit cringing at Georgi’s overly dramatic eyeshadow from the sidelines

DOUBLE BONUS: Phichit applying his own makeup before competitions to calm his nerves because he’s just that good at it


My makeup from the competition in Toronto! Had a great time with this. The theme was Guardians Of The Galaxy. I based the coloration around peacock feathers. I didn’t place but in the end all the makeups were incredible and I was proud of this.

Makeup by me: Rose Ripley (instagram: roseripleymakeup)

Please do not remove caption/credit!

So I finally figured out what to do to celebrate 10,000 followers!

This valentines day, I’m going to give you all the opportunity to video chat with me through Skype!

It’s simple enough; contact me on either Tumblr or Kik (Jessica_Blaise) and I’ll book you in for 30 minutes. You even get to pick what I’m going to wear! (within reason of course)

We can talk about whatever you like; help with crossdressing, fashion advice or just 30 minutes of getting to know each other.

However, one lucky winner will get 30 minutes absolutely free!

All you need to do to be in the chance to win is reblog or like my post. On the 14th of February I will pick one lucky winner at random to chat with absolutely free!


  • You will be given a half hour slot at GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to chat with me through skype.
  • Winner will be chosen through a random number generator, ‘likes’ and ‘reblogs’ will count as separate entries, so doing both doubles your chances.
  • If you don’t win but would still like to chat I will charge £5 for 30 minutes.
  • Contact me with outfit and time preferences; I can’t guarantee I will be able to give you the time slot you want but I will try to work towards it.
  • Winner will be picked on the 14th of February.
  • Skype chat will take place on the 15th of February.

And that’s everything! Don’t forget to like and reblog to increase your chances of winning and if you would rather just book a chat, contact me and I’ll pass over the rest of the details!

Can’t wait to speak with some of you and get to know my followers!

- Jessica Blaise x x

Dance AU???

This is overdone but in my defense i just love overdoing things so…

  • Castle Dance Company is the name of the competitive team that y’know goes to competitions.
    • there are a lot of solos given to the older dancers in this company so it’s a common occurrence for you know who and you know who else to try and beat each other out at competitions even though it DOES NOT MATTER.
  • Coran runs the studio and he teaches so many classes but like it’s kind of a pain so he asks some of the older company members to teach certain classes.

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Ok so I’ve been watching Face Off which is a competition reality show in which Special Effects Makeup Artists compete to win a big cash prize and a year’s supply of makeup. They battle it out each week to do a makeup according to the theme set upon them. The makeup varies from zombie to age makeup to cartoon to body art. Versatility is key. They create a look and showcase their makeups to the judges. There’s a best makeup awarded each week and a worst.. a Makeup Artist is eliminated each week until there is one winner. In sight of all this, this show gives the competing MUA’s a platform to get recognised in the industry which is more important than winning. Coincidentally the winner of the first series Conor McCullagh worked with Ve Neill on the makeup for the Hunger Games films.  

Face Off is a US based reality show and me living in the UK, I’d never heard of it until recently. Since I’ve been watching it, I’ve been totally addicted. The talent of these Makeup Artists is phenomenal and they ALL deserve credit for their specialist skills. For the amount of time they have to create a concept and design for a character; sculpt and make the prosthetics; apply and paint; make the props by hand and fashion a costume for their character, is all of three days! THREE DAYS! That’s a lot of work for one artist and I mean a lot.

I have to say, this programme has given me so much inspiration, motivation and insight into working in Special Effects makeup. It’s such a competitive industry to break into and not to mention stressful and long hours. This work ethic is clearly represented in the show and the judges marking so harshly. This show doesn’t lie, it’s so raw and tells it how it is which I love. The technical and creative skill has to be exceptional too.

I chose these three images of some of the best makeups and their artists because to me, this was my personal favourite episode and theme which was to create a character that belonged in a Tim Burton movie. If you haven’t seen it, check it out: Series 2 ‘Burtonesque’. The artists featured in order top - bottom (RJ Haddy, Rayce Bird, Matt Valentine)

It makes me sad that there are so many talented artists out there whether it be in makeup, acting, costume/set designing, writing etc. who work their asses off all through their lives, mostly on shit earnings but they do it because they love it and it’s their passion. I have so much respect those people who don’t give up and make sacrifices to pursue their goals and ambitions. So when you ask me; who are your role models? IT’S THESE GUYS! 

Other commercial reality shows for the mass audiences like X-Factor particularly make me angry, because the contestants are a bunch of fame seeking wannabe singers prancing about on stage in skimpy outfits. These people do not represent the talent or passion on any level compared to these Artists.  

Thank you for reading,

Charlotte Louise



Today was the redo of the makeup competition. Emma was so happy to get her makeup done by each of them that she convinced Lt. Col. Yuuki to take photos of the spies’ works. Of course, her face got sore near the end of it, but that didn’t seem to bring down her excitement. Unfortunately, she was also the judge for today, declaring that all of them did a magnificent job and that they all won. I hope they don’t decide to do another makeup competition; we don’t have enough money for all of these products.


Perfecting the Art of Cartoon Cosmetics with @laurajenkinson

To see more lip-art creations from London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson, follow @laurajenkinson on Instagram.

With a little makeup, a lot of patience and a slight curl of the lip, Laura Jenkinson (@laurajenkinson) brings the most beloved cartoon characters to life on her face. From Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to Nemo and Shrek, Laura has painted more than fifty cartoon masterpieces on her mouth and chin in the last year. She started this project on Instagram as a way to stand out as a makeup artist in the competitive beauty industry. “I knew I wanted to do something different, and equally something that would bring happiness to people,” she says. “If I can spend a couple of hours a day making at least a handful of people smile—then why not?”

Now with a growing list of followers, Laura gets constant encouragement and inspiration from her fans. “My creations now mainly come from people’s requests and their ideas. I generally don’t have many uninspired days anymore.”

Super stoked to have won first place at the Hamilton Special Effects Makeup Competition with my Princess Mononoke makeup!!

Biggest thanks have to go to my amazing model Chrissie who agreed to a full body paint plus facial prosthetics - with only 4 hours to do the entire makeup time was pretty tight!

I will also be uploading a WIP album over the next few days showing how the entire costume + prosthetics were made. :D
Thanks to everyone for all of the support and kind words today!

New makeup! So once again I was lucky enough to me chosen tone a part of that effects makeup competition. The theme is still guardians Of The Galaxy so here is a practice makeup for the new character. Still working on a costume so for this video I just put a blanket around him. Hopefully soon I’ll have his mechanical arm done. The idea is he is a old man cyborg with dated cyborg parts that is a mechanic and fixes ships. I’m going for a cross between Mad Eye Moody and the cyborg pirate from treasure planet but also is kinda goofy and an alien. I’ll post photos of this soon!

Makeup done by me: Rose Ripley (instagram: roseripleymakeup)

Please do not remove caption/credit!