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Name: Makenna
Nickname: Kenna, Macarena
Birthday: February 17
Age: 17
Star sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Sexuality: straight
Favorite Colors: pink, grey
Time Right Now: 1:02am
Average sleep: umm i can never sleep past 8am so it varies cause sometimes I go to bed at 7pm and sometimes it’s 3am
Lucky Number: 16
Any Interesting Scars: In 7th grade, my grandparents’ cat, whom I love, left a giant scar up my forearm that is still pretty visible now, 5 years later
Happy Place: Driving backroads
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“Hey, can I borrow a pencil?”

Castiel looks up from his class syllabus, startled, and is immediately stunned by the beauty of the boy leaning in on his left.

His eyes are so green, he thinks. And those freckles.

He grabs his backup pencil from its place along the top of his notebook and passes it over without question.

The boy grins and accepts it, his fingers brushing Castiel’s lightly. “Thanks man, you’re a life saver. I’m usually prepared, but…” He holds up a shell of a mechanical pencil, snapped cleanly in half.

Castiel nods in understanding. “It’s not a problem, I assure you.”

The boy sticks out his hand. “I’m Dean.”

“Castiel,” he says in reply, shaking Dean’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Dean.”

Dean leans back into his own space, a small smile on his lips. “I could say the same to you, Castiel.”

The professor calls the class to attention before Castiel has the chance to respond, and they are both too busy taking notes on the lecture to speak any more.

But that doesn’t stop Castiel’s thoughts from being dominated by those intensely green eyes for the remainder of the day.


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A couple of weeks we posted a photo of little Makenna from California. She has multiple serious health issues but that doesn’t come in the way of her love for Jehovah. The “Make A Wish” Foundation asked her what one wish she would like. She said she wants to visit Bethel to see where the Caleb and Sophia videos are made. So they are sending her and her family there. Her mother @misterandmrsdaugherty gives us a update about the trip: “Hello, we can’t express enough the encouragement and love our family received from all of you friends that gave us with such loving comments and messages. My husband and I personally read every single comment and cried along with you all. We want to let you know how thankful we are for your love. We also wanted to let you know our trip to Bethel is on hold for a bit. One of Makenna’s battles is epilepsy and its here again. She been in and out of the hospital and we’re not comfortable with her flying right now. We’re also concerned about the weather in New York in December and January. So as of now I don’t have an exact date for the trip but, Caleb and Sophia, Makenna is coming to see you!!”

Thank you from

See Makenna’s trip here.

[Luka & Makenna] Daily Routine

He turned off the faucet, and reached for the dish towel to dry off his plate. The apartment was quiet, as it usually was on weekdays, or really any day for that matter. Luka was never a man to really talk to himself, so with no one else living with him it wasn’t a surprise that the place would be quiet. It was soothing to him, though, so he never made a move to liven the place up. He’d wake up to a comfortable silence, except for the noise from the streets, and he’d start his day wrapped in a calming silence. As he finished washing his plate from his breakfast, the usual toast, he decided to start his walk for the day.

He shrugged on his light brown sweater, and combed his hair to let it appear naturally messy. Luka made his way to the front door, and leaned down to pick up his shoulder bag. It had everything of importance in it, which gave it a reason to go practically everywhere with the young man. It was an old beaten up bag from the several years of college, and the strap was close to breaking; however, Luka wouldn’t dare get rid of the bag. As he left the apartment building, the sun had appeared from behind the clouds. All his life, Maryland had been a rather cloudy and rainy state. It was always a pleasure and a nice touch to his walks when the sun would visit.

The park near home was always his first stop on his daily walk, for there was always something about it that made him content. Every park in the world had those trees that gifted people with shade, birds that soothed people with their chirps, and the occasional old lady feeding birds. It was the people that really made him enjoy this short cut, and it wasn’t only because they gave interesting story ideas to him. People who visited parks had a certain quality to them, and Luka enjoyed that.

Finally, after taking a stroll through the park, Luka reached the cafe that was a few blocks away from home. It was his favorite place in the world; more than the park, his home, or even the library, the cafe meant so much to the young man. It wasn’t always filled, for it wasn’t that popular, but it always had its regulars. Luka was honored to be one of those regulars, him being the kind to visit every other day. He opened the door, and smiled softly at the sound of the bell ringing above the door. The staff looked up, and they all slightly waved at Luka’s familiar face.

“I’ll have one peppermint tea, for here, thanks.” He recited his one of two usual orders, and paid in exact change. It was amusing to him, that he knew this place like the back of his hand. He even sat in the same seat every time, which was right by the large front window. Taking the open seat, Luka set up camp in the cozy cafe. He reached into his bag, and took out his note book. He planned to do the usual people watch and write down whatever came to mind; instead, he just sat back in his chair and sipped his tea as he took in the busy scenery on the other side of the glass. With a distant look on his face, Luka sighed into his cup. The brown haired writer could feel that it was to be a laid back day here in Maryland.

Several week ago we posted a photo of little Makenna from California. She has multiple serious health issues but that doesn’t come in the way of her love for Jehovah. The “Make A Wish” Foundation asked her what one wish she would like. She said she wants to visit Bethel to see where the Caleb and Sophia videos are made. So they sent her and her family there. Today they visited Brooklyn Bethel, tomorrow Wallkill, and Patterson on Thursday. Photo shared by @misterandmrsdaugherty