Good [time of day], SMT/Atlus Tumblr!

Over on my Twitter, I’ve been discussing how I came across a copy of Digital Devil Apocalypse, one of a number of art books that have been produced dedicated to Kaneko’s art over the years. This copy I found was pretty cheap, especially in comparison to the rarer Pandemonium series of books you can find in some stores here and there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a read. Far from it, in fact; there’s a lot of artwork spanning the SMT1-Maken X years (and not all of it just official character/demon art, either; there’s a lot of magazine cover work and the like, too!) and interviews with both him and then separately some other prominent Atlus staffers like Soejima and Okada on what it’s like to work with the guy!

Anyway, I posted a small sample of some of my favorite bits I’ve come across on Twitter and now I’m sharing the bounty with you, Tumblr! Click the photos to see captions briefly describing all of them. It’s great stuff and I hope you all enjoy it, even if they’re not proper scans!

I’d also love love love to work on those interviews at some point if they’re not translated when my schedule gives me a little more wiggle room, but we’ll get there when we get there.

For now, just bask in the art and Kaneko cigs~



Maken X (Dreamcast)

Before leaving for a local flea market to search for a couple of treasures my wife was hoping to hunt down (at which she successful), I was happy  to have found a treasure of my own so early in the morning - a new copy of Maken X (if it is the censored U.S. version), and for a swan’s song!

I know that it is not a proper Shin Megami Tensei title, but being that is was developed by Atlus, with art by the inimitable Kazuma Kaneko, and appears more than a little interesting/quirky in its own right, it strikes all the right notes regardless!

Yep, this will provide a great excuse to pull out the ‘ol Dreamcast again.