So, I’m excited to announce the Colors of the Clouds palette! It’s an eyeshadow palette collaboration between myself and Cosmetics by Tanderson! The palette was inspired by the photo by Marko Vesterine and has 12 shadow colors, including 10 shimmer and 2 matte shadows! Each palette is handmade, to order and is made with vegan and cruelty free products. You can preorder the palette here!

Untitled, From Giseng Series

Suk Ja Kang


Young women pulled from the background of vintage family photos have been honored by Suk Ja Kang, an artist who re-imagined her ancestors through hauntingly beautiful collages embellished by a mix of memory, history and dreams.

Kang, who used eyeliner, nail polish, lipstick and other non traditional art supplies from her makeup bag to create the 13 unnamed women in her “Rite of Memory” series, describes her muses as “young, never-blossomed girls.”

Artist’s Website. Read more about this series here.