By Chance or Providence: Collecting my trilogy of mini comics in one hardcover graphic novel! Pre-orders are now up on The Werehouse, along with two limited-edition screenprints 

*If you are a retailer and interested in wholesale options for By Chance or Providence, please check out Lounak Distribution!

I’d very much appreciate you guys sharing this! I’m only printing as many copies as I get orders for, and I need all the help I can get to get the word out! <3 Love you guys!

The last thing you want to be is an ASPIRING creator.  Be a shitty creator, but don’t aspire.  Comics are easier to make than EVER.

I keep hashtagging #trustcomics because it’s true.  For some reason pictures on top of words is powerful.  Trust that power.  Learn. Share.

You don’t need permission or approval.  Study the masters.  Don’t filter your learning.  Absorb and produce.  TELL ME A STORY.

I’ve had 100s maybe 1000s of people ask me how to break in, how to get better.  None of them told me a story first.

SYMBOLISM DESIGN AND JUXTAPOSITION are the tools of our trade.  Takes one panel to set it up and 3 panels to tell a story.  TELL ME A STORY.

If you work in comics, you LOVE STORIES.  Cut the shortcuts and appeal to this in everyone you want to hire you.  #trustcomics

—  Nelson Blake II, Artist and storyteller.

DC Talent Development Workshop

“If you have ideas for characters as iconic as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, stories that will inspire generations of readers for years to come, and the chops to work for the longest-running publisher of comics, then you want to apply for the DC TALENT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP.”

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The Immortal Nadia Greene: Black Girl Too Fly To Die
o I'm on Tumblr right, reblogging otters and disagreeing with folks' fancasting for movies (y'all know who I am) and I came the a page from Jamal Campbell's webcomic that stopped me dead in my trac...

Omar Holmon at did a write-up on my web comic The Immortal Nadia Greene!!