Pansexuality is sexual attraction, romantic love or emotional
attraction toward people of any sex or gender identity.

Thank you for the sweet message, shiraspark! It brought a huge smile to my face that you noticed. Love Tony Stark being pansexual in canon (ie. relations with Gamora). Even before Gamora, I always assumed he was pansexual due to implied interactions with other non-binary characters of 616. Here are some free icons if you want to support pansexuality, no need to credit.

PS. If you also like Captain James T. Kirk, here are my icons of him!

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Rupphire comic please

Babe, do you know how long it takes me to draw a single image? Comics are super hard work and take way more dedication than I can spare between writing and college. I’d like to present you with something, but right now any sort of comic is a far-off dream. Go ask your mother Jen.

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So I'm going through your jstorm tag because i dont need sleep nope not at all, and you mentioned johnny's powers and responsibility to them and i just. God bless you traincat. I feel like everyone forgets that he worked hard to control his power since he has fun with it. And with how much fun he has you dont realize how amazing his power can be since all he does is throw fireballs. Sue even admits it when they switched powers and galactus kidnapped him.

Anonymous let me just. Gently rest my forehead against yours. Thank YOU. My biggest pet peeve, especially in fandom where he tends to get painted as a spectacularly one note perpetual 12yo, is Johnny just randomly losing control and setting things on fire, oh lol that Human Torch. He’s so aware of how much damage he can do and he works so hard to keep things under control. I think it’s easy to forget because he also loves his powers, and he has a lot of fun with them and overall his experience with his powers is really positive (unlike Ben, who also has to be extremely careful) - but that doesn’t mean he isn’t cautious, responsible and controlled.

This got kind of long, but I threw a couple of panels below the cut demonstrating my point.

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So found a  picture with Mika and Spider Lilies and I got sad because I found out what the flower means, so I decided that why not try to make a happy ending! And this was the result. Hopefully I was able to get/use all these meanings right. ^^ I’m sorry, I suck at drawing flowers ;-;

Spider Lilies - Never to meet again/Lost memory/Abandonment

Aster tataricus - Remembrance/I won’t forget you

Forget-me-Not - True Love


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The last thing you want to be is an ASPIRING creator.  Be a shitty creator, but don’t aspire.  Comics are easier to make than EVER.

I keep hashtagging #trustcomics because it’s true.  For some reason pictures on top of words is powerful.  Trust that power.  Learn. Share.

You don’t need permission or approval.  Study the masters.  Don’t filter your learning.  Absorb and produce.  TELL ME A STORY.

I’ve had 100s maybe 1000s of people ask me how to break in, how to get better.  None of them told me a story first.

SYMBOLISM DESIGN AND JUXTAPOSITION are the tools of our trade.  Takes one panel to set it up and 3 panels to tell a story.  TELL ME A STORY.

If you work in comics, you LOVE STORIES.  Cut the shortcuts and appeal to this in everyone you want to hire you.  #trustcomics

—  Nelson Blake II, Artist and storyteller.