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If you don't mind me asking, what canvas size do you use when making Ghost Lights? I've been super into it and I've been inspired to want to make a comic of my own and I really like the long page style. p.s. keep up the great work, it's my favourite webcomic I've found and your style is so beautiful <3

omg i’m so happy you like it so much, thank you!! and you want to make your own?? that’s so great 💕 it’s a lot of work but it’s really fulfilling

do you want to draw a webcomic / webtoon, or do you plan on printing it later, too? as far as i know webtoons are drawn with big panels, huge spaces between them, big speech bubbles, artists use the reader’s scrolling as pacing, and it’s read mostly on mobile apps

if you plan on printing your comic like i do: there’s a lot of freedom how to do it but the easiest is the “usual” comic/manga layout, more panels per page, normal sized speech bubbles etc. i chose to sacrifice a little of my already finished pages so that it’s more readable on mobile. i cut off the sides and the pages appear slimmer, which is probably what you mean with long page style!

the actual canvas size depends on what the printing company requires. they cut around the pages and they need a bit more space for where they bind the book in the middle. make sure not to draw any important things in that space. but that’s fine bc the sides get cut off anyway for the upload… you feel

so before you start you should decide what you’re going for and which size you want your physical comic to be in case you want it to get printed and then you can set your canvas size (i chose something not too big and not too small, similar to japanese doujinshi… maybe a bit like the US letter size, it’s called DIN B5 in Germany). your resolution should be at least 300 to 350 dpi when you want to print something. aaand yeah i think that sums it up 🌸

Triangles are Real

because in case you were wondering like, how does someone even kill spear users comfortably?

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I remember having a (for a lack of a better word) “headworld” on an alternate universe where all mythical/magical creatures were real (instead of real animals) . However, they were all/mostly pretty mundane. “Magic” filled the world and all life needed it, but in the same way nitrates or potassium is needed and “"magic spells” were just normal chemical reactions.

Wizards of that world somehow find a way to ur own Earth. The Wizards were amazed by our world, for mythical creatures such as elephants, girraffes, whales, and bombardier beetles existed despite being biologically impossible. Most striking was the lack of magic in out world, magic is integral to life and without it organisms would die a painful death akin to malnourishment. Life surviving without magic was near incomprehensible to the Wizards and they couldn’t figure out how we could do it.


Yo guys! Sorry that this took so long! 

Anyways! So many new characters just appeared but don’t you worry. I shall introduce them to you in the next part (which won’t take this long to make)! 

Part 1: Jump

Part 2: New home, smiling boy and showtime

Since I’ve been working a little more on sound effects in my comics, I thought I’d post a little tutorial on how I do it in Photoshop. Basically, it involves adjusting the letter size, spacing and baseline, adding some nice strokes and then warping it.

Hopefully this helps!