Make up for men

Why does everyone in movies have to fall in love? Even the stereotypical “loser” gets someone in the end. Like I’m all for the underdog winning but not when they have to do the whole no glasses, hair down, make-up that looks natural cause men don’t like ugly girls or girls plasted in make up things going on to “get the man”. Like how come they can’t show single women without depicting them as a “desperate” women who just wants to be loved? And like fuck can you blame these “desperate” women when women have been taught from day one how meaningless they are if they aren’t in a relationship. As if all of their contributions to the world means nothing unless the get married to Mr successful and pop out a few babies.

And don’t get me started on the fact they can’t show more diversity then the typical rich, white, straight, able-bodied couple (but I as a white, straight, able-bodied person don’t feel it’s my place tell you how shitty that would be not bring represented but from what I gather it truly fucking get sucks)

I’m just sick of movies telling people that it’s weird for a 20 year old to have never been in a relationship. Cause maybe if they hadn’t have been taught that I wouldn’t have to justify my position and choice to people. Maybe I wouldn’t have to deal with shocked looks when people find out or maybe I wouldn’t have to have a 60 year old ladie nearly fainting over the fact I’ve never had sex. Maybe I wouldn’t have every person I came across tell me I’m gonna meet some nice guy one day as if that’s gonna solve all my problems instead of make more.

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Black men need to stop talking about black women with white people. I've had both white women and white men tell me that black men talk crap about black women to them. Smh

Damn :-( But then again, it’s beneficial on our end as much as we’re told we’re making it up when we talk about how black men bash black women and treat black women. Since people seem to value the opinions of white people so much over others, hearing or seeing white people confess that black men shit on black women to them, really proves us correct.

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It's crazy how so many people dismiss black on black crime when the leading cause of death among young black men (ages 15-34) is homicide. Keep in mind that legal intervention is in its own category and only make up 0.9% of the deaths of young black men. It absolutely sickens me how they can be so outraged during a rarity, but be silent black men being killed by other black men has become the standard.

It’s because they have an ideological agenda to push. They’re just using police shootings as a way rally people to their cause. Their goal is to increase benefits for black people and nothing else. That’s why black lives only matter when they be can used to call white people racist. Black on black crime doesn’t accomplish that goal so it gets ignored, despite being a much larger problem than police violence.

other women, poor things, feel the crushing weight of gender:  the pressure to look beautiful and virginal and fuckable, to wear makeup, to dress a certain way, to depilate, to self-flagellate…  but not you.   you don’t leave the house without concealer of your own volition, your choice to shave is freely made.    it would be laughable to suggest that you dress or make yourself up for men.   that’s the behavior of women who are not as brave, strong, or independent as you.


Have you guys ever watched my make up video?


It’s my first time in America. I’m very excited to see your culture.

I just finished my Nightcrawler cosplay! I loved Kurt in X-men Apocalypse so I had to cosplay him! First time altering clothes/making a cosplay. Clothes were store bought and I made the claws/gloves/tail myself! 

Will debut it at Amsterdam comic con! 



I love Smosh

My dear lgbt+ child,

Some people have a certain idea how lgbt+ people look like or how they dress.

Some of them are stereotypes: 

“Lesbians have short hair” 

“Gay men dress feminine”

Some are a lack of understanding what being lgbt+ means:

“Asexual? But she wears sexy dresses all the time!” 

“Trans woman? So, like those men who wear lots of make-up and sparkly dresses?” 

Some are less obvious and more visible in the lack of representation

The silent assumption there are no lgbt+ people of color 

The silent assumption there are no lgbt+ people with a disability 

Trust me, they’re dumb. Lgbt+ people look like people. That’s all. 

You can’t see someone is lgbt+ by just looking at them. We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, fashion styles, hairstyles.. The list goes on. 

If you don’t fit any stereotypes, you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

If you fit all the stereotypes, you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

If people show a lack of understanding, that’s their mistake - you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

And if you feel like there’s no representation of people like you, i feel your pain and i hope we can change that together - but in the meantime, please know even without any representation,  you’re valid and real and fantastic! 

With love, 

Your Tumblr mom 

the “Sirius gets harassed for putting on make up in the men’s room and Remus defends him” wolfstar au fic !! (in lack of a better title)

1.3k words

tw homophobic and transphobic slurs, cursing, homophobia

betaed by @wolfstarbaby ily

Bad idea. That was a bad, shitty idea, Remus chastises himself.

He’s sat on the closed toilet in a stall at uni, trying to keep his breathing exercises as quiet as possible. His chest is aching and his ribs feel bruised and he’s sweaty down the back.

The binder lies across his lap and Remus imagines it’s staring up at him innocently. What, like it’s my fault you kept me on for longer than advisable.

“But you weren’t supposed to be this small,” Remus mutters, running the tips of his fingers across the reddened skin where the fabric has pressed tight against his rib cage.

There’s a clattering noise outside his stall and then a raspy voice asks, “Is someone in here?”

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Headcanon: Selina Kyle’s one true love, beyond lovers and jewels, is…gossip.

Some memorable quotes:

“I collect gossip like beautiful, rich men.”

“I don’t make it up, I just spread it around.“

“Now, remember: Gossip is a bad thing, unless it’s true.”
“Selina, don’t–”
“Shush, Bruce, I’m instructing your child in the art of life. Ahem. Unless it’s true–in which case, it’s a wonderful thing.”


Ugh I feel as if I absolutely have the WORST luck when it comes to relationships. I have not had one positive relationship, like I don’t get it. I try to do right, treat a guy right, and I end up getting treated like shit. I’m tired of it. It makes me give up on love and especially black men. Why is it that Black women always have to get the short end of the stick? For example, I went out on a date with a black guy and the waitress handed me the check! She’s probably used to black women picking up the tab or going dutch. Why can’t I be treated like a lady and a Queen?! Why am I not worthy of a committed relationship? Why am I not deserving of true love? Why can’t a guy love me for me rather than what he can get from me? It would be nice for a guy to take me to meet his family, take me on dates, and be devoted to me. Maybe I’m asking for too much or being old fashioned. I’m not into just hooking up and being in a situationship. It is wrong that I want much more? I have so much love inside of me that I want to give, but I that special someone and not just settle. I pray that someday God will bless me with a wonderful boyfriend and eventually husband someday.


Jikook Scenario (5)

“Don’t pick men with make up on at weddings, dude. Rule 28. They’re sugar babies. Gold diggers,” Namjoon leans over to whisper in Jeongguk’s ear as the younger ogles at a boy across the alter.

They make eye contact and something in Jeongguk flashes at the way the boy is literally undressing him with his eyes.

“Well the make up guy just eye fucked the shit out of me.”

Apparently Jeongguk had said that a bit too loud, because the whole row in front of them turned around to look at the boy.

“Ah, sorry. Sorry. I forgot to take my medicine.”

Turns out the boy is the best man, all dressed up in this swanky lavender suit and bow tie, fluffy black hair draped over his forehead and chocolate eyes glinting with amusement.

The wedding only really gets interesting when the boy starts giggling as the couple say their vows. Jeongguk watches him with amusement, grinning wide as they make eye contact again. The boy flushes and he turns away, coughing into a chubby fist.

The after party, however, is when things get serious.


The boy turns around abruptly, nearly spilling his flute of sparkling champagne.

“Oh, uhm, haha. Yeah, it’s a strange color.”

“Why’d you pick it,” Jengguk swirls the drink in his hand, leaning against the railing to the balcony. The slow thrum of music comes from the party inside.

The boy smiles shyly, turning his head away, “lavender means a lot of things. Romance, uniqueness, or an act of nostalgia. My friend, the groom, I’ve known him for years, and he was dating the bride ever since I can remember. The color lavender is for all of their qualities in their…I’m sorry. I’m talking too much.”

Jeongguk has long been interested in the way the boy’s eyes light up and the way he looks off into the distance with longing, like he wishes this were his wedding.

“No, no, I was enjoying it, you looked excited. It was cute.”

The boy flushes a pretty pink, “I’d beg to differ.”

“Jeon Jeongguk,” Jeongguk holds his hand out to shake the boy’s, watching as the shorter glances down at it with mild curiosity. He didn’t even fathom over the fact he gave out his real name.

“Jimin. Park Jimin.”

“Jimin. Like the girl from AOA.”

Jimin puffs out a giggle, “you don’t even know how many times I’ve heard that.”