wayward souls: pacts

ACT ONE: Spirited away by the supernatural, Wes Evans has been missing for five years. Soul, teamed up with huntress Maka Albarn, has been trying to track him down, but a routine job turns devastating when his partner dies. Soul makes a desperate deal to bring her back, but the price is high and the stakes are even higher with both new and old enemies on the rise… [Supernatural Series AU] 


Hello and welcome to my piece for Resbang 2017 - wayward souls!

This was my first resbang, and I had an absolute blast. I had the great fortune to be paired up with two wonderful people and amazing artists, @thefishywitchyand @marshofsleep, both of whom helped me out immensely with suggestions, and overall enthusiasm! Please check out their art! thefishywitch || marshofsleep art || marshofsleep playlist

I also was blessed with beautiful betas who truly helped me whip this monstrosity into shape, even though they were all busy with their own fics - thank you @redphlox, @silly-twin-stars, @khaleesimaka and @marshofsleep!

This will be posted in three parts, two of which (Pacts, Allies) will be posted today and the last of which I will continue working on.

If you’re interested in taking a look, please use the links above to the platform of your choice! I hope you enjoy!

wayward souls: allies

ACT TWO: Sought by both Medusa and Arachne, Soul and Maka are in dire straits. Soul struggles with his dangerous, unstable powers and his rapidly shortening lifespan. Faced with the prospect of losing her partner, Maka begins to question the life she leads. More than ever, they’ll need the help of allies, both human and otherwise, to save Wes, and each other. [Supernatural Series AU] 


Here is the second part of my piece for Resbang 2017! 

If you, like a fool, have not already looked at @thefishywitchy or @marshofsleep‘s art, please check them out here! thefishywitchy | marshofsleep art | marshofsleep playlist

As always, thank you to my wonderful betas, @redphlox, @silly-twin-stars, @khaleesimaka and @marshofsleep!

Please use the links above to read at your leisure! I hope you enjoy!