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BTS reacting to you having a panic attack

I was actually crying when i wrote this because i, sometimes, have panic attacks and they suck. I’d be just going to school and i’d start hyperventilating in the bus for no reason. But for me, music works for majority of the time because it keeps my brain distracted with the lyrics or their voices.

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 It was the first time that you and our boyfriend, Jin, had a fight after being together for the past three months. And it was all because of some stupid boy that flirted with you while Seokjin and you were on your date. You didn’t know he was flirting because you, yourself, didn’t know how to flirt. In the heat of the moment, Jin said the words that you hated the most: “Maybe we should just take a break”, and you felt the walls tightening as you fell on the ground, breaking down, not being able to breath. As soon as he realised what he said, he came to help you, apologising over and over. “Oh my God, I am so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Are you ok ?" 


Yoongi knew about your panic attacks, as you warned him before sleeping over so he wouldn’t freak out. But the thing is that you had a fear of intimacy and that was what caused the panic attacks. As soon as the both of you layed in bed, Yoongi put his arm behind your head and you felt a little anxious. As the night went on, he started pulling you closer to him, wrapping his hand around your waist and resting his head on your chest and then you felt like the room was crumbling over you and you jumped from the bed, hugging your knees on the cold floor. Yoongi woke up as soon as you moved away from him and saw you on the floor. "Jagi, are you ok ? Talk to me.” he said and rushed over to you.


While you were struggling to do your assignments for college, you saw Hobi relaxing on the couch, searching through the channels of your tv. You were trying your best to stay focused on your studying, when suddenly you felt your heart pounding faster and faster, the walls closing in on you and you started hyperventilating. You tried to get up, but crushed on the chair again. Your boyfriend saw you and rushed towards you, opening the window next to you. He took your hand and put it around his shoulders so you would lean on him, and he took you to the window. “It’s ok, Jagi. Just breath in the fresh air.” he said kissing your forehead, tears escaping his eyes, hating to see you like this.


After a busy week at work, your boyfriend decided to take you on a trip to the mountains. He wanted to take on a cable care to the top of the mountain so you could look at the beautiful sight of the city below. As soon as you started moving up the cable, you felt the dizziness take over you. You hold on tight onto the bar and shut your eyes close. You looked out the window unconsciously and squeezed the bar even harder, feeling your heart race in your body and you started having problems breathing. Namjoon looked at you as you crumbled on the floor, holding your knees close to your chest. He sat down next to you while hugging you and kissing your forehead. “[Y/N], are you ok? Why didn’t you tell me you were affraid of height?” You just tightened your grip on his shirt and hid your head into his chest.


Bangtan were having a photoshoot in a zoo. Jimin invited you with them because he knew how much you loved animals. Their session went well as they took photos with parrots, snakes and even elephants in the background as they stood in front of the safety of the fence. But the thing is, you didn’t know that they were gonna include a tarantula spider in the photoshoot. It was your worst nightmare coming true. When the zoo staff came closer to you with the box of spiders, you felt tears coming out of you eyes as you felt your heart pounding faster, collapsing on the cold  ground. Your boyfriend saw you and he run over to you, taking your hand and getting you out of the room. Once you got outside, he placed you on a bench and sat beside you, holding you into his arms “Jagi, it’s ok. Just breath.” he said breathing in and out loudly with you.


It was the morning after your first time with Taehyung. You’ve both waited for a long time to get intimate and it finally happened. One of the reasons for not getting to the 3rd base, and the most important, was because you were scared that once you sealed the deal, he’ll leave because he’s a superstar and you are just a simple girl. You searched for him in the bed, only to feel the cold sheet next to you. You started breathing harshly and your heart was racing like crazy, tears were threatening to roll down your cheek and you hugged your knees to your chest. You knew this would happen, yet you still went through with it. Just as a sob escaped your mouth, you heard the bathroom door open and saw Taehyung looking at you with wide eyes. “Jagi, what’s wrong? I’m right here. Please stop crying.” he said as he hugged you tight and kissed you all over your face.


The exams were coming fast and you and your boyfriend, Kookie, were struggling to study and help each other out at the classes you lacked. He was trying to explain to you how solve a logical problem and you couldn’t understand a thing he’s saying. You sight in frustration and got up from the table and tried to reach to open the window but you collapsed on the floor, tears coming down your cheeks, feeling the oxygen leaving your body as you couldn’t breath in the air. Kookie saw you and ran towards you to try and lift you up and take you to the window. He took you in his arms and held you by the window, kissing your cheeks to make you calm down. You hold on to him tight and felt your heart slowing down as he was lighlty caressing your hair. ”It’s ok, Jagi. I’m here. Don’t worry.”

The issue with parliamentarian leftism, to me, is that (again to me) the project of contemporary leftism is to create a movement towards the abolition of all oppressions, for both strategic and principled reasons.  The Actually Existing Working Class is not a white straight male majority working class, it is immensely diverse and dealing with singular struggles both alienates large sections of it and allows for the creation of hierarchies in areas that your praxis isn’t dealing with (labor aristocracy is one example, as is the domination of liberal lgbt movements by wealthier members). 

This means that the horizons of your struggle are by definition infinite, there is no point where you are no longer pushing the amp/envelope in some capacity, no point where you say “oh cool, well now we’re done”.

By putting these struggles into a subservient role to some candidate, you are limiting your horizons purely within the scope of what benefits this candidate. Furthermore in order to ‘win’ as a candidate you need to appeal to those empowered members of society who are threatened by this multi-liberatory approach, and who are threatened by those who push the envelope too far.  This brings the constant specter of Social Democrats bringing police against their ‘comrades’ to the forefront; for all their pretensions of ‘progress’ social democrats (and all leftist politicians) do not actually support the full struggle, they support it so long as it can be controlled, so long as it is subservient to their need to be elected and reelected.  Hence the blood of hundreds of thousands of Revolutionaries on Social-Democratic hands, hence the lashing out against BLM protesters against Sanders, hence the reformist Left’s use of the same ‘Realist’ rhetoric they rail against up to the moment where it seems they could gain power.

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I wish for once, EA would work on major patches and new features like toddlers, world editing, seasons? But you can't profit off that :)))))) like I'm trying not to be too bitter and hoping that these little stuff packs are to fill in the gap for something big coming up but I doubt it lol

Same! I mean, they are making money from their shit packs atm. Honestly, I wouldn’t mine buying season, world editing, toddlers, AT ALL. I would pay big money for those bad boys. However, I’m not going to spend $10 on a few plants.

People who obsessively catalog people...

I thought about doing an OC Profile for each of my OCs, or at least all the ones who appeared more than once. Along with the major figures from unfinished works.

I could post something every day for three months.

I’ll think about what an appropriate update rate is. Maybe MWF? Or SatTuesThurs. Expect the beginning on @serialephemera.

There’s an anti blog that has compiled a list of “Larry debunks,” and because I like to stay honest, I read through them. Here’s what I can tell you.

  • Anti’s are usually “pro” another ship, typically Narry or Zarry
  • The most notes they had on any post was 492. 60% of all of their debunk posts had less than 100 notes. Most of them were reblogged with tags like “narry is real.” 
  • 80% of the posts were debunking shit from 2012 and 2013 that nobody believes is real anymore, including Larries
  • None of the posts were thoughtfully organized or convincing
  • A disturbing number of posts tried to debunk Larry by comparing it to Narry and then still concluded Narry is real
  • There were 3 blogs who did all the debunking

Basically, 3 antis, all of them Narries, are living on anxiety and offerings to an altar featuring Bullshit 1.0 and Elounor tweets.

Here’s what 1DHQ and antis want us to think the fandom looks like:

Here’s what the actual make-up is like:

1DHQ has created a narrative predicated on the concept of the silent majority, overly insisting that nobody believes in Larry, that anyone who does is deluded and antagonistic, when in reality, the antis are the vocal minority. The update accounts, supported by the 1DHQ machine, perpetuate this on a fan-to-fan level. It’s why Twitter can be so vocally anti at times.

Significantly more fans and casual observers can be classified as neutral than larrie or anti. As the curve trends to the larrie side, the antis will get increasingly vocal and vicious, but they have little to no real support. The fandom is a bubble. We exist in a vacuum where the sides appear to be clearly divided, but that’s not the case.

Don’t be fooled. Antis are not the majority. Larries aren’t even the majority. But the Larries are growing and the antis are shrinking. That is why the antis are fired up right now. 


After months and months of incredibly hard work, sacrifices and perseverance, my year 12 senior art major is finally complete. My art major “A thousand words colliding with the voice of one” is based on Taylor and the connection that myself & this fandom has with Taylor. This connection means so much to me that I wanted to explore it visually in my last and biggest piece of work. It holds so many meanings which I’m so proud of and I’ve waited months to explain it to you guys! So, the bottom half is to represent me in bed at night, on tumblr and on my phone, as I do every night, hanging out with you guys and with Taylor. Only as the phone light extends, it shows that by being on tumblr, I’m actually being pulled up to a whole other world, to millions of worlds. This is shown by the two hands, which represents Taylor and myself, her not only pulling me up when I’m down, but her pulling me up to all of these other worlds and experiences I’ve had through being in this fandom. These hands are traced in the lyrics of long live, then surrounded by the countries of friends I’ve made through Taylor, of countries that because of Taylor, I feel as if I’ve experienced on some level. The two city scenes above the bottom bit with my hands represents NYC and Nashville, showing how far Taylor has come and how we have grown with her. Below NYC It says “we begin our story in New York” and below Nashville it says “a girl from Nashville sings, the world listens. Above this on both sides is a collage of all of the little things that connect us to Taylor, which includes things such as lyrics, quotes, the clean speech, tour banners, album covers and things that bring us all together and things that remind me of Taylor. As the border, I’ve written ( in order) every single song off every album Taylor has ever done. I hope you all like this and Taylor, if you read this I hope you know how much you mean to me and I hope you love this, thank you for inspiring me and giving me the strength to keep going and finish this. I love you so so much. AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Major work Questionnaire

Hey guys!
I am currently undertaking my major work for my final year, and i have chosen to do an in-depth study into mainstream feminism and post-colonial feminism. I was wondering if you guys could spare around 10 minutes to answer my questionnaire relating to my major. This is over 40% of my final mark and it would mean the absolute world to me if you all can participate (The more the better!) 

Just click on this link and it will open up to a new page :)

Thank you everyone for your time, God bless!


was cheering like fuck ! . though from 3.30 - 5.30 was my cbf moment so everything got messy and gross ANDDD ! i’ve been working on this for a whole year right …


i’ve been using them the WHOLE year .. and on the day i’m finishing it off .. the tools decide to go against me .. like .. wtf D: .

anyway.. UTS/ USYD open day tomorrowww ! :D