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Gideon Jura just can’t seem to help himself: he keeps getting suckered in by nefarious beings eager to give him orders under the pretext of peace and justice, or law and order. On Amonkhet he managed to go through that cycle in record time, joining the Trials at the behest of the apparently noble Gods, only to quickly discover that they’re actually a bloodbath designed to kill as many of Amonkhet’s people as possible.

This storyline makes some sense. Gideon’s whole character conflict seems to be driven by his need for something to believe in on the one hand, and his need to see clearly the nature of the beings he follows on the other.

But is the repetition of this storyline as intentional as it seems, or is it the product of the long, strange history of Magic’s storyline, that saw the novel line cancelled–twice!–and major business model shifts that demanded new story directions?

Read more about Gideon’s storyline and the twists and turns of his creation on Gathering Magic


in the studio today with THOMAS CASTRO 🕊

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Photography and styling - Micah Donovick
Model - Jaslene Busanet at Major Models NY
Hair - Deandre Peoples
Makeup - Yashira Cotto

Clothing - Sacai, MM6 Maison Margiela, Acne Studios, Hood By Air, OakNYC. Shoes - model’s own.