Majestic Moon

What’s more majestic than Saturn’s rings? LITERALLY NOTHING!!

Zoom in on this awesome high resolution scan of Saturn’s rings. It’s a mosaic of images presented in natural color. The images were recorded in May 2007 over about 2.5 hours as the Cassini spacecraft passed above the unlit side of the rings.

The alphabetical designation of Saturn’s rings is historically based on their order of discovery; rings A and B are the bright rings separated by the Cassini division. In order of increasing distance from Saturn, the seven main rings run D,C,B,A,F,G,E. (Faint, outer rings G and E are not seen in this image.)

FOUR days from now, on November 29, Cassini will make a close flyby of Saturn’s moon Titan and use the large moon’s gravity to nudge the spacecraft into a series of 20 daring, elliptical, ring-grazing orbits. Diving through the ring plane just 11,000 kilometers outside the F ring (far right) Cassini’s first ring-graze will be on December 4.

Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA

“Why does Alola Persian look like that?”

Pictured: Real, Blue/Grey Persian Cats. They are not angular and lean, they are round floofs. Loved by the upperclass much like Alola Meowth (and certainly the persian) are and probably spoiled to pieces.

Alola Persian is arguably more accurate to a Persian than actual Persian.