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Mas maganda si Maja kay Kim kaya siya pinili ni Gerald

Uhhhhh… Let’s clear some things up.

Kim is not part of Gerald’s options because Kim doesn’t even like Gerald anymore. So hindi namili si Gerald between Kim and Maja… get that right.

The issue between Kim and Maja cuts deeper than “bitter lang si Kim kasi pinili ni Gerald si Maja” No. Kim got mad because Maja chose Gerald over their friendship. In that situation, mamimili naman talaga si Maja e and she should have known that from the very moment she started entertaining Gerald’s courtship (if there ever was any). Kim and Gerald’s split was not amicable. Kim was left heartbroken because of Gerald’s infidelity. Maja can’t expect Kim and Gerald to be chums. She had to choose… and pinili niya si Gerald. End of that.

And also, beauty is subjective. If you think Maja’s prettier than Kimmy then go right on ahead… karapatan mo yan. But then there are things that aren’t subjective like box office returns, number of endorsements, or number of fans. And hater, we all know kung sinong panalo dun. :))

And lastly, Kim’s with Xian and Xian’s 10000000x hotter than Gerald so can we please just acknowledge that if anyone won this battle (if it even is one, DEFINITELY NOT A CLOSE ONE)… it’s definitely not Maja. Haha! Nice try though, hater.

(and for fuck’s sake sobrang luma na ng issue na ito please, si Maja na lang at ang fans niya ang may pakielam dito kasi ito na lang ang chance nya para manatiling sikat so go awayyyyy… go far away and die)


Maja surprises Paulo for his birthday prod. [x] 

Okay, first thing’s first- how adorable are they???!!!  I was never a fan of Paulo and I’ve only recently started to love him because of his team-up with Maja for Bridges Of Love, I mean, it is pretty clear, these two have the craziest chemistry. 

No one was expecting Maja to appear during Paulo’s birthday prod, she had a show at Cebu and had to leave early in the morning, she even posted a “cloud series” on Instagram showing she was already on her way to Cebu but then BAM. She surprised Pau Pau. :)))) Paulo thought he was going to be singing with Angeline, Kim and Julia M, but naaah. It was Maja. :”> I love how they performed a song called “Sugar.” That’s their terms of endearment in Bridges Of Love, haha. Oh the feeeels! 

Right after Maja surprised Pau, she had to leave and catch her plane to Cebu for her album tour. She literally ran to catch her plane.

Aw, bless this cutie. Such a good friend and dedicated artist. ♥

The Legal Wife

Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, JC De Vera, and Angel Locsin-they could all lead us to only one powerful, emotional, heavy dramatic love story-THE LEGAL WIFE.

So The Legal Wife already started. It’s not really for kids or pre teens but I think that’s it’s a really interesting show. All I can really say is the very special love of Locsin and Rosales is ruined by Salvador and the only man left to capture Locsin’s heart is De Vera.

Oh, and the theme song????

That would make you cry…

The Legal Wife Theme Song, “Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin” sang by the one and only beautiful Angeline Quinto is a very powerful song. It’s quite sad, and very emotional. It gets you teary-eyed.


“Babaero ba si Gerald Anderson?”


This guy. I have had about enough of this guy and his asshole ways. He can’t even answer these simple questions directly. Clearly, he is an infidel who is incapable of sticking to one woman for too long.

Honestly, I pity Maja. Because if I had a boyfriend who couldn’t even answer a question “Are you capable of fidelity?” with a clear cut “Yes”… I’d bail. As soon as possible, I’d cut and run. But she can’t do that of course because of pride. Think about all the “I told you so’s” she’d get from the public if and when they split.

But this guy is a serious shithead and nobody should still be supporting a guy like him.