A Few Thoughts on “I’M DRUNK, I LOVE YOU” (JP Habac, 2017)

1. This movie hits right at home, as if speaking to me in a personal level. It contains two of the things that I love the most - good booze and good music. Almost 80% of the movie involves drinking, which is relatively the same percentage of what I do during my free time. Or so I thought. Also, it is packed with great music from talented Filipino artists like Ang Bandang Shirley, Cynthia Alexander, Bullet Dumas, Johnoy Danao, Parokya ni Edgar, and Ebe Freaking Dancel! We’ll get more of that later.

2. I’m claiming this: This is the best performance of Maja Salvador in a movie, a full 360-degree turn from her laughable role in One More Chance. The way she portrayed her character Carson was a natural and a very convincing, er, drunk Iska who fell into the Friendzone Realm. Paulo Avelino? He’s a great, versatile actor. You can’t argue with that. He fits perfectly for the role, though, what surprised me is how convincing he is as a musician and a film student. Dominic Roco was downright hilarious as Jason Ty, Carson’s BFF. Though some of my friends would dismiss his acting as “OA”, I think he candidly provided the much-needed humor in this painful movie. Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Pathy (with an “H”) provides balance to the wacky, unholy trinity of Dio, Carson, and Jason Ty.

3. In a dialogue-heavy movie like this, the script plays a vital role in delivering a good story. You have to give it to the writer(s) for making the lines natural, smart, funny, relatable, and towards the end, painful. You add up good music (with equally, great lyrics) to pair up with the lines and you come up with a masterpiece.
(Side note: Suddenly, “graduation” has a new connotation. Hay.)

4. Let’s talk about the music. As mentioned above, this contains some of the best songs from Filipino artists. Even before I saw the movie, I was already playing “Lloydy” on loop on Spotify (I even made a cover of the song twice). Hearing Ang Bandang Shirley’s “Tama na ang Drama” made me want to play it repeatedly inside the car. I almost screamed when I heard the intro of Cynthia Alexander’s “No Umbrella” (though, I just sang inside the theater, haha!). But the best song in the movie? Of course, the version of “Burnout” by Danao, Dancel, and Dumas. What a fitting end for a wasak movie like this.

5. I seriously craved for beer, bagnet, and butter balls after watching this. Why you do this to us?

6. Bonus feature: This includes the short film “Anghelito”, a spin-off to the widely-successful “Heneral Luna”. If that doesn’t get you hyped for Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral next year, aside from Paulo Avelino (duh), I don’t know what would.

7. Another bonus feature: The trailers of the upcoming movies mostly from TBA (Tuko, ButchiBoy, Artiko Uno) Productions. I fucking smiled from ear to ear (pun intended) when I saw the trailer of “Smaller and Smaller Circles”! Fast forward to that movie please!

(5 Stars for being brutally drunk, honest, and painful)


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I wish I can translate this scene to you all in English. But damn, you can see all the emotions going on here.

But here’s one line I’d translate:

Ano ang una mong tinanggal: yang bra mo, yang panty mo, o yang konsensiya mo?” (What was the first thing you took off: your bra, your panty, or your conscience?)


Paulo surprises Maja at her concert [x]

Can we just appreciate the effort Paulo made just to get to Maja’s concert? He had a series of mallshow on the day but he made sure he had time to go to her concert. What a friend. Nothing has changed between these two, they pretty much love to surprise each other, like when Maja surprised Paulo on his birthday prod in ASAP and Paulo surprising Maja in their Amsterdam show.

They also promoted their upcoming movie and sang the theme song entitled, “Huling Gabi”.


PauMaj’s friendship is so precious. ♥

• When they were all going to gather around, Sam was supposed to be next to Maja but Paulo walked quicker towards her. He had his eyes towards her, boyyyyy. Haha!

• Paulo was still limping, due to an incident earlier, and Maja showed concern

• Paulo grabbed Maja’s hand, Maja looked down. 

• Paulo got shy and suddenly just wrapped his arms behind Maja.

• He kept his arms around her even while mingling with Jake. :))

Paulo could have honestly just walked past Maja and Maja could have ignored Paulo’s injury. But no. These two have such genuine friendship. Maja is probably Ms. Friendliest amongst ABS-CBN stars, she is friends with absolutely anyone and it feels so good that Paulo is one of her dear friends and Paulo returns the same kind of friendship. :)


Maja surprises Paulo for his birthday prod. [x] 

Okay, first thing’s first- how adorable are they???!!!  I was never a fan of Paulo and I’ve only recently started to love him because of his team-up with Maja for Bridges Of Love, I mean, it is pretty clear, these two have the craziest chemistry. 

No one was expecting Maja to appear during Paulo’s birthday prod, she had a show at Cebu and had to leave early in the morning, she even posted a “cloud series” on Instagram showing she was already on her way to Cebu but then BAM. She surprised Pau Pau. :)))) Paulo thought he was going to be singing with Angeline, Kim and Julia M, but naaah. It was Maja. :”> I love how they performed a song called “Sugar.” That’s their terms of endearment in Bridges Of Love, haha. Oh the feeeels! 

Right after Maja surprised Pau, she had to leave and catch her plane to Cebu for her album tour. She literally ran to catch her plane.

Aw, bless this cutie. Such a good friend and dedicated artist. ♥