The Gardaí are really not bad

I noticed that the Gardaí tend to get a lot of flak from the public, especially lately, and I just had to put in my two cents.

This morning, while I was on my way to work, I got mugged. The little rat got my phone, bankcard, travel card and a bit of money.
I ran after him and kicked him a bit but I wasn’t thinking. I have a heart condition, I should not have chased him. I stopped in the middle of a housing estate to calm down and the residents were lovely.

One woman called the guards for me, while some council workers brought me into their tea room for breakfast. I was mostly shaken because after the guy got my cards, it meant having no way to get to work. (I live an hour and a half away from my job)
I was waiting a while on the Gardaí to arrive, which I’d expected. But, they could not have been more nice. They checked me over to make sure my heart was ok. They took my statement and while I was there one of them let me use his phone to call work and my parents. After having another panic attack in front of them, they calmed me down and then drove me to work, taking about three hours out of their day.

I’m so grateful for these guys, they couldn’t have been more accommodating.

I’ve never experienced this with a Garda before but it definitely makes all the difference when they show an interest.
The main Garda even called me later on to make sure I was doing ok. Like, I’m so shocked. As I said, I’ve not had much dealings with the Guards either way, but I’ve never met a Garda so helpful and caring. It really made a difference.

So, while a lot of them seem to be heartless, remember there’s still a few good ones that make everything else better.


I might have been around 10 yrs old, about the time I started getting the x-men comics with my older brother, when I got this amazing (and apparently very rare) Rogue poster.  From what I can find it was one of a pair, Rogue and Gambit, pencil art by Joe Quesada, inks by Joe Rubinstein and colored (?) by John Stracuzzi.

This poster hung on my bedroom door/walls for years as a kid and has gotten pretty badly beaten up. I couldn’t bear to throw it away even in its tattered condition and I have kept it all these years - it has literally has moved across the world (New York to Australia).

The photo is of it today hanging next to my desk - trying to straighten it out after being rolled up so long. This poster introduced me to Art Nouveau and the works of Alphonse Mucha. It was the start of my ongoing appreciation of art history.

So here is my tribute to those artist. Thank you for inspiring me and for all that I have learned from you.


anonymous asked:

Hey guys! I've been meaning to ask where you get Hero's and Bea's clothes from? Especially Bea's shirt in Football Antics and both girls' dresses in Hero's birthday?

Hey! Hero and Bea’s clothes (as with every item of clothing in NMTD) comes from the collective cast and crew wardrobes. Thank you for being specific about the items you’re most interested in.

Bea’s shirt is one of the rare examples of clothing borrowed from a friend of a friend, and we do not know where it is from sorry!

Bea’s dress came from a New Zealand designer called Harriett Falvey who our Harriett Maire says is amazing.

Hero’s dress came from Dotti which is a store that is in Australia and New Zealand, but they do have an online store which ships internationally.

L’avenir apparaissait triste, sinistre. Les gens ne croyaient plus en rien. Qui désormais pourrait leur assurer des jours heureux, des lendemains qui chantent ? Certainement pas les hommes politiques et leurs vaines promesses. Pas plus que la religion ; depuis longtemps, ils savaient bien que Dieu ne résolvait en rien les problèmes. Un vent de révolte se levait sur la France. Les citoyens abandonnaient à leur sort les maires et les prêtres, espérant bien que la marée les emporte.


Jörg Breu the Younger (Compiled by Paulus Hector Mair), The Codex Icononografico 393; Opus Amplissimum de Arte Athletica (The Greatest Work on the Athletic Arts); 16th century compendium of martial arts, Augsburg, Germany, ca. 1540.



Yo! This series is just completely brilliant and deserves more views, so you should go watch it right this moment (or reblog this so you’ll remember and watch it in the morning; whatever works for you). Here are a few more links that will be helpful in getting you on the NMTD train:


Other Pages:

They’ve also got various in-canon social media sites, which I’m not going to link here, since they’re not necessary to the plot (another thing I love about this show - the soical media is a fun way to get a bonus perspective into who the characters are, but you don’t need it to keep up with the plot). Those pages can all be found on the NMTD tumblr page, and are fun to look over once you’ve watched the series.

I’ll shut up in a moment, but I just want to say this one more time: Nothing Much To Do is a smart, funny, pretty, and just generally great webseries made by people who seem lovely and clearly have a excellent handle on their storytelling. This is a really amazing project that truly needs more recognition.

And with that, I’m going to bed

Through the Looking Glass

An illustration for my amazing, lovely, fantastic, talented and brilliant friend Maire, for her fic “Po drugiej stronie lustra”. And a great experiment for me, with all the weird, smartphone light. I wanted Dean’s eyes to be strange and cat-like. This is a post-purgatory Dean, early season eight.