Can we just appreciate how the voice actors of Naruto and Sasuke want the series to end with them having a child and running away together???

I’m reading this and this comes up while reading;

  • Yuri Lowenthal, (voice of English dub Sasuke) seems to ship Sasuke/Naruto. He once stated at a panel: “Naruto, you’re not a loser. I love you. Maybe if you aren’t doing anything later…” And in another pulled video he did a shout out to Sasuke/Naruto by saying “I love you Naruto, you loser…”
    • Crispin Freeman (Itachi) and Maile Flanagan (Naruto himself) also seem to ship the two together. This

      panel has a fan asking Maile which one she preferred: Hinata or Sakura and she doesn’t even hesitate in saying “Sasuke”. And then Crispin says “That’s just a no brainer.”

    I just died!