Some Small Things I Appreciated About Rogue One

- jyn’s little stormtrooper doll

- jyn and cassian forgiving each other after a heated argument and then fight troopers

- baze’s conversion and suddenly believing in the force at the end for himself and for chirrut

- bodhi repeating, “i am the pilot” sounding like he finally has gain confidence in himself and thinks he’s worth something again

- “i am one with the force, the force is with me” 

- K-2SO always telling them the odds.

- the movie really being about trust

- the ending vader scene

- seeing princess leia and finding out that it was a different actress who looks like carrie & they didn’t use cgi for her

-  bail organa saying he is going back to alderaan to let them know that the peace is gone


-the force being a punk because once everyone finally trusted it, it was like, “screw it” & let them all DIE.